Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Wednesday again ... where does the week go. And the month too ... August is almost over, sigh!

Never mind, there's always plenty to look forward to and that definitely includes What's On Your Desk. So without further prevarication, here's mine.
Photo taken late Tuesday evening, just before going off to bed. It's alright, looking a lot tidier than last week. That's because I cleared it so that I could get the sewing machine out. So, what can be seen ... fabric left over from the cushion cover I made for my niece (you can see the finished project in the previous post), a pile of lilac/grey/white patterned fat quarters and some gorgeous plain purple fabric - I'm brewing another cushion cover, this time for my DIL who has a birthday coming up. There's also a couple of books which I've been studying, the two tins I keep sewing bits and bobs in, some lace and zips, my ancient pin cushion, scissors, tape measure, snips, corner turning implement ... all almost antique too.  There's even some scraps of black fabric - leftovers. And yet all quite tidy ... for me :)

But the most exciting items on the desk this week are the two MDF door hangers made by no less a personage than the EM! I mentioned the possibility of allocating some of my hard-earned pension for the purchasing of a few. He scrutinised the online illustration for a nanosecond. I can do that he says and then he disappeared into his manshed. Out came the Black & Decker stuff, power tool, jigsaw, workmate, and dust mask ... the man has more toys than I have!!! An hour or so later and he was as good as his word ... he's made two lovely door hangers, with a few more to come. I think there is no end to this man's talents :)

Still not sure what WOYWW is about? Take a hop over to Julia's place, the Stamping Ground, where all is revealed ... all our crafty desks, tables, cupboards, floors too, and even, just last week, the top of someone's washing machine. Do join in, it's fun and you'll almost certainly make a lot of new crafting buddies. That's everything from cardmaking, scrapping, painting, mixed media artistry, jewellery making, knitting, sewing and anything else craft-related you care to think off ... it's a huge learning experience and totally addictive :)

Gosh, I've wittered on a bit too much this week ... I promise, Julia, that I will try for more brevity next week.

Take care and happy WOYWW to you all.


  1. That was so sweet of your man to make you some door hangers you have to love it when you have a handy to hook you up with some pretty hangers to decorate have fun hugs Nikki ??

  2. Hi Elizabeth - hope you are well over your scare of the other week.
    Well your EM certainly is a talented man - wish I had one but then he would probably go insane with my "wants". Lucky you though.
    Lots of lovely fabrics on your desk, that's the third (and I have only visited three) I have seen this morning - desks of fabric. Keep enjoying your sewing.
    Hugs, Neet 25 xx

  3. Clever man and wonderful to have found another useful thing for him to do! Looking forward to seeing all your lovely projects next week.
    Sandra @34

  4. Hello Elizabeth. Clever EM maybe I need to buy DH a jigsaw :-) !! I would like some heart shapes (well If I don't throw everything away first as I am not finding creating easy at present) Loved the cushion in your previous post. Happy WOYWW Anne #71

    PS I sent you a card - am thinking it has gone astray. x

  5. I have a man like that - 'why buy it, when I can make it' is his motto, which is great, but it takes several months, and several reminders, for said object to appear!
    love that shoe paper btw!
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  6. Hello! At last... Time to peruse... Loving the bright red colours and designs on your fabrics. My hubby is fiddling with the broken door lock and not getting anywhere so no chance of any home made goodies from him! Thanks for calling by recently and letting me know the busy baby life is normal. X Sarah

  7. Give EM a pat on the back from me - super job. BJ#6

  8. What a clever chap Alan is! Loads going on with your desk right now - mine is too shambolic to even show right now.

    Hugs, Di xx

  9. Hi Elizabeth,
    I didn't link up again this week, but wanted to drop by and see "what's happening on your desk". Now I'm green with envy over those door hangers ...LOL

  10. As usual, Elizabeth, your desk is full of business. What a clever, helpful EM - those door hangers are just great. Looking forward to seeing them decorated/altered/or whatever it is called these days.
    Have a great week. Trust you are over the horrid shock of the fire.
    Margaret #37

  11. Thanks so much for the peek, and always bright blessings. Roberta #40

  12. I had to peek forward to see the cushion. I just love it-fabulous and fun. I love that your hubby has a manshed! Mine just has a mancave and no fun toys (by our reckoning). Have a crafty time with the door hangers.

  13. Hi Elizabeth,

    What neat stacks of fabric! The shoe fabric looks great!!!

    I'm not participating in WOYWW this week but thought I'd pop over to say hi.


  14. The door hangers your EM made are just great, how useful and helpful of him! Have a great week decorating them. Helen 23

  15. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such an encouraging comment. My health has not been good for many years; childhood pneumonia; rheumatoid arthritis at 19; prostate cancer about five years ago; and now a form of emphysema. However the Lord is good. He healed me from the first three, now we are praying that He will do it again, so that I can breathe properly.

    Glad that your EM is so handy. Look forward to seeing the finished articles when you've completed your crafty bits. I used to be our EM, but can't do it anymore without getting so breathless. Margaret is now our EM, and anything she can't do has to wait for our friend from church to come and do it for us.

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you, but trust that you have a good week. Kind regards, John-W #35.

  16. Clever EM can't wait to see what you do with them.
    Famfa 8

  17. Do you loan out your EM? Love all that fabric, just wish I could sew but I know I'd just collect gorgeous materials if I did (just like my paper stash!). Hugs. Pam#36

  18. It's amazing what they have in the man shed !
    Maybe you need to challenge him to make you more stuff
    Jackie 39

  19. I think its wonderful that EM has made those door hangers for you, I have two EM's in DH and my DAD, and am always asking for them to do this and that. It's great when they save us money as it means we can spend it on other things....lol. I am loving your fabrics particularly that shoe one on your desk too! Have a great week! Danie #62

  20. Yes, I'm late getting here, especially since I've seen your Smiles post before I got to this one. But I love what your hubby has made. Not sure what they are, but I also love power tools, so that made me sit up and take notes. I really want a table saw with a jig saw attachment, but I don't have room in my garage for it. You are lucky to have such a great "crafter" at that end of the spectrum. Happy belated WOYWW from #2.

  21. I forgot to ask. I hope EM meant your hubby!

  22. I just read your question about the various materials on my back patio "desk." I used the oatmeal, flour, and Cream of Wheat as fabric resists. You can find the posts under "dyeing using kitchen ingredients." And a resist acts exactly the same for fabric as for paper, but you should know, since you have a lot of fabric in your post today.

    I spread one or the other on the fabric, along with water, then allow them to dry overnight. When dry, I crunch the fabric a bit, then smooth it out and add color in the form of staz-on dyes. Once dry again overnight, I wash out the flour, oats, even have used corn syrup, and the flour or other resist keeps the dye away from the fabric. It would be better if you saw what I did, but this will give you an idea. Thanks for asking.

  23. Howdy Ms. Elizabeth, how are you? TY for the visit!!! :D
    I am still dragging my behind just a bit, but I keep plugging along. My papa used to say "Everyday we wake up is a bonus day." So feeling well or not, it's all good!! Isn't that MDF great stuff. We even built Bridget's dance floor out of that stuff. BTW.. LOVE the material, the colors and the prints are just awesome. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. ((((HUGS)))
    WOYWW #1


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