Wednesday, 14 November 2012


Hello WOYWWers, Followers, Bloggers and Friends

It's Wednesday again - the day a not inconsiderable number of us reveal our desks. Yes, it is the weekly reveal kindly hosted by the amazing Mrs D (aka Julia Dunnit) at the Stamping Ground. If you haven't joined in the fun before, if you have been lurking and wish you could join in the fun, then what are you waiting for - whatever your craft of choice you will be made welcome - so go on, show us your workdesk.

Photo taken late Tuesday, when I was done for the evening, and I can guarantee it will not have changed this morning - though it will later when I clear this clutter up and get on with the scrapping I really intended to work on today. I kind of got distracted with the bits and pieces leftover after completing a swap card - can't show you that yet, not until the postie has delivered it to the recipient (but you can see the lovely one I received sitting on the box of baby wipes at the back there). However, I can tell you that it features the colour turquoise and spots created with some bubble wrap and paint. I've used some of the leftovers, added a bit of embossed paper, which, if my memory serves me well, came in a box of goodies that our radio star, Jo (Jozart), sent me some time ago now. It's beautiful paper but easily torn and has to be handled with care ... ask me how I know :))

Also amongst the usual stuff you can see some tags, washi tape, card candi, ribbon, rainbow drops, one finished card, two tags just at the beginning phase, a variety of vintage toppers, a peacock feathers ink pad - gorgeous colour. You can see that some punches have sneaked back on to the desk - don't know how they do it!! There's one of my many notebooks - this it the 'to-do' one - sitting on top of a box of seasonal chipboards shapes. It's a clutter but everything, apart from those punches, is there for a reason.

Julia says keep it brief and this week I will do. I'll just leave you with this wonderful photo I took at the garden centre on Saturday.

For the owl lovers among us, he's real. I understand that he is a cross breed and he is so tame, you can stroke him and he loves it. If it wasn't for the £1000 price tag, I would have taken him home in a heartbeat :))

After that, all that remains is for me to wish you all a wonderful WOYWW and I'll do my utmost to pop in and snoop around your desks sometime today, failing that sometime during the week.

Happy crafting,


Shoshi said...

Sorry to get in such a muddle with my comments, Elizabeth - I'm really brainfogged today and don't know whether I'm coming or going! I was sure I'd deleted the first comment before I'd even posted it...

I'm so glad you liked my art journal page. Remembrance Day is such a special time, and it always makes me cry when all the poppies fall in the Albert Hall - such an incredibly moving moment, and they seem to go on and on - each one representing one life lost. Too heart-rending.

Today we heard that our nephew, recently back from Afghanistan where he has been serving as an Army doctor, has been awarded a medal, which is a great thrill for us all. We are so happy he is home, safe and sound, and can return to his wife and little girl.

My hubby is feeling tons better now, thank you, but it was a dreadful bug, and he was up all Sat. night being sick, and had diarrhoea all Sun. He slept for 2 whole days, and although he's still feeling fairly exhausted and rough round the edges, he was able to eat a meal tonight when a friend came round. I'm sure he'll be 100 percent by the morning. Thankfully I'm still OK!

Nothing to show on my desk this week so I've recycled a couple of pictures of the previous week's creativity! I'm doing zentangles again which is fun, and also progressing with my knitting.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi #18

Shoshi said...

I told you I was brainfogged today, Elizabeth! Got so carried away that I forgot to comment on your interesting desk this week! The turquoise tags are gorgeous - bubble wrap printing is really fun - you've made some fabulous backgrounds there. Lots of interest going on - beautiful card you received in the swap, too.

The owl is lovely! How handsome he is! I'd have wanted to take him home, too... when my hubby was growing up they had a tame tawny owl who lived in the kitchen.

Have a great week,
Shoshi #18

Annie said...

Sounds like you havea busy day planned Elizabeth and that owl is just stunning.
A x #74

Redanne said...

Hello Elizabeth, love all the Christmas things on the right hand side of your desk and the card you received is beautiful. The owl is just too gorgeous for words, what beautiful eyes ....... I would have wanted to take him home too! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #65

Jackie said...

What a wonderful owl photograph :o)
Jackie xx

Julia Dunnit said...

The owl was for sale? Wow, I didn't know you could just rear and sell such creatures. Great photo of him I must say.
You make me LOL E..your desk is so NOT cluttered! Like very much the turquoise you've been working with, a real gem of a colour huh. Hope all well for himself later..if I had a wand I would take it away in a heartbeat.

CraftygasheadZo said...

Hello! No desk from me but wanted to pop by anyway. Thanks for your lovely comments recently. A busy desk I see, I get like that where bits and bobs merge and then you have to start again! Super owl, can see why you'd want to take him home! Take care Zo xx

BJ said...

Oh the owl photo is magnificent! Smooched around your desk and can't wait for my SWAP card now - love turquoise and I did my first bubble wrap stamping yesterday so look forward to yours now too. BJ the excited #37

House of Bears said...

The turquoise tags are lovely. We were working on blue projects yesterday (must be something to do with the cold weather).

The bears@#93 so far this week.

Joynana said...

I am back and just getting back into the groove of my Wednesday routine. I have missed WOYWW and need my fix. Your desk looks like you have been busy and love the Owl. #22

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Your desk looks nice and crafty. I love the color of turquoise. Of course, living in the southwest old houses have the window frames painted turquoise to keep out the bad spirits.

The owl is just so darn cute. I don't think Poppy would appreciate the company though.

I'm not joining in this week - just wanted to stop by and say hello.


Di said...

I'm amazed too that the gorgeous owl was for sale. So much going on with your desk this week - I need to try out bubble wrap here - ha, might know, there's a piece peeking out from the general rubbish on my desk as I type!

Happy WOYWW!!

Hugs, Di xx

butterfly said...

Wow, what a lot you've got underway on your desk... all looking lovely and busy! And what a great swap card to receive... Have a great week, and happy WOYWW!
Alison x

scrappymo! said...

There are ever so many interesting bits on your desk this week!
Those vintage toppers are avdelight. Do you print them from pinterest?

I have so many lovely thing pinned on pinterest but am afraid to print them as my inkjet printer lets the print smear if you touch it with a damp finger etc. I heard you can spray them with hairspray so I should pick a can of hairspray and give it a try.

I am going to watch the Christmas
Boxing day flyers for a good buy on an Epsom Artisan Laser Jet printer. Electronics go really cheap for boxing day sale!

Your aqua and silver pieces look so beautiful...have to wait for the full unveiling!

I am always so amazed when you post about visiting the garden center...I am going to have to add a trip to a special one as part of my next trip to Britain. That Owl is a amazing that you can pet him. Little Miss C would swoon as she so loves all animals.

Lunch Lady Jan said...

The colour of peacock feathers is my absolute favourite!! You'll have to show some detail of what you use it for.
And that owl is fantastic, their feathers are so soft aren't they. A tawny owl once knocked itself out on our window. I picked it up to check it was ok - just unconscious thankfully - and it was like picking up thistledown. Amazing creatures :)
Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

Sandra H said...

Hi Elizabeth what an adorable owl so lovely it is and not cheap either, your desk looks busy can't imagine it ever being empty with all the crafting you do l'm liking those cut out tags? colour is gorgeous is that the distressed ink over to the left l wonder?!! have a great evening x

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth

Your workdesk is amazing again with lots of lovely goodies to play with!

That owl certainly is lovely . .. with a lovely price tag too!!!

Love Jules xx

Spyder said...

The owl's gorgeous! I always thought you had to have a licence to keep them as pets. Love all your goodies on show, looks very busy! Have a crafty week! HaPpY WoYwW!
((Lyn)) #22

RosC said...

I really caught my breath with your picture of the owl, Elizabeth. He is soooo handsome and I would love to pat him.

Your desk is far from messy in my view, and there is a lot that interests me. The turquoise tags are lovely and the background pieces in blue and silver are gorgeous. I spy poppies and washi tape I think?

Good to connect again after being away last week... a mixture of appointments and spring weeding!

Ros. #94

okienurse said...

love the embossed backgrounds on your cards! WOW that turquoise color is awesome and just pops! Beautiful bird! My SIL has the African Grey Parrot that is so tame and he loves being petted just like a cat. I forget and try to pet all birds now and not all like it. Have a great week and thanks for sharing. Vickie #62

SandeeNC said...

That owl is gorgeous, what lovely orange eyes! Great pictures! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

JoZart Designs said...

Lovely post Elizabeth with lots going on there and lots to share. I got a mention too thank you and I'm pleased my little gifts are still being useful... radio star! ? Nah!! I did it for 8 years 5 times a day and my DH always said 1) I can gab for Britain so fancy paying me! 2) I have the perfect face for radio! He loves me really!
Adore that owl and I would love to give him a home but would prefer him i the wild.
Jo x

Helen said...

Bit late getting round today, but your desk looks fab - I love that blue for your tag - but the desk doesn't look too messy (unless that's just me!) Have a great week. Helen, 3

glitterandglue said...

That owl is just lovely - don't you just LOVE creation??! The colours, shapes and variety are beautiful.

Ann B said...

Owls are such beautiful creatures (as you can guess from my cushion I'm a bit of a fan). I adore Barn owls and was lucky enough to get close enough to stroke a tame one once, stunning colours on the feathers.
Good desk this week Elizabeth and I recognise the fir tree stamp at the bottom of your tag - have that one.
Thanks for calling round.
Ann B

Unknown said...

Lots of interesting things to look at on your desk Elizabeth, the card you received is awesome.

I do wish I could stroke that beautiful owl and I would have taken him home too but not sure it would be wise - having the two dogs as well.
Cheers, Elaine #17

Danielle said...

Loving the look of the tags on your desk. Happy WOYWW a little late. Dani#107

Darnell said...

I'm still hopping through, Elizabeth, and am I ever glad I stopped here. That owl is magnificent! I have chills up and down from the thought of actually petting such a creature. I cannot believe he was for sale; he would SO be mine!! Really leaves me speechless.

All the best ... I won't be on next week 'cause I'll be prepping for Thanksgiving. Darnell #41

Bernice said...

Some lovely projects on your desk this week - and what a great photo of the owl! Thanks for shariing,

SueH said...

Your desk looks great this week Elizabeth.

Love the look of those tags you’re working on, in fact I’ve looked at your next post and the finished one is gorgeous.
It’s a beautiful picture of the Owl too. I can remember going to a show at Olympia years ago and stroking a snowy owl. My fingers just disappeared into his soft feathers, it was such a surprise.

Thanks for stopping by this week.
Happy Crafting!

Minxy said...

Looks like lots of festive cheer is happening on your desk, the tags look cool. WOW what a beautiful owl, think i'd have wanted to take him home too.
Thanks for the visit, sorry for my lateness in returning the visit, Hugz Minxy #8

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hullo there Elizabeth, ah lots going on here and yes so agree about amazing how things creep in there all by themselves .

Love that owl it is incredibly beautiful!
Gods creation just blows you away! mm 1000 pounds bit out of budget plus the airfare home and visit to quarantine to boot!

Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #10