Wednesday, 23 May 2012

WOYWW 155 - late again ...

... due to there being the right kind of sun :)

Hello WOYWWErs, Followers and Everyone Else,

Yes, the sun is blazing down here in Ayrshire and I am so tempted away from the craft space ... so much so, you will see that there's not much to show on my desk this morning. Want to join in with the weekly desk reveal, all you have to do is hop over to Julia's place, the Stamping Ground, and feel free to go on a grand snoop around the other workdesks, I use this term loosely because it could just as easily be the workfloor, of a fair few crafters from around the world.

This is the right side of my desk. There's a WIP deliberately concealed under the pile of pretty paper, ribbons, gems and paper flowers - to be revealed at a later date ... I can be such a tease :)  The container of ribbon and trim bits and pieces is out for a reason ... I have an idea, bubbling away in the old grey matter, of how I could use these up in a few projects. I've been doing a bit of scoring which is why the Hougie board is still out on the desk. Not much really to show so here's a shot of the left side of the desk.

This seems to have evolved into the tool side of the desk with a few punches looking like ducks in a row. It's just so handy to have them there that I rarely get round to putting them away. And then there is the usual arsenal - the dish of scissors, the box of adhesives, my selection of rulers, the glass dish I keep the current wet wipe in plus other odds and ends - a role of labels, pencil and pen, a plastic container with my 'handmade for you' labels ready to stick on the back of cards and a couple of stray bits of leftover card. I didn't notice the post office receipt until after I downloaded the snap - too late to remove it and take another, methinks :)

Now, I did mention the sun, didn't I? Well, yesterday it was so hot that the EM decided we should just take off and drive down the coast. We ended up in Portpatrick, down in Galloway - it was beautiful. We enjoyed a picnic lunch just sitting looking out to sea and then wandered around the harbour. There's this wee bric-a-brac shop there that we always have a browse round. It's had a bit of a face-lift recently.

Isn't it cute. I love the sheep 'drinking' at the trough :) They had a huge range of vintage posters for sale ... all lined up against the wall. For anyone who is or ever has been the parent of teenager(s), or for anyone who is parent to an apprentice teenager, I thought I'd leave you with a close-up of this one poster which gave me reason to chuckle.

Julia has asked us to keep our posts brief, so I do apologise for the length of this one but just had to let you see these snaps.

I'm off now to have my lunch out in the garden ... well, I did say it was sunny, didn't I? ... but I will be back in an hour or so to begin hopping around Julia's list and pop into to see as many of you as I can.

In the meantime, I wish you all, including my newest followers, a very happy WOYWW.

See you later and happy crafting,


Lynn Holland said...

Hello Elizabeth, its lovely to get out in the sunshine and I love that bric a brac shop, its just my thing.
Have a look at my adventures on Todmorden secondhand market on my blog, I think you will like it.
Type in Todmorden in the word search and it will bring up all my trips there.
One I Made Earlier Today

CraftygasheadZo said...

I've been outside myself so not much craftiness being done here either, though I have come up with a little thing or 2 that I can do outside! Your pics are fab and I'm going to save the teenager one, just in case my boy turns from a lovely teenager into a monster one! I can show him, or better still post it up in his room! Lol Take care on this warm & sunny WOYWW afternoon. Zo xx 80

Rita said...

Hi Elizabeth, You certainly are a tease, whatever your up to looks interesting. Like you we enjoyed the sun yesterday too. Its here again to-day in all its golden glory and we are in the garden. I have been making flowers though as I sit and enjoy this lovely weather. We both love that shop in Portpatrick as it so colourful and always make you smile. Have a lovely day. Hugs Rita xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, you have a very organised desk! I like the way you have the punches all queued up ready to go!

I could do with that poster as l have two teenage boys and the eldest certainly thinks he knows everything.

Hope you enjoyed your lunch in the garden, somehow food always tastes better when it's eaten in the fresh air.

Have a lovely afternoon xx

...the yorkshire fox... said...

... great looking desk even if it is hiding 'things' from shop there's nothing like a good old rummage and I could certainly do with that sign to hang in a certain persons bedroom...thanks for sharing...Mel :) #21

Annie said...

I can't say I blame you for wanting to enjoy the's been such a rare thing lately :-)
A x #62

SandeeNC said...

You and I do share the going outside for lunch. I can just sit out on my balcony all day in a daze, looking at the birds, snipping and arranging my's my favorite place to be. I even have my bathing suit on, shhhhh don't tell anyone! lol Have a great day and waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

Redanne said...

The only trouble is we have to make the most of the sunshine, in case it goes away again. I love that shop, the sheep out front are fabulous. And that saying about teenagers, how true is that! Thanks for sharing it. Happy Woyww, Anne #18

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Fun happy I've some time to hop around. WIND is too much to be outside today. Your little seaside venture sounds so fun. One must enjoy each day and getting out together is always a blessing.
Enjoyed the visit Thanks for stopping by #8 Can't wait for the ATC FUN...

Unknown said...

I am envious of your paper punches...:) I also pinned your teenager quote..with 5 kids here..I might hang it in the middle of the living room lol.. #148

Di said...

Yikes, it's a hot WOYWW! I think I brought the sun home - with luck. Love your row of duckies :)

Hugs, Di xx

Bridget Larsen said...

That is an adorable house, we dont have my older homes here, I live in a new city
Bridget #12

Unknown said...

Your desk looks very organize and full of creative things. Just perfect fort tons of creations. Enjoy your sunny days!

Unknown said...

Everything nicely lined up I see for some serious crafting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog Elizabeth.LOVE that bric-a-brac shop.i haven't seen that sign about the teenagers before!Love it!!Love your blog.
Judy #5

Neesie said...

I enjoyed my visit to your space Elizabeth. I don't blame you for getting out there in that sun.
Love the little trip story and photos especially that poster! I want one!!!
My hubby is giving my son a 5 year warning to leave home after we watched a film called 'Step Brothers'
It was hilarious but frightening all at the same time.
Have fun desk hopping and thanks for stopping by earlier. Enjoy that sun ;D

Jackie said...

The sun is shining here too and I have to say, I love that poster! :)

Wiccababe said...

Hi Elizabeth
I think I have to have that poster - my eldest turns 13 in September and I'm getting the attitude already lol

fairy thoughts said...

great post, the poster made me laugh. I think my 3 off spring must have read as they have done exactlythat :( but they do come back :). your desk looks ready for you when the sun goes down.... time to play
have fun
janet #47

May said...

(LOL) Love that sign it made me chuckle... we are having fab weather here in Eastbourne also... sadly at work so looking foward to the weekend to enjoy!! Hugs May x x x #30

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Yay - we've got sunshine in Wiltshire too - hope it stays for a few week's time!! :D I had seen that poster before, but it made me laugh all over again!! Hope you had a lovely lunch in the sun...
Hugs, LLJ #57 xxx

Queenie Jeannie said...

Looks like you have a very fun play space!! And it sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed the sunny day!

Jeannie #75

RosC said...

I always like to find you and Maggie for WOYWW. Your sunny picnic sounds lovely especially after a long cold winter. I love that poster too.
And yes, you are a tease... Looking forward to the outcome of the hidden creation.
Ros. #64

Hettie said...

Hi there. Isn't this weather just glorious! Though I was at our quilting group today and took a quilt to work on!!!!!!
How is it even when you have lots on your desk it still looks neat including a row of punches!

Eliza said...

Your desk is in such a clean state of affairs and that little house is just devine. That sign is just awesome I really need it here at my place. Thanks for sharing.

Eliza #49

Kathryn said...

Oh my look how late I am! Sorry!!!!
It's probably already WOYWW again there!!
So jealous of your sunny adventures! We are still low 60's here in northern California, no fair!!
Thank you so much for your visit and comments on my blog!!
See you again real soon!!

Queen Lightwell said...

We had lots of sun the last week over here in the States, as well. It was nice until it got too hot! :) Thanks for stopping by and checking out my workspaces...I leave my handiest punches close at hand, too! Can't wait to see your secret WIP...
~Deeyll #171