Saturday, 11 August 2012

A Perfect Day ... and no time for crafting

Hi Everyone,

Yes, summer has come to Ayr at last. The temperature has shot up so we thought not to waste it and made for the beach.

So did everyone else it seemed - I've never seen the sands so busy. This is the north facing view. Oh, and just look at that blue, blue sky!

We had to drive right down to the end of the promenade to find a parking space.

This is the south facing view of the beach - normally this end would be practically deserted. The cliffs on the right are known as the Heads of Ayr.

Looking directly out to sea - more correctly the Firth of Clyde (the Clyde Estuary). Ayr lies in the very centre of the Firth. In the distance you can see the Isle of Arran.

It truly was a perfect day.

I hope you have all had an equally beautiful day wherever you are.

I'm off to bed now so I'll bid you all goodnight.


  1. Bout time too eh?!!! Hope you had a lovely day.
    Hugs Alison x x

  2. Ooh, super pictures Elizabeth. I've never been to Ayr . . .but it looks wonderful x


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