Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Blogging - is it dying?

Hello Everyone,

I've been thinking! About blogging, and more specifically this blog, and whether it is, as some articles I've read recently are suggestion, dying or dead. So is this true? I'd say, no - it's just evolving. It's changed and is now very different to how it was 10 years ago, when I started this little blog, because it's competing with other platforms, e.g. Instagram, YouTube, etc.

Well, I had reason recently to look back on on old posts from a few years ago. What that confirmed was that keeping a blog was, for me anyway, very worthwhile, even after almost ten years. Looking back brought back so many memories, both happy and sad - my beloved crafty companion, Bonnie, featured a lot back then! So if you ever wonder if it is worthwhile keeping your blog, just look back on previous years - I found it fun to see how many projects I've worked on and how many friends I've made along the way too.
Incidentally, what struck me most from my trip down the years, was just how many cards I've made and shared and how few scrapbook pages. Given that I call myself the Silver Scrapper you would have thought the concentration would have been the other way round.
Particularly as I only started making cards to tackle the growing mountain of leftover paper scraps!

Must try harder!

So to wind up on this post and get back to the point, I sincerely hope blogging is not dead,  even though it's just one of the many platforms we have at our disposal that enables us to share our interests with others. I'd miss it too much, otherwise.

Whatever your views on blogging, I hope you will continue to pop in, whether regularly or periodically, and catch up with my doings. 


dutchess said...

Hi Elizabeth...just like you I started my blog to make ME happy...to meet other crafters and to keep a record of my crafty endeavours....and I still love doing it...I have met some wonderful people and got inspiration to try new crafts and techniques...I love seeing what other people create and honestly love the personal interaction that you don’t get with the other forum out there...long may it continue....xxx

cuilliesocks said...

Hello Elizabeth, an interesting post today, and I have to say that I hope Blogland won't end. Like you it's a record of the projects I've made since 2011, and also a sort of diary of what's happening in my life. Like yourself I've made many friends, some of whom I've met,and who have been a tremendous support through difficult times over the years. Of course people come and go, but mostly life has been all the richer with their presence.
I deleted my FB, I didn't need it as my family are not on it and I don't understand Instagram. As for Twitter, well another platform that's an anathema to me, but then I'm not a world leader who runs their country with it. So it's blogging for me and I'll always pop in to see you.
Super scrapbook pages too,Kate x x

Linda Simpson said...

I started my blog nearly 9 years ago for me when I retired. I love looking back to see how my crafting has evolved and it is a record of what has happened in the last 9 years. I do share on other social media platforms but for me blogging will always be my number one to go to share my creations.
Linda xxx

Liz said...

A really interesting post, Eizabeth. I started my blog eight years ago, mainly to keep a record of cards I'd made. I thought I'd be the only one interested in it. It was a couple of years later before I discovered that there was a whole blogging community out there, full of friendly, crafty bloggers. Many are now special friends, most of whom I've never met. Wouldn't it be lovely if we could all meet up somewhere and spend some crafty time together. :-) xx

Rainey's Craft Room said...

Hi Elizabeth, I started my blog about 7 years ago - how time flies - it's a place to share my creations and interact with other like-minded crafty people. I certainly hope to keep blogging although finding the time to post and comment recently has been more difficult. But I intend to address that this year. I enjoy seeing what others have made and although I have a Facebook page, which is required by one of the Design Teams that I'm a part of, I rarely share my other makes on there.

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

What an interesting post. Great to read your experience of blogging and also those of other people who have left comments.

My blog has given me far more pleasure than I could have ever imagined ... .. starting in March 2009 I remember the day and the feeling of publishing my first post like it was yesterday. I had to get my youngest Son involved to check everything before I dare press the "publish" button LOL!!

I will be honest and say that I only started my blog to get the name "Always With a Heart" in the Google rankings in readiness for if I was ever able to fulfil my dream of having a Wedding Stationery website .. .. .. little did I know how much I would fall in love with my blog and how addictive having one would be. I love it and can't image my life without it.

My blog has become a record of my crafty journey and also a bit of a never ending diary too. I often look back on it to see when certain things happened.

Like you I also look back and use it as a little "memory lane trip".

My blog has sparked off lots of lovely friendships and I hope I will still be blogging for many, many more years.

No facebook, instagram or similar here. I do feel I am possibly missing out by not investigating them .. .. .. I just don't like the security issues that seem to surround them so I stay well clear .. .. and could my non-technology head deal with them anyway?!?!? LOL!!

As long as blogger keeps working and I am still alive and kicking I hope I will always be posting!

So that ends my War and Peace. Thanks for sparking that off Elizabeth. I read your post last night and kept mulling it over.

It made me smile that you started card making to use up your leftovers. Have you got just as many (or even more) than when you started?

Love and hugs
Jules xoxox