Monday, 20 April 2015

In a Vase On Monday

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for dropping in, I hope the start of the week has been good for you so far. As you probably know by now, Monday is the day Cathy at Rambling in the Garden asks us to share a vase of flowers picked from our own garden - something I'm very happy to do. It's a lovely sunny day here in Ayrshire so I was able to enjoy my wander round the garden looking at and choosing what to include in today's vase.
Not too difficult! My pot of tulips is at it's optimum and I could not resist cutting a few of the Angelique tulips.
I've been growing this variety for years and they never cease to be delightful with there deep pink petals shot with green and white.
I've teamed them up with the first of the bluebells - not fully opened yet but I'm too impatient to wait - and Euphorbia 'Ascot Rainbow' - I remembered to put on my garden gloves to handle this plant, the sap can irritate the skin. The foliage that fills in the front of the 'arrangement' - read plonked for arranged, much more appropriate - is from one of my husband's pet plants, Astilbe arendsii 'Fanal'. The young leaves are a lovely bronze red colour - sadly, they will change to green as they mature.

The pretty jug is yet another charity shop find - the Red Cross this time - made in Poland. It's so nice to think that it has come all that way from Poland to Scotland to grace my home!

And to end with I thought I'd share my pot of tulips, Angelique, Sunlover and a couple of others I don't know the name of ... my husband sneaked them into the bag before I planted them up.
Stunning! I don't know what possessed me to mix pink and yellow/orange tulips together, not to mention the sneaky purple ones, but they certainly brighten up what is the working area of the garden, and they make me smile every time I pass them. The cane is there to support a clematis that's tucked away deep inside, Clematis tex. 'Princess Diana' ... you might just be able to spot the new shoots peeping out from between the tulips.

So that's my vase for this week. If you feel the urge to join in do pop over to Rambling in the Garden, I'm sure Cathy will be delighted to see what's in your vase too :)

Happy Gardening,

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Stamping on Fabric

Evening Everyone,

Hope you have all had a lovely day. It's been such a sunny day here that, after zipping through the dreaded housework, it was out into the garden to weed another stretch of border. Mind you, I'm paying for it now ... there's not a bone in my body that's not complaining :) Enough of that, let's get on to my latest project.
Just a bit of experimenting ... stamping on to fabric rather than paper. I used a scrap of white cotton fabric and my favourite snowdrop stamp from The Wild and Free Collection from get Stamping ... chosen mainly because it is a simple image ... nothing too taxing :)
 The outline is stamped with Versafine Olympia Green, an oil based pigment ink ... I don't even know if I've used the right stamp pad here, it was just what I had in my stash, but as I doubt whether it will ever be washed I thought it would be okay. The tiny amount of colouring was done with green and yellow ProMarkers. When done, I ironed it to, hopefully, set the inks - just in case!
And here's what I made with it and how.

  • I cut it down to a square measuring 2¾".
  • Ironed some adhesive applique paper on to the back.
  • Traced and cut out a heart shape on to copy paper, using a template found in a book of hearts, Hanging Hearts by Rachael Row from Search Press. 
  • Cut two heart shapes from the green/white polka dot cotton.
  • Removed the backing from the applique and pressed it on to the heart shaped piece of cotton that would be the front then machine stitched around the sides of the snowdrop square using white silk thread and a satin stitch.
  • The two sides of the  heart were sewn together, adding a loop of white satin ribbon at the top before stitching. 
  • Finally, the heart was stuffed through a gap, deliberately left for just this purpose, which was then stitched up.

Though I realise I still have a lot to learn about stamping on fabric, I'm well pleased with this wee heart which is now gracing the hall here at Casa Worthington :)

Thanks for dropping in, as always, it's much appreciated. Have a great evening, what's left of it, and take care.

Happy Crafting,

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - WOYWW Wk 306

Afternoon Fellow Deskers, Followers and All,

Almost forgot once again that today is Wednesday and therefore What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW). After several chilly, showery days it's now warm and sunny, so those of you who visit here often will not be surprised to learn that I've been out working in the garden! That done, I've made it up to the craft room to take these shots of the mess that is on my desk this afternoon.
As you can see, I've got so much stuff there that I'm now working on the proverbial 12" square. I'd put some of it away but I need it or, more accurately, anything in those boxes might come in useful. So at the back: a pot of embossing powder, my new punch that's still there from last week, that black thing behind the punch is a cordless glue gun which gets shoved around to make way for other stuff, the blue box is full of stamps, some of which, I'm ashamed to say, have never been used (NBUS), then the box that was there last week - it contains bits and bobs I need for scrapping with the kit that is in the 'pizza' box you can just see under the guillotine to the right. And then there is Bonnie, keeping me company whilst soaking up the rays!
At the front there's a pile of stamps, papers and a pack of floral card stickers. That print-out on the left gives me the directions to make a card in a box ... I'm thinking I'll make one for a birthday coming up, once, that is, I've made up my mind what materials to use :)

Briefer this week - our head desker, Julia, will be pleased :) 

Thanks for popping in, have a happy WOYWW and I wish you all a great week ahead. 

For now, it's goodbye from Bonnie ...

... and it's  bye from me.