Wednesday, 5 January 2011

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday - 5.1.11

Good Morning Everyone,

Well, here we are at WOYWW #83 and I have to apologise, yet again, to those of you I did not manage to visit and leave a comment with last week. I did try but, as you can see from my previous posts, I've been a tad distracted and it's been a hectic old time for me and mine, although a great start to the year : ) Many thanks to all of you who did find the time to visit my blog and leave a comment - it's lovely to hear from you and have your feedback.

So what's on my desk? Well, as I really admire Barbara Grey's demos I treated myself to a subscription to her Claritystamp Club at the end of last year and here you see me following her instructions for a 'Thank You. card. Again!! At the back you can see my first disastrous attempt : (  But I'm the persistent kind so I'll keep trying until I get it right. The blue folder on the left contains Barbara's wisdom (well, the first couple of chapters received so far) - I just need to practice and absorb it!

You might also spot two small notebooks. The one on the bottom contains ideas for cards - when I'm short on ideas I browse through it to see if anything sparks my creative juices - hah, this is proving to be slow going at the moment! The red & white notebook is full of notes taken when watching YouTube demos or looking at all your wonderful blogs. There are lists of anything that I think I might like to try, stamps, design papers, punches, ink pads, techniques, etc., etc. These two notebooks have proved to be worth their weight in gold at times.

Last, but not least, to the right you can see a couple of photos I printed off to scrap, one of my late mother as a teenager and the other is a favourite shot of my middle granddaughter, Jolene, wearing one of her many baker boy caps - she has a thing for them. In yesterday's post I mentioned that I wanted to create more scrapbook layouts in the coming months now that Christmas is over. These photos were meant to be the start only to discover the black ink in my printer seems to have run out so I'm headed to Tescos this morning, immediately after I've finished this post, to buy some replacement cartridges.

That's my desk as it was this morning and as it still is now, and if you have somehow stumbled on my blog today and don't know what WOYWW is all about please feel free to nip over to our noble leader, Ms Julia Dunnit's blog, Stampin Ground where you will find you can hop from one crafting desk to another and discover a world of creativity!

After my trip to the supermarket I'll be back to do my own hopping and, as usual, hope to visit each and every desk over the next couple of days. See you all.

Bye for now


  1. lovely desk
    thank you for sharing on WOYWW

    Vicky number 43


  2. Hello Elizabeth, very surprised you've been able to sit down at your desk after all the excitement of the last few days. Congrats to all of you on the birth of the new little one, she's truly gorgeous.

    Brenda 83

  3. Happy New Year. Thanks for the nosey! Kathleen x

  4. Thanks for the look ,i do something similar with my note book i sketch all the sketches i like.So i can go through and see which ones i can use.comes in handy when my mojo goes.
    Have fab wednesday
    hugs judex6

  5. Hi Elizabeh.
    As always I'm catching up with you. Your new Grand daughter looks absolutely beautiful and what a proud Grandma!!!! It was fascinating to see the LO of your Grand daughter as a little girl, what a beautiful LO. It'll be interesting to see if her new daughter looks like her at 3, you'll have to do another LO when she gets there!!!
    More Scrapbooking please, as a fellow Scrapbooker there are never enough LO's around in Blogland!!
    Your photos of the frozen river are amazing. I've never seen anything like those ice shards.
    Can't believe how tidy your desk is and your notebooks too. I do exactly the same thing but mine are full of bits of a paper and stuff and are bursting at the seams. I need to take a leaf out of your book!!
    Hugs Lisax

  6. Lots of ideas here. I love B Gray too, I have one of her DVDs I watched over the break - yet to try any of it though. You look like you've mastered the card on your desk.
    Linbyx #109

  7. Well firstly, congratulations! How exciting. Secondly, I do like the look of those cards with windows cut out, they look very smart.


  8. Looks like you are finding the time to get creative!

    Thanks for sharing and happy WOYWW!

    Sheena #75

  9. Congrats on both a new grandchild and also very sweet card.
    Sandra #66

  10. How lovely to remember your mother when she was young..I am going to do the same!
    Barbara is very talented...I sometimes see her on TV.
    Sue xx 50

  11. How lucky you are to have photo's of your mother as a teenager. I would love to do more scrapping this year too, my cardmaking seems to have taken over my life.

  12. Wow, yours is amazingly tidy compared to mine!

    Debbie #129

  13. Your desk looks very tidy and organised. So much more "peaceful" than the clutter I usually work amongst.

  14. Such a tidy desk, with some great looking cards. Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Hugs, Marjo #23 Happy WOYWW

  15. good luck with your pages Elizabeth. I def feel in the mood for scrapping now that christmas is over. I have an added incentive to get lots done in the next few months, but I'll post more on that later.

    i'm sure your thank you card will turn out just fine.

    thanks for dropping by earlier.
    caroline #53

  16. Hi Elizabeth - wow what a tidy desk

  17. I don't scrapbook and I don't make cards, but I find a lot of inspiration on your desk. I love the photos you have of different generations and their hat styles. What a way to honor both. Happy WOYWW on Friday from #16.

  18. Congratulations of becoming a Grandma - love your desk although I did have to enlarge to see what the pink item was on the right hand side - I see its your heat gun love the colour mines a boring blue one - love Nicky 124

  19. you sure have a neat desk! i believe in practicing too. practicing has made a lot of difference for me.

  20. Very tidy desk!!! Your cards are lovely. #139

  21. Your card looks very interesting and what a very neat and tidy desk! I should be so lucky! (it just turned to Monday and I'm still in a pickle! Happy WOYWW!

  22. Many congratulations on your new Granddaughter, she is beautiful :)

    Such a tidy desk, with some great looking cards :)
    Thanks for sharing, Karen.


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