Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Smiles

Evening Everyone,

It's Friday, the day we join in with Annie, over at A Stitch In Time, to share whatever has made us smile this week. Clearly, I'm late again this week ... what am I saying, I didn't even participate last week but with good reason. I had toothache, actually really excruciating toothache that started on Friday last week, lasted all weekend and drove me to the dentist Monday morning. Only to discover that I've been grinding my teeth in my sleep and only managed to damage the one with the root filling, causing a hairline crack. A bit of emergency filing down of the tooth followed. It got worse before it got better but it's on the mend and since then there has been lots to smile about.

Firstly there's my newest baby great-grandson.
Callum John, born on Tuesday afternoon, 15 days late and weighing a whopping 10lbs. Here I am having my first cuddle this afternoon. William, my grandson and Callum's daddy, is now completely besotted with his baby son.

Here is the new family all together - gladdens my heart to see them so happy.

Next - my great-granddaughter, Rhian, 'graduated' from nursery school today.

Doesn't she look super cute in her robe and mortar board. Love that smile.

Out of all the photos taken of the occasion this has got to be my favourite ... it speaks volumes :)

It was also my youngest granddaughter's last day at Primary school today and it's her 12th birthday tomorrow. This is the selfie she posted to mark the occasion.

It seems like it was only yesterday Shari was at nursery school too, being taught by the same teacher being hugged by Rhian in the photo above. Shari looks so grown up.  And, I'm just a tad envious of that red lipstick ... I would have loved to be able to wear that colour but sadly I have the wrong complexion.

No joke for you this week but I'll leave you with this, I think it's something that most crafters can identify with.

Have a great weekend.


Annie said...

Hi Elizabeth. Sorry to hear about your tiresome tooth...nothing worse is there? It does look as though you've had lots to take your mind off the pain to make you smile though. It's a gorgeous photo of you with your new little family member....they bring us such joy don't they? Huge congrats to the happy family.
Annie x

Annie said...

Meant to say....don't forget to link up :-)
Annie x

Twiglet said...

Such a lovely post Elizabeth - beautiful photos of your happy family. x Jo

Bobbie Lynn said...

Thank you for sharing your family photos. Just lovely. : )
Also, what a sweet baby blank too.
Have a wonderful weekend.
Bobbie Lynn

Jean said...

What a lovely happy post Elizabeth, super photos of you expanding family.
I love the crafty quote at the end as well.
Jean x

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Elizabeth, fabulous family photos with lots to smile is so precious. JUST love the joke...oh yes, the car took me there. Enjoy your weekend Robyn

Neet said...

What a lovely family - so much to be proud of.

Jackie said...

The best ever reasons to smile Elizabeth. Congratulations all round.
Beautiful photographs which need to be scrapped :o)
Jackie xx

JoZart Designs said...

Well the smiles are worth the toothache.....almost! Wonderful news, congratulations Great Granny, he is beautiful.
The pics of the girls are lovely and how nice for the little one to have a "graduation". good luck to them,
Jo x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Here in the States, we USED to "graduate" at the end of high school. Now it seems, like your photos confirm, there are lots of graduations. How wonderful that you shared this special event.

Of course, all your family looks healthy and enjoying life. I hope this continues forever! Happy Friday and weekend, too.

tilly said...

a beautiful new baby, how cute and what a big smile on your other graddaughters faces