Wednesday, 19 August 2015

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 324

Hello Everyone,

Couldn't make this weekly desk fest last week ... instead, I accompanied my daughter to the Cochlear Implant Clinic for another appointment, the happy outcome you can read about in this earlier post here. However, there's no calls on my time today so I can join in the fun over at Julia's Stamping Ground.
My desk today. I've taken the photo from a slightly different angle and you get to see the containers of junk necessary crafting accessories usually cut out of any photo taken. The huge pile of boxes to the left is the result of a sort out of 12x12 papers ... I was looking for papers that I thought would be suitable for family history layouts because I really need to concentrate on collating all the information, photos and ephemera I have collected on my family. Next to that is another dumping catch-all box - this one contains leaflets and pamphlets collected on our various trips out over the summer. There's even a fir cone I picked up on a walk ... I blame my primary school teacher for my magpie habits ... it was her fault for encouraging me to bring stuff in for her 'nature' table :) Do they still have nature tables at school now, I wonder? On the craft mat is a stamp and a paper pad. I'm undecided what to make next, something quick with the cute characters or go for the stamp that will take a bit more time. Whatever, it has to be Christmas themed. Confession time. I've been pretty lax about making Christmas cards so far this year ... come to think of it I've been pretty lax all round, even being late for some birthdays ... so must do something about it or I'll find myself making cards in a total panic in the last week of December!!!

Rightio! That's what's on my desk today, now to find out what's on yours.

Happy WOYWW,


  1. The desk of a doer. If you put stuff away inspiration moves away so never worry about a mess.
    Will read your previous post as I may need one if my hearing etc get bad agai.
    Monica 40

  2. Hi Elizabeth, and big hugs to The Boss. I'm as bad as you, haven't started any of those dreaded 'C' cards yet, mine probably will still have wet glue when they get delivered, lol. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #5 xxx

  3. Glad someone else cannot resist cones and things like that - never attributed it to the nature table but I think you might have a point there. I smuggled two huge ones home from America one time and they are still here but looking a bit worse for wear now.
    Love your desk.
    Hugs, Neet 22 xx

  4. I feel right at home here! a working desk!
    I have tried tapping the liquid pearls to no avail. guess I have to add more water.
    thanks for stopping by.

  5. Your desk looks lovely and ready for creativity, Elizabeth! You are not alone in being behind in making Christmas cards! I figure I am about 113 behind where I was hoping to be by this time, lol! I wish we could all get together for a three-day CC Extravaganza! Of course, you know we would spend more time chatting and laughing than making cards!!

    I'm so happy to hear that your daughter will benefit from the implant and I am sending prayers that the operation is successful!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. Hope your daughters op goes well and is pain free x Thanks for the desk snoop. Have a great week. Soojay 23

  7. Looks like you're busy, but good for you having some empty table space. :-)
    April #40

  8. I hope all goes well for your daughter. Your desk looks great and I also collect all sorts when I am out and about. The grandies love it, because they know, whatever they need for show and tell, grannie is bound to have.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #24

  9. I agree about being behind in about being behind I'm Christmas cards I was so good at the starting of the year and then stopped for the longest time I've done a few but need at least 50 + just hope to spend some mad the creating soon hugs Nikki

  10. Oh gosh, Christmas cards. No don't!
    Your desk looks busy and that's how it should look.
    Have a great week,
    Sorry I'm late in commenting,


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