Monday, 26 January 2015

In A Vase On Monday - Berries in a Little Brown Vase

Afternoon to you all again,

Twice in one day! It's a very long time since I joined in Cathy's In A Vase on Monday meme. I'm so glad to be able to join in again though there's not a lot to be had in our very wet garden ... we've had a lot of heavy rain and storms over the last few weeks.
After yesterday's trip out - mentioned in the preceding post - I took the opportunity to nip out into the back garden to do a bit of foraging in the shrubbery. There are no flowers to be seen, not even a snowdrop, but plenty of greenery and a few clusters of berries. I started with the cotoneaster berries for some colour then added some twigs from one of the glossy leaved escallonias. There wasn't enough out back so a tour round the front garden was called for.
There I found the buddleia was just coming in to leaf, so much I'm sure it won't miss the three little bits I pinched. The sarcococca  in a pot by the front door is just coming into bud so I snipped from that too - maybe the tiny wee buds will open in the warmth indoors. Finally, we have a couple of little fir trees that are always happy to oblige me. I think they may have started out a good many years ago as Christmas trees which were planted out after the festivities were over - now they grow one on either side of the driveway gate and look just perfect there.
The first two photos were taken in the kitchen against the white tiling because that room is the brightest at this time of the year but the last is a shot of where the vase is now. I've had this little brown vase for many years but this is the first time it's been used! It's usually tucked away in a corner cupboard as is the much treasured little pottery mushroom house - my son made it at school when he was a teenager. The black laquered box, another treasure, contains a set of matching coasters ... a gift from a Japanese professor when he visited the university department where I worked for a number of years.

I did hope to find one plant in flower on my trip around the back garden but sadly I was to be very disappointed. I was looking for the white hellebore I moved from a pot to the woodland area at he bottom of the garden.
It looked very promising on Christmas Day when I took this photo - some nice fat buds were popping through then - but yesterday it looked even smaller and very unpromising. I'm now regretting taking it out of the tub where it was so obviously well settled and happy.

I seem to have hit this week running - two posts in one day - will I be able to keep it up I wonder. If I do, I hope to catch up with all the others who enjoy putting a vase together for Mondays over the next day or two.

Take care all and stay safe, stay warm.

Rudolph Day - January 2015

Afternoon Folks

After a weekend of doing nothing much at all I think it's time I did some more catching up. Yesterday was the 25th, and that means Rudolph Day over at Scraps of Life by ScrappyMo. You may recall that our lovely Sarn stepped down from presenting Rudolph Day at the end of last year and we now have the equally lovely Mo to encourage us to create Christmas cards right through the year. Do check out her blog for details of how you can play along each month together with inspiration from Mo and her Design Team.
Once again I have a card, actually a batch of cards, made in the run up to last Christmas that until now I haven't managed to post. The design is based on one designed by Heather Telford at Bits & Pieces. I've long been a great admirer of Heather's work so when I saw this card just thought it was a perfect design to CASE. Needless to say, I didn't have the same supplies as Heather so I substituted with what I had in my stash.

The topper which was very simply made has a tree and star embossed in white on to a blue watercoloured sky -  the original had a die-cut tree and star. The tent shaped base card had a half circle punch out of each side of the front (I used Stamping Up's word label punch) before narrow blue ribbon was wrapped round it - it's fastened at the front under the topper. Heather used embroidery thread instead of ribbon.
To get the half circles in exactly the right place I used a piece of card as a template - you can see the card, with my various attempts to get it just right, in the photo above.
Here's a shot of the entire batch set out on the EM's pool table - the largest surface I could find :) I don't really like making the same card over and over again, easily bored, but as the watercoloured skies are all a little different I quite enjoyed making these.

As well as Rudolph Day, I'm submitting this card to the following:

Pixie's Snippets Playground - Week 161- all the toppers were made from snippets of white card trimmed down to size. Not one to miss an opportunity to see his big brother, Parsnip, Snippety Bailey is skipping over to the playground too :)
Hazel's CHNC Challenge 213 - Joy to the world
CHNC Extra Challenge for January 2015 - where anything goes as long as it's Christmas themed

Many thanks to you all and to all the lovely comments received. I say it often, but it's worth reiterating, your support is very much appreciated. Without hearing from you I'd think I was just be chatting to myself :)

Finally, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that Monday hasn't been so bad thus far. The EM took me for a trip out yesterday to cheer me up some. I hadn't been out anywhere for so long, in fact, since I came out of hospital, I was beginning to feel a bit fed up so he took me to the book shop at Culzean. I had a lovely browse round and came away a few pounds lighter, several books heavier and feeling a lot perkier :)

Take care all.

Happy Crafting,

Friday, 23 January 2015

Friday Smile

Afternoon folks

Just this one cartoon for Annie's Friday Smile this week but it did make me smile :)
I haven't reached this stage yet but when/if I do I'll be removing those stray eyebrows :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. If you're down south keep warm and stay safe.