Monday, 8 June 2015

In A Vase On Monday - Columbines and Cornflowers

Hello Everyone,

The storms we had at the beginning of last week meant that I was unable to participate in Cathy's In A Vase on Monday meme. However, today is a lovely day, hardly a cloud in the sky, perfect for some flower picking. Love this time of the year, storms apart, as each day brings more growth and more flowers to choose from. Today I've gone for a bunch in which the colour blue predominates.

Those blue and white Alpine Aquilegia, Spring Magic, have been looking absolutely stunning recently. Fortunately, the storm didn't do too much damage to them.

This has long been my favourite columbine, that shade of blue is just heavenly ... I imagine that it is just that shade that Thomas Hardy referred to as air-blue in his poem The Voice.

The other blue in the vase is from perennial cornflowers, Centaura montana, which are at their very best right now - in fact, practically begging to be cut and brought indoors.

I also added a few sprigs of Viburnum opulus - a shrub we gladly inherited with the garden. Every time I pass it gives of the most divine honey flavoured perfume - if perfume can be flavoured! I also added a couple of leaves of Hosta Wide Brim though I'm not sure it needed it.

Although, as I've said, the storms passed without too much damage - we battened down the hatches pretty securely - the Alliums, Purple Sensation, growing in the round bed out front, didn't fare so well. I brought nature's casualties indoors where I can admire them a while longer.

Finally, I have a mystery which I'm hoping some of you very talented gardeners may be able to help me with. I found this flower on my Clematis which I'm pretty sure I bought as a blue flowering Mrs Cholmondeley. However, it's clearly not blue! Another plant bought with the wrong label on it. I'd love to give it its correct name so would be delighted and very grateful if anyone knows what it might be.

As it is quite a pleasant day I'm off to work in the garden, neglecting the housework completely, of course :)

Happy Gardening,


Anonymous said...

Do show us the clematis again when it is in full flower, Elizabeth, so we can see what its proper colour is.

The aquiligia are gorgeous and look brilliant in that mug - the perfect receptacle. I have a little stoneware pot with lots of pink ones on my kitchen window sill after cutting the stems back as they were getting overly tall. And an Allium PS too after a pruning accident! Are the stems on yours really long this year? I am sure they are not usually quite as tall as that! Thanks for sharing today

Donna said...

Hard to tell which clematis from the flower...perhaps it will flower more and then it may be easier to identify. That is frustrating when the plant we think we buy is something all together different.

Your vase is fabulous and I love the blue flowers with the Viburnum flowers Elizabeth. Hope your garden is spared any damage...we are getting sever storms right now.

Kris Peterson said...

There's nothing as pretty as a blue and white flower arrangement. I also have an Aquilegia called 'Spring Magic,' although mine seems to be deeper blue (almost navy blue) and it's long past its prime this season. Sorry I can't help with the Clematis question.

Carole Pollard said...

So pretty some lovely flowers and colours today Love and hugs Carole x

Bobbie Lynn said...

A very Spring looking bouquet of columbines and cornflowers. I miss having cornflowers grow in my garden. They are a good flower producer too. Maybe next year. have a wonderful day!
Bobbie Lynn