Wednesday, 20 June 2018

What's On Your Workdesk - Week 472

Morning Everyone,

Back again after, for a special reason, missing last week's What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday over at the Stamping Ground.

Yes, it's our very own Annie who, with her lovely hubby, travelled all the way up to Scotland to stay in a nearby village cottage. So near that we were able to spend several lovely days together showing them the delights of Ayrshire, including where we are in this photo, Culzean Castle. Not to mention the particularly yummy delights of Nardini's in Largs - ice cream!!! The week sped by to quickly but without our blogs and Julia's WOYWW we would never have become such good friends - and what a shame that would have been. Like Annie says, 'we shared much chatting, laughter, cakes and, oh yes, ice cream ... Ellie made me eat it honest!' She's not kidding, I really did ... nobody goes to Nardini's and not eat ice cream!!!

Of course, I would have been somewhat remiss had I not told Annie about the fabric shops in the area ... well, she is a sewist after all! One of the best is Mandors in Glasgow. Annie lost no time in visiting this magical shop bringing back a gorgeous selection of fabric which she insisted on splitting with me ... someone who shares her stash is my definition of a real friend! Annie, I'm still stroking these on a regular basis!
And, at last, the reason your here ... my desk today. Another layout in progress. Since I reorganised (read cleaned and decluttered completely) my craftroom I've rediscovered my love of scrapping. The pile of coloured cardstock is there while I decide which one would make the best layer for that photo. At the back is a book of layout sketches - my page is based on the third one down on the left on the page it's open at. The alphas will be used when I eventually decide on a title. Why, oh why, is it so hard to think of titles??? Up in the left corner of the photo is a post card which reminds me that my daughter and I will be off to  a quilt show at Mary's Patch, Glencarse, at the weekend. I discovered Mary's Patch by chance on the road to Aberdeenshire, where we were visiting my son a couple of months ago, when we stopped for a bite to eat ... a serendipitous stopover if ever there was one!

I haven't stopped listening to Audiobooks and I do intend to update you on all books listened to over the last couple of months but I think this post is long enough for Julia as it is. I'll just leave you with the one I'm listening to as I type, 'Unstuffed: Decluttering Your Home, Mind & Soul' by Ruth Soukup.

While I was in a decluttering mood I thought this would book would be just the thing needed to encourage me to keep going! And up to a point it has though I don't necessarily agree with everything Ms Soukup has to say on the matter. She has a very interesting viewpoint on the hobby of scrapbooking ... in a nutshell, she appears to think it's a waste of time!

Right, that's my lot for this week. I have a day at home today so I should be able to visit a goodly number of desks - well, that's the plan!

Take care everyone and have a wonderful WOYWW.

Monday, 18 June 2018

In A Vase On Monday - A Wild Bunch

Afternoon Everyone,

It's a wee while since I joined in with Cathy's In A Vase On Monday but I'm back blogging again so here's my vase for today.
All flowers from the wildflower patch - white oxeye daisies, blue centaura dealbata, orange hawkweed, purple thistles inappropriately called Cirsium 'Trevor's Blue Wonder' and white ground elder flowers.
I could have chosen any number of roses today but my wildflower patch has taken such a bashing from the storm recently that I preferred to rescue some of them before they are completely ruined. 
Here's a close up of the Cirsium - it's definitely purple and not blue as the name would suggest. I've decided that as I can't win with the ground elder then I will make the best of it and add it to the vase today. 

Happy to be back and flower gathering again.

Monday Make - Sparkly Crochet Lap Throw

Morning Everyone,

Thought I should share this little throw today.

It's one of a very long list of UFOs and it's only taken me 6 years - yes, 6 years - to complete! It's not that it was anything complicated, just nine Grannie squares and a border but it got abandoned half way through the making and ended at the back of a cupboard. That is, until recently when I decided I just had to do something about it. The red and black yarns have a metallic thread running through them which was one of the reasons I abandoned the throw all those years ago - the yarn would split when I wasn't paying attention. The other is that black yarn is - now that my eyesight isn't what it used to be - difficult to work with, particularly in the evening which is when I prefer to crochet. Anyway, it's done and the intended recipient is delighted, even if she is now 6 years old!

Have a lovely day.