Monday, 28 March 2016

In A Vase On Monday

Hello Everyone,

As the weather wasn't too bad today ... well, there were a few showers but mostly it was dry and the sun did pop out for an hour or so too ... I got out into the garden with my pruning shears to do a bit of tidying up. When done, I rescued some of the material I'd cut down for today's 'arrangements' for Cathy's In A Vase On Monday, and once again there's two vases instead of one ... I couldn't decide which I liked best!
We've still got plenty of daffodils in bloom but some creature (snails, slugs?) is making a feast of those planted down in the woodland area. I found several with the petals nibbled away completely so I took pity on the few left untouched and cut them down.
My favourites, out of the bag of 100 bulbs my husband planted last autumn, has been the white ones,so pure and elegant,  and this is the last one. Until next year! It's now in a milk bottle with a few daffodil leaves and prunings from a honeysuckle  ...
... and barberry (berberis).  The barberry thorns are vicious but the birds love it so it stays.
I teamed the yellow daffodils in the orange jar with some sprigs of Spiraea japonica Goldflame. In Spring the young foliage of this shrub is like burnished bronze, and it is quite irresistible, as is the lime green of the shoot of the columbine (aquilegia) popped in the front of the jar.

Happy Gardening,


Hannah said...

It's hard for me to decide between the pristine pure white daffodils and the colorful orange-trumpeted daffodils, Elizabeth. I love them both. I like the peachy foliage of your Spirea 'Goldflame', as pretty as a flower!

cuilliesocks said...

I just couldn't choose between these gorgeous creations, the blooms are beautiful, Kate x

Anonymous said...

Oh decisions! For me, it is the second one - the foliage and the amber of the vase really set off the daffodil beautifully, although admittedly I am very partial to pure white daffs! Thanks for sharing

Donna said...

I love both vases...perfect for daffs are just beginning to bud...soon they will bloom!