Friday, 4 June 2021

Blog update

 Hello everyone,

Many thanks for visiting this poor old and neglected blog of mine. I keep hoping to get back to normal posting but regrettably it's not happening ... at least not for now. The EM's health is still not good and, sadly, shows no sign of improving even after all these months. Not that we've given up ... it is what it is and how long it takes to recover from long Covid is still a bit of a mystery. 

So, having given it much thought I've  decided that the best I can do for now is keep things simple. Instead of long posts with lots of chat and photos, I'm going to keep it brief with maybe a photo and not much more. Just until things return to normal. Starting with this sweet little shot of our newest member of the family, Silver. 

That's it for today. Hope to be back tomorrow with another brief post. 

Take care.


Kathyk said...

Take care, we'll still be here when you are well enough to come back to blogland


Sandra H said...

So cute is this matter how long it takes Elizabeth take your time don’t rush it and l like short posts take care xx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Elizabeth, I'm really sorry to hear your news, some cases of long covid are just horrendous, I hope Alan sees improvement soon, so you have to do what's right for you.
Your little kitty is so adorable, no doubt Silver will lift your spirits, take care, Kate x

Annie said...

Hi Ellie. It’s good to see you. I really love your sweet little addition to your family....she’s one very lucky little kitty.
Biggest hugs to you both,
Annie x

Cathy said...

Take care of you and yours Elizabeth, sending hugs and your kitten is gorgeous, Cathy x

dutchess said...

Hi Elizabeth…what a sweetie she is and will no doubt give you lots of cuddles and love…sounds like that it just what you both need…you just take care and no matter how long it takes just look towards feeling better…xxx

Liz said...

What an adorable little kitten!
Take care.... one step at a time. xx