Monday, 4 July 2011

Happy 4th July America

Hi to you all,

I was reminded by the date of this sweet little book that I brought back from my study year in Wellesley College, MA. I picked it up in a little bookshop in Boston and have treasured it ever since. It is filled with a miscellany of interesting stuff, quotations from famous Americans, poems, quirky little vintage illustrations and  tasty recipes. The recipes include the yummy mom's old-fashioned apple pie, brown cow ice cream soda and homemade back porch lemonade. One of the poems is about the history of the US  and from it we are told that the first Independence Day was 4th July 1776. Most of all this tiny book reminds me of the people I met, all wonderfully friendly and hospitable, and the amazing time I had living and studying in America - a truly brilliant experience!

I hope you're day is full of fun and celebration picnics.


  1. Thank you for your kind comments about my first blog attempt, it meant a lot! Your cards are beautiful, love the colours - I KNOW that I don't have that sort of patience!!! xx

  2. This is brilliant I just love the Tilda baby cards the papers and all blends so well together.


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