Friday, 23 November 2012

WOYWW Follow-Up - Scrap Storage Solution

Hi Everyone,

After mentioning that I was on a mission yesterday to find a better way of storing my paper scraps ... that is, than the one I've used up to now ... it seems I piqued the interest of more than a few of you. Did I succeed, and, what did I come up with were the most asked questions yesterday.

Well, it wasn't easy. I did have quite a trail around town, in this shop and in the next. Oh, and just to prove that I'm the original can't shop, won't shop if I can possibly avoid it lady, I only trotted over to Ayr Central to discover that our branch of Au Naturale shut some months ago. Gone bankrupt!!! Such a shame because it was my go to shop for storage.

So ... it was back into the car and off to B&Q where I found these really useful type boxes that fitted the bill perfectly.

What you see is a shirt box with a shoe box acting as both storage for small scraps and a divider to keep the larger pieces separate from the strips.

I've not bothered to separate/file by colour as I can see what's there more or less at a glance, and it takes a matter of moments to rummage through the scraps pulling out what I want. The box is stored at my feet under the desk making it easy to chuck any scraps in at the end of a scrapping session and equally easy to pull out to find some to add to a project.

I figure that if it gets in a mess, and it might well over time, sorting it out again is something I can do whilst watching TV. It's maybe not the perfect system but I think it is going to work an awful lot better than anything I've tried up to now. What do you think?

Off to think about the next Rudolph Day make ... it's almost the 25th of November already :)

Take care and happy crafting,


scrappymo! said...

That looks like a good had me smiling about the store having gone bankrupt and you not knowing!

it is always such a good feeling to get a solution sorted out for paper crafting organization. I find i can't be as creative when I can't reach what I need fairly quickly.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Great system Elizabeth.. and thank you for showing us..
ZI actually keep the patterned scraps in the bag with the large pieces of the set (have them all in separate bags) as feel I use them more if with the right colour combo.

... but keep the plain pieces in three drawers separated into colours with cellophane bags in the three drawers - since did that use them more often than not! you definitely need some sort of method.
love Shaz in Oz.x

Di said...

Hi Elizabeth, that looks like a good plan to me - my expanding file system is almost bursting at the seams so that would be no good for the amount of scraps you have.

Have a good weekend, hope you're staying warm and dry.

Hugs, Di xx

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

Oh . . . the never ending problem of paper scrap storage.

This would work well for my patterned scraps but the plain coloured scraps just "have" to go into my little drawers. Some of them are only 1cm square!!! How sad am I?!?!?!

But then again you don't need much card to punch a flower or a heart LOL!!!

I hope you have a good weekend.

Love Jules xx

Sandra H said...

Oh gosh l have so much too your storage is a great idea and thanks for sharing it have a lovely weekend x

The Nonna said...

I love the 'box-in-box' solution for small scraps!!! That is the problem I'm having with mine, bits & pieces (I call them cluster-pieces)getting lost amoungst the larger pieces. Thanks so much for your ingenuity... I'm a copycat!

BJ said...

Glad you found the solution for you - it is really satisfying when you do isn't it? BJ