Monday, 10 July 2017

In A Vase On Monday

Hello Everyone,

I haven't posted a vase on Monday for some time but here's a quick, very quick, share of today's one.
I admit this is  one I prepared earlier. The rainy weather hasn't been kind to my roses. It's so sad. Buds have been balling or the petals have just been reduced to sad brown wilted unloveliness. However, a bit of judicious deadheading and a day of sunshine here and there has helped revive a few including this Amber Queen.
I've teamed her up with Lady's Mantle, alchemilla mollis, and lysmachia 'Firecracker'.
The foliage of Firecracker - the leaves are a great colour and it has pretty little yellow flowers. It's an invasive plant that pops up everywhere, often where it's not wanted. 

I won't be around to comment for much of the day. We're off to Edinburgh - taking our niece for a check-up at the Royal Infirmary there so no chance of doing any nostalgic sightseeing. I hope to catch up with Cathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday, later, or even it might be tomorrow depending on how late it is by the time we get home.


Valerija said...

This is stunning, love the roses.
Valerija xx

Anonymous said...

I tried to comment earlier from my phone but couldn't - now need to remember what I wanted to say! I certainly admired the roses nestling amongst the alchemilla and said there was no chance of a vase with this lysimachia in here as hopefully I have grubbed it all out!! Thanks for sharing, good to see you back on IAVOM and hope you had a good day in Edinburgh

Sandra H said...

So pretty as always l've really missed your vase on Mondays x