Wednesday, 3 October 2012

WOYWW 174 - What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday

Hello WOYWWers, Followers and All,

Well, would you believe it, we're into October already! I feel as though I've been well and truly cheated this year ... whatever happened to summer? Apart from a few, a very few, hot and sunny days, the last few months have been abysmal. Anymore summers like that and I may have to emigrate :(

Fortunately for us, crafting is, for the most part, an indoor pursuit :))  And as it's WOYWW day, courtesy of the admirable Julia, of Stamping Ground fame, and keeper of workdesks extraordinaire, I am here to reveal what's on mine today.

It's not too bad this week. There's this month's Craft Stamper open at a page describing a technique that involves distress inks and mica powders - which explains why the piles ... yep, more of my piles Lisa :))  ... of those distressing items scattered about. The piece of card at the front is my first attempt at following the instructions and, you'll have to take my word for this, the result is a lot shinier and prettier in real life than it looks in this photo. Most of the other bits and pieces - scissors, rulers, glue tape, etc. - are just part of my permanent crafting arsenal. The exception is the wheel of gems ... they were used to embellish the bunch of snippet cards standing at the back there and they are there until the glue gel under the toppers sets.

And that is my desk this week - pretty boring really. For a heap more interesting desks click the icon on the sidebar and go check out what everyone else is up to today - if you're a WOYWW novice you'll find a warm welcome at every link :)

In deference to Julia's brief, to keep it brief, I'll stop here and just leave you with my hope that you are all keeping well and enjoying better weather than the interminable rain that's our lot in the west of Scotland. I will, as usual, be popping in to visit as many of you as I can, if not today then sometime during the week.

Happy WOYWW and happy crafting,


  1. Looks like you are having so much fun but how do you stay so organized???
    Arihanna is so beautiful the shot of you and her below.xx

  2. Hi there. It has been miserable weather recently but still, more time to craft and try out new things like you are. Hope you have a good week.

  3. Great minds, Elizabeth, we've been doing the same thing this week. You'll spot my pots of mica powder too. I've always sprayed my distress backgrounds but love the idea of stamping on top and using the mica powders. I've used it for a DT piece so can't share the results at the minute but it's definitely something I'll be doing again!!!
    Love those colours you are using.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  4. I completely know what you mean about getting cheated out of summer. Here in Seattle it was the same way. I hear our weather is a lot like that in the UK... this year, just rain and cool temps almost all summer...oh well!

    Loving all the ink on your desk this week!!!

    Amy E. #...none yet!

  5. It's not everyone that can get away with showing their piles on their blog Elizabeth but you certainly look like you're planning on having fun with yours :-)
    A x #2

  6. Great looking desk with all the pots and tools lined up so nice and neat. Beautiful cards standing up in the background too! Have a great week. Vickie #22

  7. Hello Elizabeth, I saw that article too and got out my mica powders and that's as far as I got, but will now have a go. Makes a change from doing Christmas cards. We have a dry day here in Cheshire today but not sure it will last the whole day here either.....Happy WOYWW, Anne x #13

  8. Looks like a graet technique Elizabeth and I bet it is real shiny too. Love the snippet cards (what exactly are snippet cards btw) I really ought to get on with Christmas. Ho Hum BJ#6

  9. Read the article but haven't had chance for a play yet. Was disappointed in this month's mag, keep thinking I will cancel my sub and then they publish a good one.

    Ann B

  10. Agree about the weather- I assume we all blinked at the same moment & missed summer completely! Like the desk shot, waiting to go get my CS fix for this month. Have a great week, Shaz #60

  11. Quite a few woyww are flashing their piles this wednesday!! Do post a pic of the finished project.
    Sandra @73

  12. Guess I could say we have both been very Distressed these past few days. LOL. Thankfully with DI's rather than being upset. Must open my Craft Stamper and see what this technique is - I was teaching DI techniques on Sunday and my samples are on my blog (today and yesterday and maybe the day before). Try the misting one, it looks good.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Neet 31 xx

  13. Nothing boring here. Lots of crafty goodness to play with!
    Glenda 73

  14. piles of distress inks are never boring! have a good week, Helen, 4

  15. That looks an interesting project Elizabeth. I haven’t picked up my copy of the mag yet this month so will get it tomorrow when I’m in town and have a go myself in a day or two. It’ll give me an excuse to get the Perfect Pearls out because I always forget to use them.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 79

  16. Hi elizabeth thanks for reminding me i really MUST get on and do something with my craft stamper mag I have a subscription and hardly ever actually do.... right i'm off see ya check it out next week
    janet #9

  17. Hi Elizabeth... it's not boring at all this week.. in fact you are being so creative trying out the CS techniques. There are a few interesting ones this month.
    We've just had a lovely sunny visit to the seaside , hopefully to clear my lungs and cough a bit and had a gorgeous lunch out but had to race for the car as the heaven's opened. However there was a beautiful rainbow in compensation!
    Lv Jo x

  18. Well done on actually following a tutorial from Craft Stamper Elizabeth! I get as far as reading them and think... oh well. Have a great week. Hugs, Buttons #57

  19. Your desk looks very interesting to me! Loving your background - I really like playing around with backgrounds, its one of my favourite things. Those snippet cards are looking good too! #113

  20. What happened to summer?! What do you mean what happened to summer? It is right here where you left it and apparently it plans to stay here awhile longer.

    I'm jealous that you have space on your desk and snippet cards in the making. All I seem to be able to do these days is make a bigger mess! Hey, well at least that is kind of creative... sort of.

  21. This looks really pretty. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  22. That looks a fun technique - isn't ti great when there are lots of good ideas that you want to try in a magazine like that. So often, there's just one interesting page and far too many ads!
    The card and box you made for the christening are gorgeous!! Lovely pics all around :D
    And if you ever feel the need to visit Dible and Roy, you know where there's somewhere tostay... :)
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  23. Hi Elizabeth, well done on year 1 on your Masters. I had to carry on this year because of the changes in fee structures because I would have lost my continuing student status otherwise. I am really enjoying it though but it means I don't get chance to experiment with things I see in magazines like you are at the moment - looks great by the way!

  24. Lots of lovely things going on on your desk this week. I enjoyed my visit - sorry iot's so late.
    Sue x (MiniOwner #147)

  25. Oh Elizabeth,
    imagine if you came down to the Great Southern Land?! Mind you, it would be plurry hot in comparision with your 'normal' climate I suspect. We had 28 degrees yesterday and it was a glorious day.
    Your desk looks neatly busy, and I share your interest in Craft Stamper. I think I spy the chooks bottoms, too, at the top of the picture. That cupboard is a lovely landmark.
    Thanks for your lovely words. Very pleased that you like the photos as well as the cats. I'm late again, or rather, just taking my time.
    Warm smiles,
    Ros. #35

  26. Good luck with the mag technique, Elizabeth! I'm sure it won't be a bit boring, nor was your post. Have a wonderful week! Darnell #145

  27. looks like a very interesting desk, lots to play with
    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog x
    Happy{sorry im late}WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #24


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