Wednesday, 1 August 2012

WOYWW 165 - messing with watercolours and crochet update

Morning WOYWWers, Followers, and all,

Reasons to celebrate - it's the first of August, it's Lunch Lady Jan's birthday ... Happy Birthday to you, Jan :) ... and it's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday! Want to celebrate along - pop over to our Head Keeper of the Linky, Mrs D's at the Stamping Ground and join in the weekly massive bloghop around the workdesks of some of the most interesting, funny, creative, sometimes messy, and always talented, peeps in blogland!

Here's my desk as it was all day yesterday, Monday and much of Sunday. Yes, I've been MIA, but with good reason - more of later. First let's go through what I had on my desk before it was abandoned.

Most noticeably, there's this month's Craft Stamper - I've had a quick flick through and, before I go any further, I have just got to congratulate our Asia King, aka Joanna, Under A Creative Spell for doing so well in the Stamper of the Year competition - her fabulous creation got her short-listed in the first round  ... well done Joanna :)  Also Sarah of La-De-Dah is in the mag with her beautiful creations, and the free stamp is extra special because it was designed by Chrissie Stokes of Simply One of Kind ... I did say that WOYWWers are a talented bunch, did I not :)

But I digress, back to the desk ... Aquamarkers, paints, some new Sheena stamps, and  leaning nonchalantly on a box of pens, Bogdan, the schoolboy meerkat, my new crafting companion, sporting my treasured WOYWW badge, and generally, the usual detritus of my crafting life - water, mica powder embossing powder, a bingo pen - don't ask, I have no idea!

The last item is a pile of water-colour backgrounds ... I've been experimenting again :)

For this technique I scribbled with the Aquamarkers on to a stamping block, spritzed with water and then stamped the resulting water-colour soup onto card. I varied the colours and even painted some of the shimmer paints on to the block too - with varying degrees of success!

Here's a card I made with the piece you can see top row, centre.

And now we get to the reason I've been MIA. My lovely sister, Margaret, an MS sufferer, was suddenly taken desperately ill on Friday last week and had to be admitted to hospital. Since then there's been no improvement, if anything her condition deteriorated and she is now on oxygen to help her breath - the doctors know she has an infection, they just can't find the right treatment for it. They've performed umpteen tests and now she is to have an MRI scan in the hope that that will give an indication of the cause - in the meantime we all wait and worry.

 In three days, this is the only card I've found time to make.

On a happier note, I had a visit from Grandson, No.2, and we had a great time, catching up on family news, his news,  sorting through my seed box ... I know, come to Gran's and leave with packets of salad seeds to grow ... and, finally, in the kitchen cooking up a storm - well, he is a chef :))

Oh, and before I forget, a crochet update.

The completed throw for my great-granddaughter.  I found instructions for a decorative trim which finished it off very nicely.

I actually crocheted too many squares, got quite carried away, so with the leftovers I'm making a wee blanket to fit my great-niece's buggy.

Oh dear, I am going to be in trouble with Julia :( Keep it brief she asks, and what do I do, witter on for ages ... sorry Julia.

As usual, I did not visit as many of you as I would have liked, other preoccupations, and if you don't get a visit from me this week, it will be for much the same reasons.

Take care all of you, and have a good week wherever you are and whatever you're doing, and happy crafting.

Happy WOYWW,


  1. The card backgrounds look great. Love the card you have made with one already!
    I don't know where you get the time to crochet too. My goodness. you are one busy lady!

  2. Heh Elizabeth, happy WOYWW.

    Action packed desk this week, love your experimenting and end result. You are so brave, l'm too scared to experiment of fear of wasting stuff! Daft isn't it?

    Lovely crocheting too, the edge is very pretty.

    Hope you Sister starts to improve soon, hospitals aren't a nice place to be!

    Big hugs xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your sister, hope they find the cause and right treatment soon.

    Love the depth of images on your card and the crochet boarder finishes off your blanket really well.

    BJ #76

  4. I'm very sorry to hear that your sister is ill Elizabeth. I hope that they find the right treatment for her very soon. In the meantime she will love her card - it is really lovely and such a pretty colour.

    You must be very pleased with the way your crocheted blanket turned out - very nice indeed.

  5. Do hope they are able to find a perfect treatment for your sister very soon and she makes a good recovery from her infection. What a worrying time for you all.
    A x #64

  6. You have been very busy. Look at that lovely rug you made. I have started making granny squares again are they not the most adorable things to make. Oh that book looks interesting will have to look out for that one. Sandy :)

  7. Wonderful card Elizabeth, I love your backgrounds. Wonderful crochet too :o)
    Jackie xx

  8. So much to look at, inspire and enjoy, fab post. Tracy xx

  9. Hi Eliazabeth, So sorry to hear about your sister l hope they find suitable treatment and a speedy recovery, your card is just so lovely as always your creations are beautiful, xx

  10. I am sorry to hear about your sister and hope that the medical team work out what is wrong soon and that treatment is swift and effective. It's lovely that you had some time with your grandson.

    You watercolour backgrounds look amazing and just stunning with those silhouette stamps on top. Beautiful card. And the crocheted throw will be a treasured possession.
    Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.71

  11. Your card is beautiful. I love the silhouette images you used. Sorry to hear about your sister - our sisters are important people in our lives. I hope she gets better soon. Love the throw you made. It may inspire me to make one for someone for Christmas.

  12. Your blanket is so beautiful. Hope your dear sister is soon on the mend. Happy Yorkshire Day! x Jo

  13. beautiful creations!!!
    happy WOYWW :)
    no. 67

  14. We spy our favourite craft magazin on your desk. We're just about to order the latest copy actually. :)

  15. Sending love and hugs for Margaret and you and all her family who are worrying at the moment - I hope that the tests are able to help. Crafting does help to relieve the stress and those cards are amazing - they almost look 3D!! And serious respect for the throw, it's lovely! Crochet is the one craft that eludes me so I'm always impressed with someone who does it so well.
    Thank you for the birthday wishes, I've had a lovely day!!
    Hugs, LLJ #1 xx

  16. I am sorry your sister is in hospital Elizabeth what a worry for you. I hope they can find the correct treatment for her very soon.

    Thank you for visiting my blog again. To answer your question a TB is a travel bug with a unique number which if we see one in a cache we can take it and move it on if we wish.

  17. So much lovely craftiness going on this week but I am so sorry about your sister and I really do hope she recovers from her infection very soon. The card you made for her is so special!
    Your pink quilt is wonderful and will be treasured long after the little one has grown. You mentioned finding a pattern for the flowers.... you should be able to just "wing it"!! I will email you more details.
    The headbands, bag charms, bracelets and slides have been so popular and kept me busy. They'd make a good charity fair seller.
    Love Jo x

  18. Wow you're busy, lots happening! Haven't posted yet today ahh where has the day gone! Zo xx

  19. beautiful blanket,hope your sister makes a quick recovery
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  20. Sending get well soon wishes for your sister, hope she improves soon! Gorgeous card, too! Trish #10

  21. Hope your sister improves soon! Lovely card and a wonderful throw! Just pretty all around this week! Glenda 93

  22. Dear Elizabeth sending get well wishes to your dear sister.. I hope she recovers soon.. gorgeous card love the backgrounds you have created... gorgeous crochet blankets... Hugs May x x x#12

  23. Fabulous crochet blanket. Lovely card. Hope your sister improves soon x
    Famfa 33

  24. Hi Elizabeth

    So sorry to read that your Sister is so poorly. I do hope that she is starting to improve. What a worry for you :-(

    Lots of arty creations to drool over though.

    Love the backgrounds you have made. They look so different once stamped over don't they! Brilliant inspiration. Thank you!

    Loving the throw you have made too. What a surprise to be able to make a second creation from your squares. You obviously enjoyed yourself making them.

    Take care Elizabeth and I will be thinking of you and your Sister.

    Love Jules xx

  25. I'm so sorry to hear your sister is in hospital - I am sure they will find the right treatment soon. Those backgrounds look cool and your sister's card is gorgeous! Your crochet is fabulous! I haven't done any for ages, I do squares too and find it very relaxing. Take care xx

  26. What a gorgeous card. Hope the doctors can find out what's wrong with your sister and that she improves soon.
    Helen S #73

  27. Your card and blanket are both beautiful. Really hope your sister picks up soon. M x

  28. I enjoyed reading your post and I am very sorry to hear that your sister is in hospital. I hope she gets better soon. I really like your watercoloured backgrounds! Oh, and thank you for stopping by my blog this week! :)

  29. A lovely card and your crochet throw is beautiful. Sorry about your sister - hope they find the right treatment soon.

  30. Dear Elizabeth,
    I was just about to take a break from comments and decided not to leave you any longer.
    Concerned to hear about your sister and wish her every strength.
    I am very inspired by the pastel backgrounds and what you have created with one of them. It's gorgeous and I think I'll go and have a little mess about myself before the dinner hour.
    I'll have to take note of the Craft Stamper articles as I won't have my copy for ages yet. I've just had the June edition about two weeks now! Can't believe the distributors take sooooo long in this day and age to get from north to south - blow them.
    Best wishes,
    Ros. #60
    PS Thought you were going to say you made a hottie cover out of the leave over squares :-)

  31. A really interesting post. So sorry to hear about your sister, hope that by now they have found something and there is improvement. Thoughts and prayers with her and you.
    On a much brighter note - love that blanket - rather special and can be handed down now - a heirloom started by 'Elizabeth.
    I've been using Aquamarkers (got them in January) for the first time - not sure about them for colouring in so will give your tute a try.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet xx 27

  32. That blanket is beautiful Elizabeth and it's huge too! Great backgrounds, really like the get well card. Lol to Paul Newman and the Jedi!! Sounds like some tripped out 3d Sci-fi movie!

    Brenda 3


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