Monday, 21 July 2014

In a Vase on Monday ... Wedding Memories

Evening Everyone

Once again it's time for a peak at what flowers I've cut and brought indoors.
And today it's a posy of the sweet peas. They've been grown by my husband which means I have no idea what the variety is. He just popped down to the garden centre, picked up several pots of seedlings, mixed colours, planted them and then threw away the label!
What I can tell you is that the perfume is heavenly.  I've added three stems of salvia x sylvestris 'Rose Queen' to the vase, actually a jug with a pretty pink floral decoration which seemed to suit the pastel shades of the flowers.
I have them in the hall so that the scent can waft all the way up the stairs. The crocheted lace mat is one I made some 46 years ago, the calender is a perpetual one, and the piece of rose quartz was picked up on a beach only last Thursday. And the wedding memories associated with the sweet peas? They were the flowers, grown by her father, that my mother carried on the day she married my father in 1946.
More wedding memories. I'm slipping in this vase of roses picked yesterday to celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary. The roses are, rather appropriately for the occasion, 'L'Aimant' (pinky coral), 'Faithful' (cherry red), and grown by my English husband, 'Pride of England' (red) and one I planted for my husband, 'Simply The Best' (described as mandarin orange in colour but really much more peachy to my eye) and finally the white ones, 'Elina' (creamy lemon), 'Patricia Kent' (creamy white). Hubby found and bought the jug for a song from a charity shop and, of course, that's our wedding photo in the frame.

With two vases, not one, I may have broken the rules of the In a Vase on Monday challenge over at Rambling in the Garden but I hope Cathy will forgive me as yesterday was such a special day here at Casa Worthington. We married late so we consider every anniversary a special one - after all, the likelihood is that we will never reach our Diamond Anniversary :)

If you would like to join in, post your vases then do leave a comment on Cathy's post with a link back to yours so we can see what you have in your vase this week.

And many thanks for taking the time to read my post.


  1. What beautiful flowers Elizabeth - and such lovely memories. A very special post for a very special day :) Go for Diamond, it can be done!

    Love and happy thoughts
    Di xx

  2. Elizabeth, I love your little vase of sweet peas and with I could smell them too. The fragrance must be divine. Enjoyed your special stories too. Congratulations!

  3. Beautiful stories and gorgeous flowers Hope your Anniversary was just perfect Love and Hugs Carole x

  4. You have been busy since I last poppped in. Wonderful cards and very pretty flowers :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. Such treasured memories Elizabeth the flowers are gorgeous and must give of a lovely fragrance x

  6. Oh do try for a big anniversary! :) It is our 18th this year too and the Golfer has promised to live at least to 104 so we can have our 50th! I have really appreciated the benefits of sweet peas this year and have just picked a huge bunch today as we are going away (gave to the neighbour who will be doing some watering!). I love to hear the stories behind the vases, so thanks for sharing your memories

  7. I do love the way the scent of a vase of sweet peas can fill the house, I am picking lots myself, so can well imagine the scent you are getting. Your roses are beautiful too, belated congratulations.

  8. Two wonderful vases Elizabeth. I was thinking of picking sweet peas next week if there are any left...I love the stories behind the vases!

    We celebrate our 17th this year as we married late too! Each one is very special...Happy Anniversary!

  9. More than a bit late but Congratulations all the same. I just loved reading about the flowers and what special meaning they have for you two. What a special pair you are.
    Lots of Love
    Neet xx


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