Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Smiles

Morning Everyone,

Friday, again. time to look back on the last week, specifically at what made us smile, and share with the host of Friday Smiles, Annie at A Stitch In Time.

This week I celebrated my birthday and it was, for me, a momentous one. Not one with a zero at the end of it but my 69th. Help!!! That means I have one more year to enjoy before I enter the dreaded seventies. But then, have I really got one more year? Am I not now living my 70th year now? Doing the maths I think I must be!

At university, a lot of years ago, I read a series May Sarton's writings including her journal entitled At Seventy ... I think I need to read it again.  I can't recall if this quote is from At Seventy, if it isn't it ought to be,

In an earlier post I mentioned a trip to the Christmas Shop at Dalry.

There's something really magical about Christmas shops - the inside of this one was like a magical cavern. Here's me cosying up to a giant nutcracker - as you do!

Not the best lighting for a photo.

Finally, my lovely niece, Louise, got engaged this week - we're all delighted for her and her fiance, Kenny.

Kenny is, in his spare time, a boxing coach. I think this is a fun photo of  Arihanna wearing a pair of over large gloves. I hope she never has to throw a punch, or take one either :)

Hope your week has been as smiley as mine. If not, I hope the coming week will be a very happy one for you.


Annie said...

Hi Ellie. Is looks like we both reach a big number next's just a number isn't it? Shame we don't live closer....we could celebrate together. Our son will be 30 two days after I reach 60 so they are planning a joint party.
I love the pics of the Christmas shop....looks really magical in there. Thanks for linking up.
Annie x

Sandra H said...

Ooooh this is a great post Elizabeth the christmas shop is looking for buyers oooh l wish l was one of them l love christmas! congratulations to the happy couple and what a lovely photo of Arihanna will she become a boxer?!! take care sending lots of love x

Lisca said...

What a lovely shop! I have never been to a Christmas shop. We used to see huge displays at the local garden centre when we lived in the UK. They started at the end of October, so if you were not in Christmas mood yet, you would be by the time you got out. lol.
What a great photo of Arihanna with the boxing gloves. Gosh they are huge!
Congratulations to the happy couple.
Happy Friday,

mamapez5 said...

Ah Elizabeth we are much of an age. I have just entered my seventieth year too. When I lived in Cyprus I found the people used their 'year' as their 'age' so a baby was one from birth! Seemed odd at the time, but I suppose it makes some sense. I do feel 70 sounds a lot older than 69, so I will hang on to my 69 for this year I think.
I would love to go around that Christmas shop with you. We don't get a lot of decorations around here. Some shops do make a bit of an effort, but it is very low-key compared with UK or America. But mine will be out next weekend even if we are the only house on the street with a tree in their window. Kate x

Robyn Oliver said...

Happy weekend Elizabeth, oh boy, yes Christmas is really only 3 weeks away, can't believe that...I do love all the decorations and fuss, here in Australia we do a little bit to decorate cities and towns, lots of shops have window displays but no real dedicated Christmas shop just sections of larger stores. I remember a beautiful garden shop we visited in Scotland and I think in a way you in the northern hemisphere has it right with winter and snow - it all just goes together. Congrats to your niece and her man, and those gloves just look too big on Arihanna. Enjoy your week Robyn