Friday, 30 December 2016

Friday Smiles - the last of 2016

Hello Everyone,

Joining in with Annie's Friday Smile post has been one of the weekly highlights of the past year. Even when there didn't seem to be much to smile about just looking for the happy moments in a week could lift the spirits. Happily, this week has been a smiley week with visits to and from family and friends.

My daughter and son-in-law joined us for a post-Christmas lunch on Wednesday.
Because of a late change to our plans - due to the winter bug - we found ourselves with a fridge full of far too much festive fare so we called for their help ... they were pleased to oblige :)

What else made me smile? Ah, yes, gift cards! I spent an indecisive, but thoroughly enjoyable, hour or so in our local Waterstones .

So many books to choose from.

And then there's the stack of movies - some gifted to us, others we treated ourselves to.

And finally, the garden. Each year I make a point of going out into the garden on Christmas Day to see what if anything is in flower. This year Storm Barbara, or was that Storm Connor, made it impossible so it was the 27th of December before I was able to get out but it was certainly worth it.

Here's just a couple of shots of the more unusually late/early bloomers taken then. Who would have thought to see Marigolds in flower on Christmas day!

Then there's the Christmas Rose, a flower that always makes me smile, especially if it arrives, as this one has, right on time for the big day.

I began this post thinking it would be a very brief one but found so much to smile about I've surprised myself ... it's been a very smiley week :)

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and here's to many more smiley posts in 2017.


Annie said...

Oh how lovely to snap your flowers for Christmas......our daffodils are already forcing upwards through the frozen ground. I long for Spring. Here's hoping we have many more smiles to share in 2017.
Annie x

scrappymo! said...

My goodness, those blooms were worth the trip into the garden.
We are under a blanket of snow at the mo, so not quite sure just what is out there.

Happy New Year, Elizabeth!