Sunday, 25 November 2012

Rudolph Day - An Advent Calendar

Hi Everyone ...

... and happy Sunday to you all too.

I've been so busy with scrapping that I went looking through my stash for what I thought would be something quick and easy to make for the last Rudolph Day challenge of the year over at Sarn's blog - Stamping For Pleasure.

However, it was a case of think again, Elizabeth!!! The card comes in kit form from Papermania and looked as though it should have been a doddle to make, but not so! I got it wrong almost from the outset. Everything came with the kit, even some extra materials were included, so that wasn't the problem. No, the problem was that there were no instructions. Oh, and me not thinking how would be the best way to put it together first :(

Happily, with a bit of taking apart and starting again, I got there in the end, and I'm sure my two youngest grandchildren will enjoy opening the doors as they countdown to the big day ... you can't see that but the 25th is inside, as is Santa :)

And whilst I think about Advent, when did the Christmas become a 2 month event - starting at the beginning of November, immediately after Halloween. I've been seeing Christmas trees, Christmas decorations, aisles of Christmas goodies and display for weeks, and now shopping is done to a neverending Christmas themed soundtrack. When I was a child the festivities didn't start until the last week before school broke up for the holiday - so just a week or two before Christmas Day. And then, a few decades later, it didn't begin until a day or two after my birthday at the end of November. I still feel I should be able to have my birthday first ... it seems only fair! Bah! Humbug! :))

It's back to the scrapping ... some of my old summer holiday pics are waiting to be scrapped. Though, as I have just discovered the Christmas 24 movie channel and all my crafting is being done to wall-to-wall feel-good films, maybe I'm catching that Christmas cheer, so much so, perhaps I ought to be making Christmas themed pages instead ... no, next month will be soon enough :)

Take care my crafty friends and happy crafting,


scrappymo! said...

You made me giggle. DH has his birthday Nov 30 and he does not like any Christmas decorations up till after his birthday. Then he actually complains all the way till Dec 15 that it is too early for Christmas to be out!
I just ignore him and start the decorating on Dec 1st soon as we have gobbled up the last leftover crumbs of his birthday cake.

Your card is so cute and the grandkids are going to love it.

We have our second glorious day of sunshine (after a long stretch of rainy days) so hopefully I can talk his nibs into a trip to a garden center where they have a Christmas display and a Santa and Mrs Claus. If is a fundraiser for charity (bring foodbank items) and if you bring your own camera, you can get a picture of the kiddies on Santa's knee. Free hot chocalate, latte's and cookies might lure him to drive over. teehee

They also have 10 doffodil or 10 tulip bulbs for free for their email friends...of course I made sure I am on that list! It turns out it is where DH buys the fertilizer for the lawn and where we order our topsoil and bark touchup truckloads from, so I don't feel too guilty to take the free gifts.

Ustvarjalni utrinki Tamara P. said...

How nice, love the advent calendars.
Tamara :)

Kathleen said...

Love this card, I am certain that your Grandchildren will love it, I bought a couple of kits for my Grandsons cards last year and it took me ages to figure them out, even took them to a local cardmaking meeting and 8 other crafters couldn't figure them out, just done easy peasy cards this year, nice but easy.

Kath x
Total agreement about the build up to Christmas being too early these days.

Sandra H said...

Hi Elizabeth what a fantastic advent calendar x

mamapez5 said...

You did make me smile. At least you have the excuse that there weren't any instructions. I usually get stuck in without reading them properly and wish I hadn't. But you have made a clever card which I am sure your grandchildren will enjoy.
Out here in Spain Christmas doesn't start until December, and the street lights won't be up until the last weekend, but they do keep going until twelfth night, (Three Kings out here) when we have street parades and a mini fiesta. We are not in a city so it is very low key here and I like it that way. Kate x

Jackie said...

You are quite right, by the time Christmas arrives I am usually sick of the sight of it, I work in a supermarket and it gets so manic.
Fantastic Advent calendar :o)
Jackie xx

Danielle said...

I have to agree, Elizabeth. I have been seeing trees and decor in some of our stores here since July, before I left for summer vacation. By this time, I get so worn out with seeing it, it is not fun anymore. I do love your idea for the advent calendar. I haven't even started mine yet. I better put on a Christmas movie and get started.

Sarn said...

Hi Elizabeth . . . I am another one that's in agreement with you over the length of the Christmas build-up! Feel the same about Easter etc! Retail marketing madness!

Anyhoo, jumping quickly off my soapbox and going back to your Advent Calendar . . . it's just BRILLIANT. The grandchildren will be so pleased their clever Nan was able to work out how to make it by herself.

Thanks for entering my challenge. Good luck in the draw.

Sarn xxx

MaryH said...

If you hadn't told on yourself, no one would have known your card troubles with this one! It turned out beautifully, and looked difficult to make as well. Fantastic job, and your grands will just love it. Had to laugh at your '2 month Christmas'. In the USA, I think it started even before Halloween. Saw Christmas decorations in some of the craft places (like Hobby Lobby)before Fall officially started. Christmas music on some radio stations before T'giving. As much as I love Christmas, I get very aggravated with such commercialization. (well, for crafters, guess the dec's available early help with the crafting bits!). Thanks for sharing such a wonderful Rudolph entry. Hugs