Monday, 6 May 2013

Flower Cards ... made with my own photos

Evening Everyone

Hope you have all had a great bank holiday Monday.

I've been finding my way around Serif Craft Artist Professional this afternoon, experimenting with the best layouts, fonts and printer settings ... this proved to be the most difficult part but I think I have sussed it out now :)

I had a disaster or two but here's a few that came out okay.

Lady's Mantle
Queen Elizabeth Rose
Pot Marigold


White Foxglove

Yellow Rose

I used Papermania textured card which gives a nice canvas effect on the photographs. Each flower is framed either with an edge from GA Artistic Edges Volumes 1-3 or one of the various frames found in Serif Craft Artist. The font for the greeting is 39 Smooth and Holiday Springs BTN Quill is the one I chose for my signature on the back.

Every card has a tiny photo on the back and inside on the inserts - which were printed on ordinary printer paper - like this:

If I hadn't had to spend so much time sorting out the settings on my printer, I think I could have said that these were quick and easy cards to make. As it is, I can say that they are handy cards to have tucked away in my drawer ... I won't get caught out again for that card needed in a hurry :)

That scrap page is still lying on the workdesk, unfinished ... I'm struggling to create just the right embellishment cluster for it even though the rest of the layout is looking good. It includes a photo of my late mother that I particularly love.

I think it's a case of 'walk away from the layout' Elizabeth :))

That's said, I'm away to have a cuppa and think about it.

Take care all, and have a good evening,

Happy crafting,


  1. Really stunning cards Elizabeth. Clever idea too. Hope your well. Hugs Rita xxxx

  2. These are extraordinary, Elizabeth! You've made such beautiful cards. I love making cards with my photos, but I just use the original photo. I would have no idea where to start making such beauties with my computer. I am definitely going to bookmark this to check out the software you mentioned. Perhaps I can learn to do it, too. It's been a real treat to see how you did yours!!

  3. These are such a delight. i still have the card you sent to is of a flower in your garden arranged like an image on beautiful paper. I keep it so it is the first thing I see when i walk into my room!

    These all are lovely...too hard to pick a favourite. As you say it is nice to have them all ready in the drawer...of course you had to add the smaller wouldn't be your card without it.

    DH finished the left side of the garden today. We didn't get everything done that we wanted as it just got too hot and the plants are too big to risk dividing them.

    I am just finishing up on the right side now, he is just digging out what I don't want to keep now, so it doesn't matter if I lose them to heat stroke. I pot them up anyway but have lost 5 or 6 so far.

    Hope tp have photos within a week or so...Then it will be creating/blogging time again!!!

  4. Wow... Elizabeth, your cards are just so beautiful. Love those great photos. ^_^

  5. Wonderful photograph made into wonderful cards Elizabeth. Isn't PM textured card just perfect for the canvas look, I love using it as you may have guessed :o)
    Jackie xx

  6. I use a lot of my photos for cards but never used software to help - sounds like a brilliant idea and yours look so professional! x Jo

  7. Cards like those are not cheap in the shops ...and yours are much nicer....even more personal because they are your flower photos.
    As for your LO ...dont rush it ...I know I haven't crafted for ages but when I was doing my Family History LO's, they could take ages ...everything just had to feel right to me. I would browse through boxes of embelishments and throw bits at the photo ...eventually something felt right....even the paper choice took ages sometimes will all come together sooner or later....and be perfect xx

  8. Wow, these cards are beautiful Elizabeth - and all the more so 'cos you took the photos yourself! I love the little added extra images, perfect finishing touches - as always.

    Hugs, Di xx

  9. Hi Elizabeth, Wow they are totally stunning x

  10. Your cards are gorgeous! I wouldn't have a clue where to start with that sort of thing! Fabulous xx

  11. Beautiful cards. I've got Craft Artist as well, and it is handy for quick cards, and great for photo editing. But yes the printing can be a bit of a faff. But well done for persevering.

    Cassidy xx

  12. Your cards are stunning Elizabeth. Anne x

  13. stunning cards elizabeth.your photos are gorgeous :D

    xx coops xx


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