Monday, 15 January 2018

In A Vase On Monday - Winter Beauties

Hello Everyone,

At this time of the year I never know whether I'm going to have anything to put In A Vase On Monday and there's been very little lately to share with Cathy at Rambling in the Garden. Just a few sad little primroses and these hellebores which haven't been looking their best either - the frosts have been so hard it made the flowers curl up and droop.
But over the last couple of days it's been blowing a gale, the temperature has climbed to an almost balmy 6°C, and now it's raining! The perfect refreshment for these charming winter beauties.
So I nipped out between showers and picked a bunch of Hellebores 'Christmas Carol' - such an inappropriate name for a hellebore that never flowers until January - and a couple of red stems of dogwood, Cornus 'Siberian Pearls'. For foliage there's a few stems of Osmanthus burkwoodii, Viburnum 'Eve Price' and variegated ivy, Helix 'Silver'
I did have to dry them of with paper towels before arranging/plonking them into the pink spotted Selkirk Glass vase - one of my many charity shop finds. The backdrop - just in case you are wondering - is the reverse side of my first quilt make.
Having told you that, I suppose I should show you the front which proved to be much to busy to be used for the backdrop.

If you're needing more winter pick-me-ups do pop over to Rambling in the Garden where Cathy's vase for today together with links to many more can be found. They are all sure to be much more professional looking than mine.


Anonymous said...

Come now Elizabeth, we don't do professionalism on IAVOM - we are in it for the joy of bringing plant material into our houses from our gardens and there is as much pleasure to be gained from a plonked vase as there is from a more 'clever' one. And your hellebores are gorgeous! What a lot of blooms you have - I 'have' Christmas Carol too and there is no sign of it so sadly it may be a 'had' :( So nice to have you back with us today

Chloris said...

This is so pretty. I can't bear to pick my Helleborus niger but yours look so beautiful in a vase that maybe I should steal myself.

AlisonC said...

This is a beautiful cheerful vase for January. I'm glad it's a little warmer for you. The quilt looks amazing too.

Kris Peterson said...

That's a very pretty vase and I'm quite impressed with the white hellebore flowers. None of my own paltry collection of hellebore plants produce such a bounty of blooms!

Anonymous said...

That really is a pick-me-up Elizabeth! Beautiful! :)

Carole Pollard said...

beautiful to lift a cold winter s day Love and hugs Carole x