Saturday, 27 June 2015

Callum's Cot Cover

Morning Everyone,

And a happy Saturday to you all too. The sun is shining and the world looks a better place for it after all the rain we've had this last week.

I have a quick sewing project to share with you today before I take myself out into the garden for an hour or so ... need a vitamin top-up :)

It's simply a cotton print top lined with some pale blue fleece - really easy to make.

It's big ... measuring 31" x 42" ... and this is what it looks like in our all too rare sunshine :)

You would think I would be able to remember where I found the print fabric but I don't. However it's lovely quality and should see little Callum through until he goes into a big bed.

The fleece was an inexpensive to buy cover, originally finished in red blanket stitch, which I just cut down to size.

Right! I'm off to play in my sunny garden for a while but plan to return later with my Rudolph Day card for this month.

Have a great day everyone.


  1. This is lovely, such a fabulous print for a little boy and a nice cuddly backing too. I am sure little Callum will love it.
    Jean x

  2. I love the blanket you've made Elizabeth as I'm sure Callum will too :-)
    Thanks for letting me know about Mr Linky....Jo has trouble from time to time too so have no idea what the problem is......I have linked for you this week. Please let me know if you're struggling any time. Thanks for joining in.
    Annie x

  3. What a delightful blanket, perfect for a little boy :o)
    Jackie xx


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