Thursday, 2 June 2011

New goodies + some free digital papers

Good Evening Everyone,

I'm off to Wales on holiday tomorrow and look what the postman delivered today. Now much as I am looking forward to my holiday this is going to be something really nice to come home to. I just can't wait to play with these Inkylicious stamps - particularly the script and music stamps. Script stamps are oh so useful and I can see the music one being equally useful. And the ink dusters - I'm hoping they will make it easier for me to colour backgrounds than using sponges has been. Over the many eons I've worked using typewriters, telex, accounting machines - anything with a keyboard actually, and eventually developed RSI and tennis elbow (yes, I played racquet games too) which causes painful spasms when I grip things tightly. Now, I like sponging inks onto paper so I'm looking for ways to do this that are not so hard on my fingers - maybe the ink dusters will do the trick :)

I've been making more papers and thought I'd share them with you - they are all floral designs using flowers from my own garden. Feel free to download these to use. I only ask that the usual policy prevails - that is, you are free to use my sheets for personal use but that you do not share, alter, claim them as your own or sell them. You can, however, link back to my blog so that others can download them. Just click on the images (JPG format) and and save to your computer.
Azalea - vellum
Bellis - small motif
Bellis - large motif
Bellis - vellum
Columbine - vellum
London Pride
London Pride - vellum

If you do decide to use these paper I would be delighted to see what you make and how you use them.

Well that's me for 10 days or so - I'm going to be MIA for that period unless I can find a cybercafe. I'm taking my Promarkers and some stamped images to colour in but that, I fear, will be as much crafting as I will be doing. No Christmas card this week - I've just run out of time - and there won't be one next week either so I'll have a lot of catching up to do when I return.

So see you all when I get back, and in the meantime happy crafting to you all.


  1. Have a Super Time Elizabeth and I hope the sun shines for you. Stay safe Hugs Mau xx

  2. Have a great holiday what you have for the stash ...I know what you mean about script and I agree that the music will be as useful ...the ink dusters look as though they are modeled on shaving brushes, which I have seen on a few desks.

  3. Have a lovely Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary! And have a lovely holiday in Wales - the weather is getting better so hopefully the sun will shine for you.

  4. Those are lovely papers, Elizabeth, and I will certainly have a go with them. I have been playing around with creating my own papers too, but my feeble brain had not thought about them being of use to others. Thank you for yours, and hope you enjoy yourself in Barmouth. We were staying at Hendre Mynach Caravan Site, so very close to the sea, just needed to cross the railway line and we were there. Have fun.

  5. fabulous goodies elizabeth.
    have a wonderful holiday ;D

    xx coops xx

  6. Have a lovely holiday and relax well. Lovely papers and you're really clever using your own photographs. Take care
    x Tricia

  7. Have a very good holiday !! Enjoy....Love from Holland , Christa.

  8. Hope you're having a great holiday Elizabeth. I recently bought some ink dusters too and find them a lot easier to use than the spongy applicators. They give a much softer look too. Have fun with them!

  9. Elizabeth, I couldn't find you email on this site, so that's why I contact you through the comments - remember the comment you left on my blog about the cornfields in Germany full of poppies and cornflowers? It inspired me to today's photo in my Germany series, and if you like you can see it here:
    Thanks for the great inspiration!


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