Monday 1 April 2024

In A Vase On Monday


When we moved home I brought as many of the plant pots from my garden as I was allowed. They've been sadly neglected since so pickings are very slim indeed. 

However, after a deep search I found two tulip buds and one sad little narcissus peaking out of a rose tub. The foliage is from a self-seeded aquilegia and a curry plant (helichrysum italicum).

The photo in the background is one of my favourite shots of my late brother, Douglas. 

Given that there is very little in bloom in my poor neglected garden, next week's vase contents will have to come from elsewhere. Fortunately, there's a nature reserve at the top of my road which I'm thinking could be an ideal source of plant material. 

Please pop over the Rambling in the Garden, where Cathy hosts her very popular Monday meme, to follow links to other beautiful vases today. 

Note: Much as I've tried this week and last, I am unable to leave a comment on Cathy's blog. I've tried everything with no success. Things have clearly changed in the year I've been gone. 

Take care everyone,


Sandra H said...


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Beautiful Elizabeth that's very pretty 😍 love narcissus or daffodils. We have them here.
Thanks so much for sharing it. Be interested to see what you have next week.

I gave away today a bunch of my roses, very fragrant. I was excited today too because my sasanqua camellia is flowering for first time, it's a double, white tipped in pink very very pretty very pleased with it. A new addition to our garden as they grow well here despite sea breeze.
Sending prayer hugs you way each day and pray you had a God blessed Easter,
Shaz in Oz.x