Wednesday, 23 December 2020

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 603


Hello Everyone

I've missed a few posts recently but I just couldn't let this week pass without wishing all you wonderful WOYWWers a very good Christmastime. For most of us it's going to be a very different holiday this year, possibly a lot quieter than anticipated, but my hope for you all is that that you have a lovely day.  Ours is going to be quiet, just us and our grandson, but we have much to be thankful for - not least, that we are still here to enjoy the day.

It's Christmas on my desk today too. My room was in chaos so a sort out was needed and that's how I came to unearth this unfinished album. From 2015. Really! So I'm now in the process of finishing it. And it's proving to be a bit of a treat looking back to a happy Christmas past. If you've been in the habit of recording your Decembers then I recommend nothing better to cheer you up right now, especially if you are in the UK and in Tier 4, than to flick through those pages. All those lovely memories have certainly cheered me up. 

As you can imagine I haven't been out shopping for goodies much in the last nine months - if at all! But I was on a mission last week - looking for new shower mats - so the EM drove me to Dunelm in Kilmarnock. I didn't find what I was looking for but, as we were in the neighbourhood, we popped into The Range to stock up with adhesives - scrapping pages uses an awful lot of adhesives. 

The dies and stickers just fell into my basket - honestly, they did. 

That's it for me this week. I'll leave you with this gorgeous photo of my grandson's collies under the tree.  

How cute are they! And so well behaved too.


Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

What a beautiful picture of the Collies sat so good beside the Tree, what a wonderful Christmas card that would make.. thank you for sharing. Yes it's difficult not to find other things fall into our crafty baskets when we visit the range enjoy using them. Stay safe & well this Christmas. Sending Seasons WoywW greetings your way Tracey #6 x

Karen said...

The collies are soooo sweet ~ That's a lot of dogs to care for even if they're well behaved! glad you found a fun project to complete ~ Enjoy the season! Love, Karen #32

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Your beautiful card arrived this morning after I’d posted, thank you so much! It has now taken its rightful place in the gallery. What a lovely thing to do remembering Christmases past. I’m glad you’ve managed to get out for a little shopping, I’m glad you got some’necessities’, lol!
Wish8ng you both the happiest of Christmases, You’ve had a tough year, roll on 2021.
Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

Helen said...

I am glad you got stocked up on your adhesives! wishing you both a very Happy Christmas, and let's hope that 2021 with the vaccine starts to get us all back to "normal" (ha ha, who was normal to start with) Great pic of the collies. Take care, stay safe and we'll all come out the other side! Helen #1

glitterandglue said...

Hi Elizabeth. Enjoy finishing that 2015 album - it's not som ething I do, but I can see how much enjoyment you derive from the scrapbooking - well done you! My goodness. What a family of collies! I couldn't believe my eyes to begin with. Are they sheep dogs? Oh how I understand about things just leaping into your basket when in shops like The Range... impossible when you reach the checkout to refuse them, isn't it?!
Have a very, very precious time this Christmas - a time of joy and thankfulness.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #4

Sarah Brennan said...

What a fabulous photo of the Collies under the tree Elizabeth. Glad you have had some fun finishing an album of happier times. Merry Christmas, happy WOYWW, stay safe and may 2021 bring a better year for all. Sarah #11

Twiglet said...

Thanks for your lovely card which arrived yesterday - I wish I could paper craft like you do! Have a wonderful Christmas - if, like us, a very quiet one. Looking forward to a better 2021. Love to you both. xx Jo

Annie said...

I'm a little late visiting this week but I couldn't miss out on wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and hopefully life will return to a little nearer normal in 2021. The collies are all so gorgeous.
Stay safe and well my friends.
Annie x #12

Neet said...

How gorgeous are those dogs under the tree? What a wonderful photograph.
Glad you two are ok now after the ordeal of the beginning of the year,
here's to a Wonderful and Very Happy Christmas to you and yours - and above all, Stay Safe and Well
Neet 8 xx

BJ said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for the card, so kind of you. Think there might be a "the Range" near me now but WAIT we've in Tier 4 and Stay At Home mode, which isn't dissimilar to how we've been since March in our house. Hubby working from home, Son finished degree at home and is looking for a job "online" so still at home. Weekly visits to Asda and that's it really.
Have a Happy Christmas, Love BJ#17

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Thanks for you visit Elizabeth, and I love the photo of the Collies. I intended to make all rounds before this, but we were having a blizzard electric out in town 2pm to 8am this day -5 degrees comparted to 50's day before. I just got my internet back, all my windows are full of snow so can't see out ! A real mess. Love your photos of projects in the works. But happy to be HOME. Enjoy a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS Day. We have to make our own fun and frolic !

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Elizabeth. Yesterday was crazy with the washing machine breaking down and still not fixed and picking up the Christmas shopping, even the dogs didn't get their walk but I'm here now. Love the christmas card but I'm saying nothing about the stuff that dropped in your shopping basket, I have no room to speak Lol! The dogs are looking so sweet. Wishing you the happiest Christmas possible. Hugs, Angela x10x