Sunday, 30 June 2013

Butterfly Cushion

Afternoon Everyone,

From a very wet corner of Scotland ... not that I should complain, the flowers are loving the rain.

I've just got a sewing project to show off to you today because I'm fair chuffed with how this simple cushion turned out. My sewing skills are becoming less rusty by the day :)
It was made as a gift for my granddaughter's birthday. The fabric called Butterfly Stripe was bought at Dunelm Mill and it only took half a yard to make. The only tricky bit for this rusty sewist was measuring and cutting the fabric to ensure the stripe with the butterflies was centred on the cushion top ... it's not like cutting paper or card, you can't just slip the fabric into a guillotine and start chopping, sigh :(  Were it that easy!
The closure at the back is the easy-peasy envelope style which worked so well with the striped pattern that you can barely see where aperture is in this photo! It's between the two pink floral fabrics.

I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend ... and certainly better than mine. My mouth is full of very painful ulcers, has been for a few days. I'm living on a diet of yogurt, soup and Bonjela - lovely, not! A really nasty side-affect of iron deficiency even though I'm taking the tablets as prescribed like a good girl :(

On the bright side, our new washing machine was delivered and installed on Friday :) It's a thing of beauty and washes like a dream ... and the spin is so quiet. It's a funny old fact of life that it is not evident how badly a piece of equipment performs until it is replaced by new!

Take care everyone and happy crafting,


  1. How pretty...your grandaughter must have been so happy with it. The colours are soft and girly and who doesn't love pretty butterflies!

  2. This is so beautiful Elizabeth and the material is really lovely another string to your bow!! your so talented xx

  3. Oh i agree..i was horrified to discover how little water our new machine more watching the drum filling through the porthole for the cat!! My dear Dad suffered horrid mouth ulcers during chemo and discovered quite by chance that Papaya juice is a natural and almost immediate cure...if you can find some, may be worth a try..poor you..grim. Love the cushion, and i love seeing how you're getting back into the stitches...

  4. I'm not surprised you're chuffed, my lovely, this is simply beautiful! I bet your granddaughter adores it!

    How trying to have mouth ulcers! My daughter had them after her first chemo session, she ate chocolate custard and creme caramel as well as yogurt, and at its worst was reduced to thin broth ingested through a fluorescent party straw! I hope these suggestions help - but best of all, I hope the ulcers disappear!

    much love and sympathy, Mags B x

  5. Hello Elizabeth. Good news re the washing machine but sorry to hear about the ulcers. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Think I still need to have a bit of a play re the bloglovin button but hopefully have the rest sorted. Hope you are better son. Hugs Anne x

  6. Beautiful Cushion cover Elizabeth. So sorry you are being troubled with mouth ulcers -they are so painful and unpleasant. Hopefully they will clear up soon.

  7. So sorry you have mouth ulcers ...I know you are trying everything ....but have you tried salt mouth washes? I hope you get relief soon. I Love that beautiful cushion.
    My washing machine is getting old now ...each time it breaks down and is fixed, it gets noisier!! Hugs xx

  8. Hi Elizabeth
    Gorgeous cushion she will love it
    Try something called anbesol for your users works a treat for me
    Hope it has stopped raining

  9. I love your pretty cushion, so will your grandaughter

  10. beautiful cushion Elizabeth.i love the pretty fabric and butterflies :D

    xx coops xx


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