Saturday, 30 October 2010

Woodland walk and surprise haul

Today has been one of those lovely autumnal days so we've been out walking in the Woodland Walks which are very near our home. The trees are looking gorgeous at the moment so just had to let you all see them.

And here is my haul:

Yes, leaves. Looks like the nature table at school - that's taking me back a good number of years!

So what's this collection for you may be wondering. Well, I was watching a programme on Create and Craft TV (Once Upon a Stamp) yesterday and was fascinated to see just what the demonstrators (Robert and Gordon) were putting through the Cuttlebug to emboss paper and card.  Lace, wire mesh, seaweed, etc., and leaves they had picked up on their way into the studio! That was it, I was on a mission to collect leaves and they do make a really pretty picture - love the red ones (no surprise there as red is my favourite colour). 

Also in this haul are some tiny cones which I think will look a treat on cards. They could be sprayed and glittered up or left just as they are.

That's it I'm off to play for a wee while before Strictly comes on.

Bye for now


Hazeyj said...

Can't wait to see your creations. The colours of your 'nature table' are just glorious.

Hazel x

Carrie said...

Fir cones always bring back memories for father used to get my sister and I to collect them for him as we used them to light the bbq (in south africa we call it a braai though). I remember the smell and hunting for them under the pine needles.....I feel a woodland walk coming on over here too now xx

Maggie's Crafts said...

Looking forward to see your creations! :)