Wednesday, 24 October 2012

WOYWW - Wk 177 - Indecision, Indecision, Indecision ...

Hi WOYWWers, Followers and All,

I've spent the morning in a state of indecision ...

I'm trying to put together a layout and can't decide which of these gorgeous papers to use for it ...

... they all have their merits and are appropriate for the period of the photos. I'll have to decide after lunch because I'm on a deadline with this one :(

Yes, I'm halfway into Wednesday and this is me just getting around to posting for what's on my workdesk, tut, tut! Why would I reveal my cluttered desk like this to the world ... well, it's for What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday, a weekly phenomenon hosted by the admirable and estimable Julia Dunnit.

Just for the occasion I've taken a longer shot than usual - well, why not, it makes a change. And, because I have, the rarely seen stamp trolley is in view, not to mention the shelving at the back and even a teensy-weensy glimpse of the dolls house. There's also the items to be found permanently on my desk with one or two temporary 'visitors'. Not usually visible is the box of toppers that I keep on the left corner, resting on that today is a couple of packs of papers that I've been rummaging through. Beside that, like little ducks in a row, are my new winter distress inks - I've been playing :)

The EM presented me with the notebook with the gaily striped cover - it's now the keeper of my crafting to-do list. Sadly, the Quality Street box is no longer full of yummy chocolates, instead it's where I keep some of the old family photographs ... out because I've been searching through it for the photos for the planned layout. Lying on top of that is a fab book on scrapbooking - specifically on scrapping family history ... I've been looking through it for inspiration.

You might also be able to spot a purple stretchy spider, leftover from previous projects, just in front of my  WOYWW badge, always to be found somewhere on the desk. Lastly, the powder tray has found a new use, it's now a temporary home to any completed cards awaiting some attention ... in this case I have yet to write up a post on them. Especially for today, here's a group photo.

Robins galore!

Now comes the big apology to all of the lovely people who left a comment last week and didn't receive a response for me. I had a difficult time last week, involving as it did a hospital visit for a couple of investigative procedures. One of these required an anaesthetic which took a day or so to recover from, probably because my state of health isn't so good - hence the investigations. Right now I'm still not firing on all four cylinders, but by pacing myself I'm doing what I can, albeit slower than usual. I have thought of taking a blogging break but I think I would miss you all too much too so, for now, I'm keeping on keeping going. Hopefully, that will be good enough for you and that you will keep visiting too.

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful week ahead and a great WOYWW, what's left of it.

Happy crafting,


  1. Such lovely cards! Good luck with the decision making! Happy Wedneday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @ 89)

  2. Please feel better Elizabeth! I love the robins and good luck making a decision on the paper. That's my hardest part!

    i'm @ 123 !

  3. Hi Elizabeth - nice to see the "long shot" and have spotted a bow maker :) and you pop your cut'n'dry squares on top of your distress inks just like me and those papers - hmmmmm all look scrummy, best use a bit of each - LOL. Love robins too btw. BJ#8

  4. Take care my friend and look after yourself well. Really hope you're feeling much better very soon.
    A x #68

  5. Oh, I have that top paper and I loved it so it was hard to use it up. I finally used it for a heritage LO. I really really like your Robin cards.
    Krisha #40

  6. The robin cards are just lovely! I love the way the center robin is large and then the ist designer paper is teensy robins! So pretty.

    Sorry to hear you are still not feeling right as rain...don't worry about the commenting back...I leave comments all the time that are never returned...never...not even once, ever. That doesn't stop me from leaving even more, cuz if I leave a comment I mean what I say...I don't leave comments just to get comments. I leave them to let the person know I like what they are done, that someone acknowledges their work is great...or.....
    So, don't worry!

  7. Beautiful cards and a great desk. Don't apologies, just rest and get well again. I know what's it's like, I've not been commenting much for a while now, but people do understand thankfully! Take care Zo xx 71

  8. Gorgeous selection of papers ... just lay the photo on them and a few will just be right for you. When i do a FH LO it sometimes takes a week to decide ...but then that me.

    Love the robin cards ...I think robins are 'in' this year. xx#79

  9. Forgot to say ...I do hope you feel your self again soon ... and I do know what you mean about missing people when you take a break ...blogging also gives you focus. Hugs xx79

  10. Gorgeous Robin cards Elizabeth, thanks for the visit! I agree, it DOES feel like I get up in the middle of the night, in fact that is usually exactly what I am grumbling to myself when I am getting out of bed, lol. I really don't do mornings, I am definitely a night bird. Hope you are feeling a little better, and of course we will keep visiting you- thats whats so lovely about the WOYWW crowd- we appreciate we all have 'real' lives outside Blogland. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #107

  11. Oh, Elizabeth - we're sending you hugs and positive vibes that you feel better very very soon. Don't worry about returning comments, people understand. Take care...
    And I love your papers, I'd go for the one with the swirls, just cos I love swirly whirly things!
    Hugs, LLJ #66 xx

  12. Cor, what a busy bee, Elizabeth! love your desk. Those papers are just gorgeous. I have terrible trouble using anything like that - partly it's fear I'll make a mistake and ruin it, and partly that I want to keep it for stroking lol!

    Thanks for your visit and your nice comment. So glad you like my tiger. Have you seen my subsequent post with full details and the finished page?

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #2

  13. Hi Elizabeth, Don't you be thinking about us your health is more important and your cards are totally stunning l do like Robbins they are one of my favourite birds and just rest up for a while.....take care!! x

  14. Can't help you make decisions - sorry - I am a Libran and struggle to pick one from two!! I do hope you soon feel much better Elizabeth - - those little robins will cheer you up - they are my favourite little birds. x Jo

  15. Sorry not been commenting on your blog this year , Elizabeth. Been a bit up and down what with one thing and another. But I 'm glad to beack on Woyww and hope I can keep it up. Been watching all you have been doing this year and I do love your blog for its enthuthsiasm and productivity.
    Happy WOYWW
    Tricia 105

  16. great looking desk today Elizabeth! Love those awesome cards too! I think a robin red breast in the snow is such an awesome sight! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #91

  17. Oooh my those papers are all lush - I'd be hard pushed to decide too! :D

    Lovely to get a wider glimpse of your desk and all your bits and bobs.

    Sorry to hear you've been not well. Hope all the investigations prove fruitful and that you feel a lot better soon.

    Sorry I didn't get chance to comment on your WOYWW post last week - things were a bit manic here! Are you still enjoying The Paradise? I was less bothered by this week's episode.


  18. I am glad you decided to keep blogging and crafting, Elizabeth. We would have missed you, and not been able to tell you to take card of yourself. Thank you for your visit today, and I am glad your tins of glue are intact. Keep an eye on them in the future. I shall be contacting Crafters Companion to see if they are ware of a problem and will let you know the result of that. Have a good week. xx Maggie #33

  19. Happy WOYWW. A lovely creative desk. My eye was caught by the cupboard with the chickens on. Gorgeous robin cards - my favourite bird. I hope that your blogging and crafting will help you cope with everything health-wise. I sometimes think of stopping my blog, but then Wednesday comes round and I am drawn to this crazy WOYWW world! Ali x #54

  20. Keep posting if you can and even if it's only brief but don't worry about the comments. We need to know how you are doing and I hope it is all good but you need to know that we are here for YOU too.
    Great desk and card.
    You take care but keep in touch...
    Jo x

  21. I'm delighted you took a long shot picture this week, Elizabeth. There are lots of fun and interesting things to see on your cozy space! It's too late for me to suggest you just close your eyes and "pick a paper" like you would cards from a deck, but I'm sure whatever you chose will be perfect.

    I hope the tests come back with some results you can work with and that your feeling rosy soon!!

    Thanks for coming by to visit me! Darnell #59

  22. Love those robin cards Elizabeth :o)
    Don't you worry about keeping up with us, just concentrate on keeping yourself going...hugs
    Jackie xx

  23. I'm liking those papers you are deciding over, Elizabeth. It's so hard to choose isn't it. I usually end up picking out something and then completely changing my mind!!
    Your crop of robing cards are just beautiful. You can't beat a robin at Christmas can you.
    I'm sorry to hear you are not up to speed at the minute. Don't stress too much about your blogging, everyone is always here and they come back and see you as I found out when I was absent for a few weeks. It's such a lovely community. I hope you get sorted out very soon.
    Take care
    hugs Lisax

  24. Lovely desk. Your robins are amazing. LisaDV #164

  25. sorry to hear about your health problems, but dont give up on the stuff you love, missing it might be even worse. I love yout cards, the robin image is so cute
    thanks for sharing
    janet #58

  26. Good luck with the layout. You popped by and mentioned being ahead of the game with my December Daily well since it's the first one ever I figure I've got a better chance of doing something if I start now lol!
    Angie #114

  27. Hello Elizabeth,

    Happy to see the familiar landmark, the little chook cupboard, and the papers you're considering for the layout look very interesting from the top.

    Sorry to hear that you're feeling less than lively, and that the tests were a tad invasive. Do hope you're working your way through this whatever-it-is.

    Warmest wishes,
    Ros. #165

  28. Aw Elizabeth, I hope you can pace yourself back to Fulton very soon....anaesthetics are horrible, they do take it out of you. I swear the anaesthetists have never had one themselves, they make them sound so simple and minor!! Meanwhile I like the wide angle view...and I totally get the dilemma over the papers..but hmmm, your own fault for having such nice stash!!!


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