Tuesday, 15 July 2014

In A Vase Today - A Peachy Posy

Afternoon Everyone,

I intended posting this yesterday but got a bit carried away with cutting out hearts and making cards.

This little flower arrangement is in our dining-room. The roses are from the mystery bush, mentioned in my Saturday Saunter post, which is growing so beautifully just outside the dining-room window. I thought perhaps it was a Queen Elizabeth rose but apparently it's just not pink enough so it remains nameless for now.
I took my colour cue from the bowl of peaches and apples and teamed the roses with a couple of cuttings from the smoke bush (Cotinus coggygria 'Royal Purple') and some sprays of Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis). A few years ago, I was very lucky to snap up the jug, teacup and saucer set for just £2 (about 3.5 USD) at a local car boot sale. The pretty floral pattern, Derby Posies, is from the Royal Crown Derby porcelain makers.

Gorgeous - and the perfume is fabulous too.

That's just one of the vases I have filled this week. There's a couple of others filled with sweet peas, scattered around the house ... what a wonderful time of the year this is. There are so many flowers in bloom I'm totally spoiled for choice. 

I have quite a number of plants desperately needing potting up into larger pots so we popped out to the garden centre to buy another bag of compost and ended up having our lunch out in the restaurant there ... so nice when someone else has to wash the dishes :)

Hope this finds you all well and enjoying July as much as I am. 


  1. Wonderful vignette! The Roses are beautiful. I have a soft spot for roses as that is my Mother's name!

    I can grow perennials but am hopeless at roses...I always get the dreaded black spot!

  2. just so beautiful I can smell the scent !! thanks for sharing Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x

  3. That's a pretty colour of rose, Elizabeth - no doubt another garden blogger will be able to identify it for you. Alchemilla is really useful to add to a vase and it easily lasts the week, and the cotinus is a subtle addition - a pretty little vase!

  4. Elizabeth that rose is stunning and I adore the peachy pink color...wonderful pairing with the smokebush foliage and lady's mantle green

  5. What a pretty arrangement. Have you thought to take a photograph to a nursery or garden centre to see if you can identify that beautiful rose?
    Love those heart cards too :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. What a lovely, lovely vignette you've created with these wonderful roses. Just wish I could enjoy the beautiful fragrance I'm sure they hold. Love the china you've added to the tablescape. Can just imagine the enjoyment you get each time you pass it by. TFS this with blogland, and it sounds as though you are all settled into your new home now. Hugs


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