Friday, 28 October 2016

Friday Smiles - Week 193

Hi Everyone,

A bit late today. Computer problems. We had no internet for 2 days and now my new computer doesn't want to play ... grrr. Despite that it's been a good week with lots to smile about.

This little poppet had her first birthday part at the weekend. Here's Lacie wearing a dress her grandmother, our patchwork queen, could not resist.

And here she is again with her cousin, Callum, also one year old. Gorgeous!

I had to include this funny. We could easily substitute Scotland for Canada ... we say that if you want the weather to change just wait an hour and it will!!

I'm sharing with Annie, A Stitch In Time, who always has reason to smile too.


  1. What gorgeous pics of the little ones Ellie. We sure do have a lot to smile about with the little ones in our lives don't we? I love the weather funny too....we have days like that too :-)
    Thanks for sharing Ellie.
    Annie x

  2. Happy Friday Elizabeth - seems we both have grand daughters with birthdays...Sophie was 3 on the 26th and Mia one today (29), we're just back from the combined party. Aren't they just darling, melt your heart and want to hug lots. Have a wonderful week Cheers Robyn...we need the rain...please send some.

  3. Don't those little ones bring such a lot of smiles into our lives. Hope the weather is fine for you - at least at some time today!! x Jo

  4. Just saw your little one on Bloglovin' and had to come and investigate. She is adorable and I love her patchwork dress. What joy and smiles she must bring to your life.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  5. Hi Elizabeth can be soooo annoying when not only the internet is down but the computer not performing arrrrhhhh your grandchildren are lovely and make up for your lost time xx

  6. Gorgeous pictures of your grandchildren, they are so sweet, Elizabeth.

    The fun image could represent the weather in Sweden too :)

    Love and warm hugs

  7. Hi Elizabeth, Just saw your comment over at Scrappymoi, and it reminded me that I've been MIA here for a long while. Loved seeing your 'treasures' and what darlings they are. Loved the patchwork dress, and I hope her Mommy saves it for a family heirloom. This is the kind of beautiful item from one generation to another, that means so very much later in this little angel's life! Hope all has been well with you. Good luck with the new pc. TFS & Hugs


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