Wednesday, 14 August 2013


Hello Everyone,

After missing out on the fun last week, check out my previous post to see why, it's good to be back. Even though it's to reveal my cluttered desk once more to Julia, Multi-Tasker Extraordinaire and Keeper of Work Desks over at the Stamping Ground, and all our fellow WOYWWers, and anyone else who cares to peak. So, with no more ado, here's the offending desk.
I do try to keep it reasonably clear and tidy, honest I do. But, as you can see, things just have a way of settling in there and it takes a blitz session to bring it back to order. The stuff centre front is just fine, it should be there because I'm planning a card with the papers, and the trimmer is cutting beautifully now that it has a brand new blade. The boxes, containing buttons and sequins, are there because I might use some of the contents as decoration, and, then again, I might not. The pile of Gelli prints top left, well they are still there from last week ... if I put them away somewhere they could be forgotten, and that would never do, now would it? Similarly, the two piles of card blanks, top centre ... they were put away and, out of sight, were forgotten. And the purple knitted bag ...  my DIL, Elaine, gave it to me for my mobile phone ... now it's safe from scratching, and very cosy too, and I'm chuffed to bits :))

I'm keeping it brief, in the way Julia always hopes for, and rarely gets from me.

I'll be round to visit as many of you as possible ... in the meantime I have a demanding cat to attend to, and you don't keep The Boss waiting :)

Take care and happy WOYWW to you all.


  1. Good morning Elizabeth

    At least you can see some of your desk wood - which is more than can be said for my work area sometimes.

    I can start with a virtually clear desk and still end up working in a foot square area LOL!!!

    Hope you enjoyed your weekend away.

    Love Jules xx

  2. You definitely shouldn't keep the boss waiting! My cat is like an alarm clock in a morning :)

    I think your desk is perfect, its good to see a busy, active desk!!

    Dawn #42

  3. Hello there, WOYWW neighbour! After meeting EM, I can well imagine that he has awesome ironing takes a real man not to worry about doing the task :-)
    And that's a fab suggestion regarding the blankets...thank you so much for the really useful link. That's been bookmarked for future use!
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, LLJ 60 xx

  4. Oops I forgot it was WOYWW!
    I think it's fine for a artist/crafter to have a messy (cough) I mean busy desk Elizabeth. It means that there's lots of creativity taking place.
    How's that for an excuse? ;D

    Happy WOYWW ~ enjoy once the boss is sorted obviously ^..^
    Neesie (no number)

  5. Your desk is wonderful and not cluttered just looks very productive to me.
    Happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #71

  6. Hello Elizabeth and your desk is a lot tidier than mine!! too was missing last eek - away visiting my mum. Love your last post (just been catching up) super photos. Happy WOYWW Anne x #76

  7. It was so sweet of you to visit me last week, even though you were on holiday visiting your son. Yep, I peeked.

    I finally found the gelli prints after a long search. I must be blind because all I saw was that cutter and its new blade (grin).

    Welcome home and happy WOYWW from number 1.

  8. We think it's quite tidy, or at least there's still a space fpr crafting.

    The House of Bears @#93

  9. An organised space for crafting - I think you have, Elizabeth...quietly planning your next piece...have fun Cheers RobynO 48

  10. Elizabeth I wish you would take that countdown off the sidebar, it always appears where I get to post comments!! Scary thought. I got reminded yesterday it is only 19 weeks!! Yikes!
    Enough waffling, your desk is looking just fine. I know what you mean about putting things away to be forgotten but when you come across them it is like meeting up with old friends again!
    Hettie 50

  11. Great desk and it looks really tidy to me.
    Thanks for visiting - hope your son likes the courgette recipes. My woywww post was the one before sorry
    Famfa 7

  12. Great busy desk there, and had a peek at your last post - lovely pics there from your time away.

    Lynda #89

  13. Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth, I do try to keep up with scrapping all day to day events, keeps me busy. A new blade is always bliss isn't it and a cost phone cover too how snazzy. BJ#90

  14. I think your desk looks organised, I love your little piles, reminds me of me, I do that, except I knock them over! Thanks for visiting already. Take care. Zo xx 98

  15. It all looks pretty tidy to me and I can even see a bit of pretty check fabric peeking out on the right side - lol. x Jo

  16. Hi Elizabeth
    your desk is looking tidy when you think most of that is for a card I look forward to seeing it finished as I am loving the papers
    Have a good WOYWW and enjoy the rest of your week
    Hugs Ria #43

  17. Hi Elizabeth
    no sorry it looks very neat and tidy to me ... what are you hiding at the side we cannot see.
    look forward to seeing more of your gelli printing ... I did a lot the other week but haven't had time to do anything with them.... watch this space
    janet #44

  18. Your desk looks very inviting Elizabeth... Loved your post on Aberdeen the photographs are fabulous... I hope the Birthday boy had a super time...Hugs May x x x

  19. very nice desk today Elizabeth and much neater then mine! I finally got up again at 6 pm tonight in time to fix some supper and sit around looking tired! Wish this disorder would go away. I keep trying to make it so! Thanks for visiting my desk already this week and thanks for sharing your awesome needle work! Vickie #107 and The Correct One #137

  20. Hi Elizabeth, everything looks tidy to me too. And I know the feeling of putting something away and then forgetting about it.
    Krisha #115

  21. Your desk is so clear and tidy, a state to be aimed at for me. I gave up on rotary trimmers. Mine seemed to eat new blades, although they were supposed to be titanium and long lasting. It always seem to cut slightly squiffy too. So I went back to older technology and went for a Tonic guillotine, which lets me trim minute slivers and all very accurately. Thank you for your visit this week. My list never seems to get shorter. As things are ticked off at the top, I keep adding other items to the bottom. The dogs are beautifully clean and sweet smelling still after their beautification yesterday. Have a good week. xx Maggie #116

  22. I think your desk is always tidy. Lovely gift from the DIL. I often have lovely discoveries when I come across things I packed away.
    Sandra @108

  23. Pleased to see you know who's in charge in your house! I really miss my cat, I won't get another one as he was irreplaceable. Lovely tidy desk. Hugs. Pam#33

  24. Good industrious desk, Elizabeth - we don't use the "messy" word around here now do we??
    The papers look good - enjoy planning and using them.
    Margaret #69

  25. Hi Elizabeth,

    Your desk looks nicely used and busy -- no disgrace in that! It's been months since I joined WOYWW and I have truly missed everyone.

    The gelli plate papers look really nice.

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (23)

  26. Hi Elizabeth, belated Happy WOYWW Wishes!! I totally know what you mean about putting away things and forgetting them - what is worse tho is remembering things have been put away but forgetting where you put them!! And don't worry about putting Linda - when I first read the message I thought you were a different Elizabeth who I had already visited and I'd typed my own name wrong!! So we're both bad at names (GRIN) Cindy

  27. Your desk looks busy but certainly not messy. I am loving your purple bag for your phone that is my favorite color and I so can relate to forgetting about things once they are put away. Thanks for the peak at your desk this week and Happy WOYWW! Danie (a very late #133)


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