Wednesday, 26 August 2015

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 325

Good Afternoon and Happy WOYWW to you all,

This is probably going to be the briefest of brief WOYWW posts today because what's on my desk is not crafting.
Instead there's a box, one of many. The EM, aka The Handyman, is about to don his painter's overalls ready to decorate the craft room so he has decreed that everything has to be packed and cleared away in the next few days. As you can see, I'm hanging on to the tools and stash I can't possibly live without - to the absolute end!

Now, I'm going to slack off for a few hours and go check out as many of your desks over at Julia's Stamping Ground as I am able before I'm evicted!

Will I be back next week with an update? I hope so. In the meantime, I wish you all a very good week ahead.


  1. Hi Elizabeth, and ear scritches for the Boss!Oh my, the thought of packing away everything in my craft room scares me, lol. I remember doing it a couple of years ago, when I swapped rooms- never again,lol. Hope your decorating and unpacking goes smoothly! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  2. Oh no...the wielding of the big brush! will be lovely and hey, a rest from all your stuff will simply make you keen to reinstall and get going wgain?. And the EM will be pooped so you'll be able to get on with it uninterrupted!!!!!

  3. It's so good to see someone else shares a bit of chaos this week :-) I really hope your decorating goes well and order returns very soon for you'
    Have a great week.
    Annie x # 17

  4. I don't envy you in having to pack everything away! Good luck!

    Is that a mug holder you use to hold all your reels of tape? It looks like a brilliant idea, whatever it is, a great way to keep all your reels of tape ready to use. xx

  5. Oh Elizabeth - I shudder to think if I ever have to tidy my room away !!! How to choose what to keep out & what to box up would be like chossing which of your kids to put on the lifeboat ! Looking forward to seeing your newly decorated room ! Ali #10

  6. Don't envy you having to pack it all away, I do hope it's finished real quick, and it'll be lovely to have it all refreshed. It's also a good opportunity to sort out your stash, and find things you never knew you had! Xxx

  7. The though of packing everything up is pretty daunting. I bet you found things you'd forgotten you had. I wonder what colour your newly decorated room will be! Barb#27 xx

  8. Nice that the handyman is going to paint. Last time I had to paint, and move and pack everything. But that is not an easy job either! And then putting everything back!
    But when it is done, you will love the newly done space. Happy WOYWW! #53

  9. I hope you get your crafty stuff out soon. That poor desk looks so bare. :-)
    April #47

  10. Good luck with packing up your stash... it might take a long while - I speak from experience here ;) - as I bet you come across so many things you forgot you had and you want to create with it right away. I should 'clean out' my atelier too but am not looking forward to that... I just don't know where to start as there is so much! Oh well, maybe in the Fall.... but it will be nice to step into a clean, redecorated room. Enjoy! Happy woyww and a big hug from stormy Holland, Marit #33

  11. Hi Elizabeth

    Just popper over to reply to your comment on my Belgian beef and ale recipe post. Oiseaux sans tetes don't have any birds in them at all, despite the name! They are slices of beef, beaten out thinly and rolled up with a filling of onions, bacon and herbs, and then casseroled very slowly in a stock with vegetables in it. I've not tried them but they sound very tasty!


  12. Oh my gosh...what a large undertaking! But think how nice it will be to have it done up the way you wish...what fun!

    I was lucky enough that the old owners offered us to get in a wee bit early which allowed time to have a fellow in to paint my craft room a bright aqua before all my stuff moved in. He was a friend of our realtor and I am forever grateful that he squeezed us into his schedule on 2 days notice!

    Look forward to your photos of your decorated room...

  13. Good luck with the painting -it will be lovely when its finished!!! x Jo

  14. It's great that your room is going to be painted, but the thought of having to pack everything....
    I'm a bit late in commenting, but I like taking my time and reading people's blog and sometimes older posts too.
    Have a great week,

  15. Wow... packing it all away? How can you cope?!! Mind you, re-decorating might just encourage me to finally sort out the abysmal mess that I call my "studio", so perhaps I should do that too.

    I hope you get to keep a few basic essentials to hand, so you can at least play with paper and things, while the painting work goes on.

    I'm really late this week - so I hope you have a good weekend!

    Lizzie #54


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