Friday, 17 January 2020

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone,

It's Friday again and so time to share some of what made me smile this week, but, first, I must welcome all my new followers, both here and on Bloglovin' - you're much appreciated. It's so nice to know that you are there and I hope my postings will continue to interest you.

Now, on to my week in photos. This first one isn't exactly something to smile about but the wildness of the sky and sea is amazing.
Taken on Sunday, just as Storm Brendan was about to hit our coastline, you can see how wild the sea was and how louring the clouds. Unbelievably, just a few minutes before, it was dry and sunny which is why we had driven down to the seafront. Our plan was a stroll along the promenade but didn't even get the chance.
Wild weather. Hailstones battered the windscreen.

Happily, once the storm passed over the weather improved and today it's been good enough to pop out into the garden.  It was the jasmine that drew me down to the woodland area.
The sky was a lovely blue.
I was hoping to spot some snowdrops in bloom but so far there's no sign though I know that further south they are already putting on a show. Happily, there are signs of spring is on the way.
English bluebells just showing through - shouldn't be too long now.
And a pot of hyacinths doing very well.

All the bad weather is the perfect excuse to curl up with a lovely cup of coffee and a good book.
Books bought with Amazon gift vouchers I was given at Christmas - definitely reason to smile.

And finally,
With some re-wording this could apply to many of us, I'm sure.

I hope you have enjoyed my smiles this week and will share yours too by linking them over at Annie's A Stitch In Time. Everyone is welcome to join in.

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

WOYWW - Week 554

Afternoon Everyone,

It's another Wednesday and another excuse to reveal all for the weekly deskfest that is What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Not that what's on my desk today is much of a revelation, as you can see. 
I'm in cardmaking mode and, because Julia mentioned them last week, I've unearthed a lovely bunch of wood-mounted stamps. All winter foliage, my favourite Penny Black's, and festive greetings. The little one with the trail of ivy image is the first stamp I ever bought, brought home from Massachusetts in 1995! Good stamps never date.

As is often the case at the start of a new year, I've been thinking about sorting out the mountain of stash there is cluttering up this craft space. It's just been too easy to ignore it. There's a box full of all the inky, painty, stenciled experiments - the one on the left - and all the scraps used for testing new embossing folders - the one on the right. It's too easy to toss them in a box, to be used one day, never! Well, never has arrived. The coming week is going to be spent working my through those boxes. Hopefully, when you see my desk next week, the contents of those boxes will be very much reduced and there will be a lovely pile of cards to show instead.

Now, the book bit.

Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons - a classic children's adventure and a childhood favourite.  Absolutely brilliant even though it's dated and I'm certain parents today would not allow a group of young children to sail away to camp on Wild Cat Island for the summer holidays without adult supervision. Putting that aside, this book is a delight, and still an entertaining read even today.

That's it from me this week. I'm off now to see what Julia and our fellow deskers have been showing us today.

Take care everyone and have a great week ahead.

Friday, 10 January 2020

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone,

Happy Friday to you all - I hope you have had a good week with plenty to make you smile. It's not been a too bad week here - everything back to normal, including the weather! And, at last, I'm finding time to join in with Annie's Friday Smiles meme with a few photos taken over the last week.

First up, I had a foot care appointment on Tuesday and until now these appointments were held in a dismal building that didn't warrant writing about. However, with the new year comes a relocation for FootcAyr . It has moved from an industrial estate into a town centre location.  In fact, it's in here:

The Book & Bun is a social enterprise in partnership with Bookcycle, South Ayrshire Council and the NHS. It is also one of my favourite cafes in Ayr, not least because, as well as serving tasty snacks and good coffee the cafe is lined with shelves of secondhand books to browse.

As if all that wasn't enough, there's also a room at the back of the cafe, The Venue, where volunteers run classes in Arts & Crafts, Quilting, Knitting & Crochet, Tai Chi, Creative Writing, Sketching & Painting, Yoga - to name only a few. I can see I'm going to enjoy my regular visits there, and my feet feel all the better for it too.

Finally, last Saturday we were treated to one of nature's best sunsets.


I hope you have enjoyed my smiles this week and will share yours too by linking them over at Annie's A Stitch In Time. Everyone is welcome to join in.