Monday, 30 May 2022

In a Vase On Monday - Mrs Scott-Elliot

Good Morning,

We're up bright and early this morning, that's Silver and I. She's always an early riser - up with the dawn chorus - no chance, therefore, of a long lie these light mornings. So I thought I'd share what's in my vase today.

Aquilegia caerulea 'Mrs Scott-Elliot looking fabulous massed together in a vase. There are several different colour combinations in this variety but this one of orange and yellow is by far the most striking. 

The Denby vase was chosen for its colour too. Dark green decorated with a not too showy leaf pattern seemed just right to showcase these brilliant blooms. 

As has now become the norm, the vase is displayed on the kitchen windowsill, safely away from the paws of a very curious kitten. The window looks out onto Alan's blue painted shed, where he has his model railway set up, and our back garden. 

If you've filled a vase today and would like to share it, why not join Cathy over on Rambling In The Garden. Leave her a comment and she will be sure to check out your vase. There's a link to her In A Vase On Monday over in the left margin. 

Whatever you have to do and wherever you are, have a lovely day. 



Sandra H said...

So beautiful x

Horticat said...

Beautiful sunny flowers to brighten your windowsill (and so tempting to little paws, I imagine! Glad they're out of paws' reach ;)

Susie @ pbmGarden said...

Elizabeth, your columbine is particularly beautiful. Nice way to feature it.

Cathy said...

Oh they look lovely, a single variety massed together in the vase like this - thanks for sharing Elizabeth

cuilliesocks said...

A beautiful arrangement and I love the vase too. They really are a gorgeous flower, Kate x

Kris Peterson said...

What a lovely Aquilegia! My, now elderly, cat insists on waking me up most mornings too - but it's not a bad thing to be nudged along each morning by a cat.

Donna said...

Oh my what a beautiful Aquilegia....they are just such a fabulous the vase too.