Monday, 12 February 2018

In A Vase On Monday - A Spring Windowsill

I thought with the snowstorms of yesterday that I wouldn't be able to put together a vase for Cathy's In A Vase On Monday. However, the snow melted away this afternoon giving me the chance to nip into the garden to see what could be found.
It wasn't much but I found enough to make this pretty little vase. One very brave Tete-a-Tete daffodil had opened out - it was 2C degrees and I would have expected it to be knocked back.
I also picked a few blooms from my husband's beloved primulas - white, blue and yellow.
The hellebores, Christmas Carol and snowdrops are still going strong despite the near freezing temperatures we've had recently.
The little Peter Rabbit jug was really too deep for most of the flowers, they are so short-stemmed, so I've propped them up with glass beads.

The primulas were a recent impulse buy - I loved the creamy white blooms - and the tray of William Morris decorated pots, together with the matching string tin, were a bargain sale buy last year.


Anonymous said...

The first outdoor daffodil I have seen this year - and so much further north! My T a T are in bud but anywhere near opening so it was a nice surprise to see yours, along with the pastel primroses and your hellebore. My Christmas Carol has just disappeared - that's never happened before with a hellebore

AlisonC said...

Your flowers are so brave and pretty. I'm amazed that they fought through the snow to cheer your windowsill. It's a sweet little vase to give us hope for spring. I've seen some daffodils flowering about 5 miles from here but that is the only place and, of course, we are much further south.

Stasher said...

You'll be able to admire your lovely flowers without having to go out and get wet and cold, and if is sunny, well you can go and see what else is growing for you.