Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's been a busy few days ...

... and it's only the first of December!

Hi Everyone,

I've just had a whirlwind of a few days and I thought I might do a wee review - as much for my benefit as for your entertainment :)

It all started with my 65th birthday ... yes, 65 ... I can't believe I'm that old either but it's true! The day began with a very early morning text wishing me a happy birthday, the first of many throughout the day, then I switched on the computer, clicked online and this is what greeted me ...

My own personal birthday greeting from Google!!! I'm assuming they do this for everyone but I didn't know this so was completely overwhelmed ... that is, once I confirmed that it really was for me and not some other more famous Elizabeth  :))

And then there's these ...

Handmade cards from crafty friends, BJ, Julia, Jenny & Cassidy, at the front - just fabulous. Apologies to Cassidy - the EM has placed your card the wrong way up and I didn't notice until now!?!? The 1947 card is from the oldest of my younger brothers ... it came with a CD of events that happened the year I was born ... it was a heck of a year beginning with a really freezing winter which was then followed by terrible floods in spring, and then, in summer, a heatwave. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, there was rationing, strikes, power shortages, no NHS and the threat of nuclear war ... what a world to be born into! Fortunately, being born almost at the end of the year, I missed the worst of it but pity my poor mother.

On Friday, we drove up to my granddaughter's so that I could cuddle my baby great-grandson, Brodie John Cameron Higgins.

He has a bit of jaundice - hopefully, that will clear in a week or so. As there is a strong history of deafness in the family, granddad, grandmother, paternal uncle, etc., he has had his first hearing test already and it seems he may be deaf in one ear. As it could just be an aberration he will have another test next week just to be certain one way or another. Otherwise he is doing well and is an absolute sweetheart.

And here's me proving that I still know how to give a baby a bottle ... there are some things you just never forget :)

One of my birthday presents was some very welcome vouchers for my favourite craft centre and, as they were burning a hole in my pocket, we took a trip up today. I had a lovely splurge on some nesting dies, patterned paper, stickles, liquid pearls and a quickie glue pen ... I restrained myself :))

The papers have been chosen mainly for the more subtle B sides - much more useful than big and bright patterns. Not shown in the photo is a couple of rolls of washi tape - I forgot to put them out.

Almost done, but on the way back the EM stopped off for me take a few photos of the beautiful views near Inverkip ... I thought you might like to see them.

Inverkip is a picturesque little town on the Clyde Estuary famous for its yachting marina ... here you can see just a tiny smidgen of the vessels there through the trees. It was a cold and frosty day but there was a low sun and the sky really was this incredible blue.

Same area, just looking the other way, down the estuary towards the Isle of Arran - absolutely gorgeous.

And for anyone who may have doubts, here's my last photo ...

... yes, Santa is coming to Scotland :))

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend too.

Take care and happy crafting,


BJ said...

What a super day and you got to feed Brodie too. My friend's baby only has "Mummy Juice" so I have not been able to feed her until last Friday as she is now 6 months and has baby food by spoon now. I managed to get it all over her face and wasn't quick enough and she wiped her face with her sleeve! Oops! Great crafty goodies too, glad to see your new "eye" for scrap papers, the course is doing you well. BJ

Di said...

Belated Happy Birthday Elizabeth. Loads of fun in this post - and what an adorable wee baby. You do still look very competent :)

Happy Sunday! Hugs, Di xx

scrappymo! said...

happy Birthday Elizabeth!
To cuddle a baby is a wonderful way to spend a birthday.
I always enjoy your photos of the surrounding areas when you are out for drives. Always fun to see the beauty of where we all live!

Jackie said...

OMG Elizabeth, wot a lot I have to catch up with here LOL.
Wonderful photographs of you and your GT Grandson and the views. I didn't realise Google did that, I must watch out for my own greeting in March!
Lovely new goodies to play with too, absolute heaven!
You have received some beautiful cards too.
I love your beautiful page of your son :o)
Jackie xx

Marie-Louise said...

Belated Happy Birthday Elizabeth. You seem to have had a wonderful day and how lovely to have been able to give Brodie his bottle. He's so cute. I do like your flower shaped dies - they look like some I have put on my wish list for Christmas. Your photograph of Inverkip brought back many memories for me - we visited there so many many times.

Rita said...

A belated Happy Birthday from me Elizabeth. It sounds as if you had a really nice day and isn't Brodie a real wee smasher. It looks as if you'll have lots of fun with those goodies and the pictures are great too. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Well, according to Ken Bruce, Santa is a Scotsman!! happy Returns Elizabeth, looks to me as if it was a good day., and crikey, I didn't know Google do that for anyone except famous historical figures, so revel in that, what a boost!
Beautiful new baby grandson, how special.

Debbie P said...

What a precious baby! Fantastic photos. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Have a great week!

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

It looks like your birthday was super special!! I am so pleased.

I never realised that google did that!! How wonderful!!

But I am sure the cuddle with that gorgeous little baby was the bet treat of all. I hope his next hearing test is OK.

Love Jules xx