Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WOYWW 107 - What's On My Desk ...?

Good Morning to you All

Blogger is playing up today and won't let me load the photograph this morning. Pity, because for once I have loads on it ... proving I can do clutter occasionally. After playing around with gilding flakes yesterday - the card I produced can be seen in my Midsummer Day post here - I took out the materials to try making an 'Out of Africa' scene (another Barbara Gray inspiration). However, before I could start on this I was reminded (Outlook reminders work to keep me organised!) that I have a birthday coming up on 27th of this month and there's a New Home card to make too. So I got out the Cuttlebug, various embossing folders to sift through, and some of the images I coloured whilst on holiday that I'll be using this week. So my desk is looking very cluttered - not it's usually pristine self at all.  And you can't see any of it!!!! Another gremlin has hit the works and stopped play.

I'll try again later to add today's desk piccie but in the meantime I leave it to your very fertile imaginations to picture the mess that is my desk today ;)

Yippee: I can upload photographs again!!!
For anyone still wondering what I blethering on about and what WOYWW is all about, please pop over to Julia's place, Stamping Ground, and join in the weekly, and now mammoth, blog hop around the crafty desks of the world. I'm off to do the same and hopefully blogger will have been kinder to all you WOYWWers out there.

Happy Crafting,


Boohoo - can't even add my signature today ;(


Kate said...

Thats a shame about the picture but sounds like you have alot going on. Maybe you could try using flickr or picasa to add your pictures, when i had a problem before thats how i did it.
Thanks for stopping by my blog :0)
Kate x

Neet said...

Not to worry, I do believe you as we can all do mess at some time. Good luck with the card making.
Hugs, Neet #9

minnie_mac said...

Sounds like a very busy desk. Hope you manage to load the photo eventually. Love your card on the previous post.


MaggieC said...

I load my photos through Picasa too, but my photo problems were solved by Silverwolf's other half, who helped me to clear all the rubbish in my surfing history, and to reload Firefox properly. Since then, so far, my problems with Blogger have gone. Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you can load them. By the way, can you see other people's photos?

MaggieC said...

Well done, getting your picture up in the end.

Lisa-Jane said...

Yay! I got mine attached too eventually. I love the colour of your Cuttlebug, never seen one that colour before. Your gilded cards are beautiful - it sounds like fun too. xx

akilli melek said...

Lol, all i can see is a nice tidyish desk - haha! Although I know it is not your normal tidy area I wish all my guddles were this messy.
caroline 113

triciasconfetti said...

My photos often have to be relaoded when I'm posting. Have now foud it easy to write post first and then try to uplad the pictures. They are usually in the right palce then. loved your gilded christmas card.
I have finally put the cat stickers away - I will lose them altogether if I don't.
x Tricia

Mrs A. said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Here is the link for you.
Hugs Mrs A.

Andria said...

Your desk looks busy but organized. I can't believe all the troubles everyone has had with Blogger frustrating for everyone! Happy WOYWW!

Beatrice said...

Hurray your piccie is there - love your mess Elizabeth - looks like you are really busy, I would be lost with out reminders for upcoming birthdays

okienurse said...

YAY! Don't you just hate it when you do everything right and it still won't upload? Your pic shows a busy and creative desk. I don't know what I would do without my little alarms telling me when to do it! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107

Angie said...

It is funny how ones mind works ...I had been playing space rockets with the boys before they went to bed ...then i saw this photo and I saw your cuttle bug as a space shuttle and wondered why you had one on your desk lol

minnie_mac said...

Have just come back now you have the photo published. Lovely desk. Love the embellished metal jugs.


fairyrocks said...

A blue cuttle bug!! Love it.
Keep smiling and creating, I couldn't play this week, but watch for my post next Wednesday for sure!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

ah, WOYWW, it's amusing how you can see that everybody has different ideas about what a cluttered desk is! thanks for visiting me!
peggy aplSEEDS

Spyder said...

Yes, I thought your blue CuttleBug was a plane with white wings or a space rocket at first, eye's must be 'going' !! have a very crafty weekend!!

Morti said...

Interesting things on your desk this week - and I love the watering can at the back!