Thursday, 11 October 2012

Crochet Beanie Hat - My First Attempt

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and gearing up for a weekend of fun and frolics. Well, why not! Winter will be here soon enough so best enjoy autumn's mellow fruitfulness while we can :)

I've not been too busy but I did manage to crochet up this wee beanie hat whilst wasting a couple of hours watching TV this evening.

Isn't the world wide web marvellous? I Googled 'crochet beanie hat pattern' and up came dozens of links. The only real problem with this is that, as often as not, the instructions are not specifically from the UK and the yarn is some weight I've never heard of before and the hook size is different too.

However, undaunted, I had a go and two hours later I had a hat that, although it was intended for me, will fit my baby great-niece perfectly! Not that she will mind, I'm sure.

I used double-knitting yarn and a size 5 hook. Conclusion, I either need chunkier yarn or a bigger hook or a combination of both. Or maybe I could adapt the instructions to make a larger hat. Any advice gratefully received.

Whatever, I'm determined to make myself a beanie for winter so I'm not giving up just yet :)

I'm off to bed now - an early night with a good book ... what more could a woman want :))

Take care folks, thanks for visiting, and happy crafting,


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous hat Elizabeth, may have to google that pattern too as l've got some wool and haven't decided on my next crochet project!

Have a good day xx

Di said...

Hi Elizabeth - love the hat!!! It would be brilliant in adult size and would look great on you I'm sure. But as I don't crochet sadly I can't help with adapting the pattern :(

Hugs, Di xx

Marie-Louise said...

Gosh Elizabeth that was fast work. Love the colour. Your great-niece will be warm in this.

Cass said...

The trick when searching is, if you need it to be a UK site/company, or in this case a hat, is to type in UK after your search string, or limit Google to look only at UK pages - look at right hand side of Google and you'll see options for searches.

In meantime I found this:

Which is for the UK, and gives UK sizes.

Love the beanie and the colour,


Angie said...

This is so cute you know, crochet just defeats me so I'm in awe of this.
What wool was it meant to be? ...if its Worsted I found out that is almost out Aran.
LOVE that mini album below ...I hope she treasures it.
Thanks for the lovely comments on my 'Billie' post. xx

Maureen said...

Brilliant hat and I love the colours, well done.

Sandra H said...

Gorgeous hat and you have done a fab job Elizabeth it will look beautiful on your great-niece and like you say she won't mind l used to crochet but haven't done it for years don't think l would know how too now! have a great weekend x

MaryH said...

Elizabeth, I can't crotchet (well, maybe a chain or double...but make a pattern? No WAY!). I'm awed that you made this, and I think it is lovely. And if it doesn't fit on your pretty silvery hair, isn't it wonderful you have a little'n to gift it to! Thanks for sharing. And a good book read propped on pillows..great way to spend a cool night (well, ....lemme think about that...Yeah, it is!). Hugs

Jane said...

I might have to give that a try!