Thursday, 7 June 2012

No project today - but some photos of Arihanna at 6 months

Good Evening Everyone,

No project today because I've been out visiting my wee great-niece, Arihanna, before I go off on holiday ... we just had to see her before we go away :)

And she is growing fast now ... she is a tiny six months old and still wearing clothes intended for age 3 months. You can just about spot one of her two teeth ... she loves showing them off when asked :) Her mum, Louise, tells me that she loves the taste of toothpaste!

Her favourite toy is her toes ... and happily showed her great-aunt just how it's done. Don't you wish you could still do that :))

Another reason for going out today was to visit Tesco supermarket to test out the photo printing machine there.

Ordinarily, I would print out any photos I want for scrapping from my Epsom printer but the EM suggested that I might find it quicker, easier and even more cost effective if I took my SD Card to the supermarket and had them developed there.

To test out his theory I copied over 60 images from the computer to my camera, and I mixed it up a bit with some shots taken using this camera, some with my old camera, some scanned photos (a couple black & white) and some that I had cropped. I chose to print all of them out at 6"x4"

The printing machine did an excellent job in a fraction of the time it would have taken me - the print quality is very good although some of the older and scanned originals were not perfect - can't expect the machine to be able to do anything about that :) The cost wasn't too bad either - £20 for 67 photos - the extra 7 were those taken of Arihanna today ... that is approximately 30p per print. Apparently, if there had been 100 or more photographs the cost per print would have been half that at 15p - an incredible saving.

On the whole, I'm very pleased with the test and, though it pains to me to write this, the EM is right :))

Now all I have to do is get scrapping!

The EM has just brewed so I'm off to have a cuppa, then I might just do a bit of crafting :)

I hope you are all well and that, despite the horrible rain - oh yes, we are getting it here too now - you have had a good day.

Happy crafting,


  1. Elizabeth - she is absolutely beautiful. She looks really healthy. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Arihanna is beautiful! And what a gorgeous name.

    I get my prints done on the boots photo website. They're only 15p a print (cheaper if you buy over 200) and I've always been happy with the quality. They have a few options too - e.g. matt, shiny (there's a technical term that isn't coming to mind right now!). They often email me with offers like 50 free photos - no catch, except paying the postage which isn't very much. Just thought I'd pass that on anyways - every penny saved is more to be spent on crafting, after all!!

    M x

  3. Oh Elizabeth, She is adorable and looks so content, you must be so proud of her, l can see why you had to see her before your holidays l would be the same, she has the most beautiful eyes and l can see her tooth !just! and she loves tooth paste she's learning early.........enjoy your hols:)x

  4. I hope you will be scrapping these wonderful photographs Elizabeth. Have a wonderful holiday :o)
    Jackie xx

  5. ah Elizabeth no wonder you wanted to show us all -so adorable!! Shaz in oz.x

  6. What a beautiful little girl. Cant suck my toes any more but I actually could when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with our youngest daughter!!!....those were the days eh? :-)
    A x

  7. She is gorgeous ...beautiful eyes.
    Isn't the weather terrible ...windy too here. Have a great holiday xx

  8. Beautiful baby - love the way she can reach her toes.
    There are online printing options too, which are very reasonable. I used Bonusprint till someone sent me an invitation to Photobox with 50 free prints plus £1.99 postage. If I send you an invitation we both get 50 free prints! It has to be taken up within a specified time.
    Happy holiday.

  9. Gorgeous... beautiful baby you must be so proud of her... thanks for sharing about the prints... as my computer's ink is £40.00 a time and I dont get 67 photos for that... have a lovely hols... is someone feeding Princess Bonnie.(the boss) or would you like me to fly up each day for a wee cuddle.. Hugs May x x x

  10. Hola Elisabeth, i'm glad to see you in my blog, thank you for your comment.
    You're a great cardmaker in ATC, fantastic colouring techique, but i think the best is a little girl with big eyes:D
    A hug from Palma de Mallorca

  11. Heyyyy I used to be able to do that rofl, gorgeous cute baby, love that bald head-on babies tee hee, so nice to see you all get together for a WOYWW bash
    Bridget #3 WOYWW 159


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