Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Smiles

Evening Everyone,

I'm joining in with Annie's Friday Smile, albeit a tad late in the day. My computer has been playing up these last two days. It's old, 7 years old, and starting to run a bit slow ... a bit like your truly, I guess ... so I've been doing a bit of clearing out of old files and it's proving a long and time consuming job! Still, it's like spring cleaning, it just has to be done.

On to what's made me smile this week. Usually I have a struggle deciding which photo(s) to choose to show but this week it's really easy.

It had to be these two photos of my lovely granddaughter-in-law, Heather, after passing her driving test - first time! Could there be a bigger smile!!!

And the funny for this week is a poem written by one of my all-time my heroines, Maya Angelou. With just a couple of years till I hit the sparkling seventies this could have been written with me in mind :)

Have a wonderful weekend,


  1. Huge congrats to Heather...def worth a big smile. I love the poem's so perfect for ladies of a certain age. :-)
    Annie x

  2. Well done Heather, quite an achievement. Safe and happy driving to her.
    That poem is oh, so, true and it all applies to ME!!! I must be getting smaller as my 6 year old grandie is up to my shoulder now.
    Have a great weekend and I hope the sun shines where you are,
    Jo x

  3. Well done Heather! First time! That is really good! (It took me 7 attempts way back in the seventies)
    Your little poem made me smile. I'm there too. Haha.
    I hope your computer behaves now it has been springcleaned.
    Have a good week,

  4. Well done to Heather - and that poem certainly hits the nail on the head :)


    Di xx

  5. Congratulations to Heather!

    Love your poem, I've not come across that one before, but it certainly made me smile. xx

  6. Great post love the poem so true Love and hugs Carole x

  7. Congratulations to Heather her smile says it all! The poem is fabulous! That says it all too! xxx

  8. I'm holding my breathe for my the first of my godchildren taking their test this week.
    The poem made me chuckle
    Lynn x

  9. Well done to your grand-daughterIL. It is a real acheivement to manage it first time.
    I love the poem. It is not new to me but it is so near that the truth that I have to smile. Kate x

  10. Hi Elizabeth, no wonder she is looking so happy, passing first time is brilliant. I read the poem.... it's very truthful unfortunately Lol! Angela x


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