Wednesday, 20 May 2020

WOYWW - 11th Anniversary, UFO and Covid-19

Hello Everyone,

It's more than a wee while since I joined all you lovely folk - actually it's 7-8 weeks - but when a little birdie (Annie) reminded me that today was a very special day, the 11th anniversary of Julia's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Eleven years!  Eleven years of snooping with permission every Wednesday. Despite my recent absence, I'm delighted to be part of such a wonderful community of crafters - all the more important at this time of social isolation and lockdown. 
Not that there's much been going here. This desk has been much neglected of late. Julia suggested we might like to finish a UFO to mark this anniversary. Not difficult to find UFOs in this house. The difficulty was choosing the one that needed the least effort to finish. I chose this knitted castle.
Now don't laugh! I know, it's quite the most ramshackle castle ever knitted. Not unlike the many ruined Scottish castles that are dotted around our countryside. Hopefully, the little boy it's intended for will enjoy playing with it - together that is, the tiny medieval characters that still have to be knitted.
Here's a close up of the pile of stamps you might have spotted. Just received from Craft Stash yesterday. Very appropriate for the times we are living through. I may be recuperating from the Coronavirus but that doesn't stop goodies falling into those virtual baskets that seem to pop up everywhere online!!! 
I can't possibly finish without thanking everyone who have sent us all the wonderful 'get well' wishes. Too many of you to name but you know who you are. As already noted, I'm recuperating nicely now and getting back to the 'new normal'. However, the EM has been very unwell with the virus, gave us quite a scare for a while there, so much so he had to be rushed to hospital. He's still in the High Dependency Unit but has recovered so well that he's due to be transferred back to the Medical Ward some time today. We're hopeful that, after some physiotherapy, he will be allowed home next week.
And finally, this package of emergency rations was delivered today. A delicious surprise from my wee sister - yum, yum.

Happy Anniversary to you all and a huge thanks to Julia for taking the time and making the effort to keep us WOYWWing through the good and the bad times.

Take care and stay safe everyone.

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Christmas Card Club - Card 07/2020

Evening Everyone,

You'd think that being confined to quarters for the duration would mean I had all the time in the world to make cards for today's Christmas Card Club challenge, but here I am running late again! I've been so busy keeping myself busy - sorting my stamps into categories and into the empty DVD cases bought specially for the job. I've been through my entire collection and, would you believe it, I do not have one image suitable for Rita's choice of Christmas Candle(s). Fortunately, LOTV came to the rescue again with these Cute Squares from the 'Christmas Girls' pack.

There was five toppers so there's five cards in all.

I rang the changes with different patterned paper backgrounds - all papers from my ancient collection of 6x6 paper packs - and a variety of embellishments from my equally ancient collection of adhesive backed pearls and gems. No real thinking involved!

These eight cards bring my total to twenty-nine so far this year!

I hope you will pop over to see what my teammates have created this week. You'll find a list of their names and links on my right sidebar - because, as I keep saying, they are so much more creative than I will ever be.

Friday, 27 March 2020

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone,

As Annie has said this morning, it's more important than ever to look for reasons to smile and keep our spirit up. So here I'm sharing, for her Friday Smiles meme, are some of the photos my family have shared this week to make me smile.

First up is a pic of my grandson, William, with little Callum, busy investigating online educational sources.
After online lessons it was down to real hands on stuff.
A joint effort from father and son.

My sister Margaret is in lockdown at the care home she lives in.
Because no visitors are allowed at this time, the staff at the care home surprised my niece, Louise,with this lovely photo of her, all made up and looking fabulous.
My cousin, Rick, in Australia, posted this pic of his gorgeous granddaughter, Grace - the apple of his eye.
And this is the newest granddog in the family, Flight. My grandson, Josh's fiance, Annie, trains collies - she has five. Flight is the puppy of the pack. We particularly love his markings, especially the spots on his nose and forehead.

And finally, not a funny, just my way of showing support for the wonderful people who are working so hard to save lives right now. I worked for the NHS, as a secretary and administrator, for many years, so I'm only too aware of the strain that's being put on this beloved health service of ours.

I hope you are coping well during these difficult times. Stay as safe as you are able and keep well.