Wednesday, 12 June 2013


Morning WOYWWers, Followers and Bloggers Everywhere,

Two desk shots for you this morning.
The first shows the ATCs, made to celebrate 4 years of WOYWW, and cards received over the week. Top left from Debbie, the Daylee Doodler, a fabulously intricate zentangled (have I just made that word up?) ATC and card. Top right from Jo, aka Twiglet, a card and beautifully embroidered ATC ... Jo tells me she made this whilst sitting in the sunshine so whenever I look that image will come to mind :) And finally, a super ATC from another Jo, Jozart, which cleverly combines stamping with the art of zentangle. Thank you everyone, they are terrific :)
The second, my workdesk which is looking remarkably tidy this week. No project in progress! Just a pile of magazines and books, another pile of scraps and, at the back, the usual tools of the trade. I'm off on my jollies at the end of the week so I need to select some reading material to take with me ... with the exception of a bit of crochet, I'm not taking any crafting stash this time but I do intend browsing through a crafty magazine or two -  in the sunshine should we get any. And the pile of scraps, I'm working on them, using them rather than 'filing' or tossing them ... it's an effort but I figure that if I do that I'll have less of a scrap mountain! Well, that's the theory. Trouble is I keep adding to the pile!!!

And why am I showing my workdesk to all and sundry ... if you are not familiar with what What's On Your Workdesk is all about, pop over to the instigator and manager, the amazing Julia Dunnit's blog, The Stamping Ground, and read up all about it here. I think you'll want to join in, and why not? It's all good fun, you meet great folk and learn all sorts of interesting stuff, craft related and otherwise, just from hopping from one desk to another every Wednesday ... though for some of us, e.g moi!, it takes the better part of week to visit just a few :)

And that is almost that ... but for a word about Flat Susan.
A few of my friends mentioned in their comments on the previous post that they initially thought I'd finally lost the plot! Now, with my advancing years, I can understand your concern, after all it is very possible that I'm on my way to becoming gaga ... it's true the memory isn't all it once was ... but methinks not quite yet! Flat Susan does exist and, because she is so teeny-weeny, here's an enlargement for all to see. She's the product of Neet's, Hickydorums, imagination and creativity, though she does have a cousin, Flat Stanley, who is the inspiration behind her story. For more information on Flat Susan's origins and travels you can click on the Following Flat Susan button on the sidebar to the right. Sadly, it rained so much yesterday that a planned trip to the home of our bard, Rabbie Burns, had to be postponed. Instead, she spent the day cuddling up to  The Boss, Bonnie, who wasn't too impressed to begin with but has now taken FS under her paw :)

It's still raining today which means another day at home but there's plenty to do ... lots of decisions to make - what to pack for the jolly holidays, what reading matter to take, how many batteries will be needed for the camera, etc., etc., etc.

I promise to visit as many of you as I can before taking off ... after that it will be as, when, and where, I find access to the Internet.

In the meantime, I wish you all have a lovely WOYWW.


  1. Hi Elizabeth,
    I am proudly showing the ATC you sent me on my desk today. Thanks so much...I love it.
    Thrilled to see FS has arrives safely and hope she has a lovely time with you.
    A x # 51

  2. Must confess that I thought you had lost the plot too LOL. I haven't got time to have a look at Flat Susan's story now but will do so later :o)
    Jackie xx

  3. Fab pics, love your ATC collection and your magazine pile. I have one of those on my bedroom floor! Take care Zo xx 31

  4. Hi Elizabeth - I have seen flat susan before - so glad you have her for a stay - Happy WOYWW... Mxx #25

  5. I hope the sun shines for you and you have a wonderfully relaxing time -FS needs a bit of chill out time after her adventures with Jo!! x Jo

  6. Great to see so many atc's again this week! Hope you get to take FS out soon, she must be ready for another adventure... Helen, 12

  7. Hi Elizabeth. . . .WOW you have you great ATCs there . . . and I am particularly interested in the Zentangle ones.

    Happy WOYWW.

    Wishing you happy hols too.

    Hugs, Sarn #57

  8. Hullo Elizabeth, ah more wonderful WOYWW$ atc's how fab and loved the ones I saw of yours on desks too, picked yours out before knowing, which it was which tells something either about you me or both!

    ...and love ♥ the tales of Flat Susan ♥ did chuckle at folk thinking you had lost the plot and love ♥ the post below too!

    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #4

  9. most folks think all crafters are a little scatty when we go nuts over paper and swaps. Enjoy your vacation and hope you get sunshine, in fact I will have a word with the sun who is threatening to try and bust 100F today and see if he will send some to you.

    Monica 109

  10. VERY impressed at your nest desk - wish mine stayed that way!! Have a great week.
    Margaret #67

  11. Hi Elizabeth, Great ATCs you received. I've been trying to size down all those small paper stacks too, almost impossible to reach the top of them these days.
    Hope you enjoy your holiday
    Krisha #17

  12. Hi Elizabeth,

    It's so fun to see the ATCs that everyone is getting! I need to do a proper post on the ones I've received.

    So glad Flat Susan is making herself right at home!

    I tried to grab the button and have been unsuccessful - will need to try later.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (93)

  13. Ah, so that's where Flat Susan has got to now..Bonnie Scotland! She'll have a fab time with you lovely folks north of the border!!
    Hugs, LLJ 39 xx

  14. Hi Elizabeth - hope you have a great holiday. Happy WOYWW Anne x 75

  15. Hi Elizabeth
    some great ATC's and some really wonderful zentangle.
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  16. hope you have a lovely holiday. Thought I would try to join in again this week:I feel like long time no snoop. I'm trying to catch up with some old friends this week as I have been banned from lifting toots. caroline(akilli melek) #135

  17. Am soooo glad to know the tale behind Flat Susan! Have cancelled the little men in white coats :)

    Have a super holiday Elizabeth - and don't forget all those photos.

    Hugs, Di xx

  18. Woohoo! It's great to see where Flat Susan has got to. Looking forward to hosting her too at some stage of her travels. Great ATC collection and I'm impressed with the efforts to use up your scraps. Happy WOYWW, hugs Jenny #87

  19. Don't tell me you are going to read all those magazines in one session? You will need plenty of wine for that session!
    Nice to see that FS is settling in well in Scotland!

  20. Oooh I hope you have a lovely break! And that the sunshine comes back (where'd it go? I was really enjoying that!! :lol:) for you! :D

    Your desk looks lovely and tidy. Unlike mine! ;)

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - the stamp I used on the card is actually one of two babies. It's a Mo's Digital Pencil one and oh my, I had searched high and low for a digi stamp for boy/girl twins and all I could find were girl/girl or boy/boy until I came across this gorgeous design that comes in all 3 options. :)


  21. What amazing ATC's you recieved ...have fun with Flat Susan too xx 104

  22. Hi Elizabeth Happy WOYWW I'm late getting around to everyone but it's fun seeing Flat Susan all over the place I did a Flat Stanley for one of my nieces took him site seeing all over TO lol and sent him back with all the pictures :)
    Beautiufl ATC's you got hugs Nikki #1

  23. woot! lots of fun stuff in your post today. Love the look of all the ATC's this week and the story of flat susan is really cool! Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week! Vickie #26

  24. Well done you trying to use up scraps, I have scraps galore on my desk (filed per colour of course!) Enjoy your summer reading. Thanks for visiting me this week Happy WOYWW BJ#74

  25. The ATC's are lovely, so much talent out there. I'm glad to see that Flat Susan is enjoying her travels! Have a lovely, relaxing holiday!. Hugs. Pam#26

  26. Wonderful art on your desk and it looks like Flat Susan has been having an amazing road trip.
    Sandra @106

  27. You write such a great post, Elizabeth! It was wonderful to see the ATCs and your desk and, especially, Miss Susan!!

    I hope you have a fantastic time on your Jollies. I will always use that term now. I love it so much more than our American "on vacation." Of course, I pretty much am on my jollies every day, but I shall use a capital "J" when it is meant for out-of-town!

    Have a blast - I know you will! See you when you get back! Love to FS, too! xxoo Darnell #61

  28. Lovely ATCs! The zentangling is really interesting!
    Happy late WOYWW,

  29. Some lovely atc's there Elizabeth and how strange that they all (except Twiglets) are to do with zen!
    Hope you get lots of nice reading mater to take away with you and best wishes for the sun to shine.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  30. Ah Flat Susan has a lot in Scotland, hey?! Have a jolly good time with her. I anxiously await her trip across the pond. As do my girls motorcycle buddy. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan G #8

  31. Hi Elizabeth lovely ATC collection, there have been so many inspiring ones in posts over the last couple of weeks.
    Glad to see flat Susan arrived safely
    janet #35


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