Monday, 7 July 2014

In a Vase on Monday - Buttercream and Buddleia

Evening Everyone

When we moved to this house in October last year one of the first things we did was take the opportunity create a rose bed. It was hard cold work but now, seven or so months later, we are being repaid with blooms galore.
Today, it was a pleasure to save a couple of sprays from the  buttercream coloured shrub rose 'Patricia Kent' from certain death ... the branch they were on had snapped at the base, and pop them into our pretty heart decorated metal jug - a souvenir from Porthmadog,Wales.
This shot shows the creamy centre of the rose to perfection ... it is perfumed to perfection too. As is the cottage pink 'Valda Wyatt' and the honey scented butterfly bush, Buddleia, I've teamed them up with. The final addition is a few sprigs of Escallonia. I don't claim to be any kind of a flower arranger ... I just put flowers in a vase, maybe fiddle with them, add something here, take something away there, and when I'm pleased the job's done.

I've no idea what varieties the Buddleia and the Escallonia are as they were already growing in the garden when we moved in. I'd guess at Buddleia davidii and Escallonia rubra, possibly the variety 'Crimson Spire' because of its tiny red flowers. Along with all the other existing trees and shrubs, of which there are many, these were both very overgrown having been neglected for many years. So, earlier this year we took the lobbers to them and they have repaid us by recovering very nicely indeed.

For weeks I've been lurking over at a beautiful gardening blog, Rambling In the Garden, hosted by Cathy, and enjoying, in particular, her weekly post, and challenge, In a Vase on Monday. The aim of the challenge is to fill a vase using flowers and other materials found in one’s own garden. This week I've decided to join in, despite my lack of expertise, just because I love my flowers. I encourage you to visit Cathy's latest post where you will find links to all the beautiful vases of other much more expert flower arrangers than me.

Happy Gardening,


  1. Hi Elizabeth - glad I have found out what a 'Silverscrapper' is!! Thank you for your lovely contribution to the meme, exactly the kind of post I hoped to encourage - people who feel they have never 'arranged' and just want the pleasure of seeking material to bring inside to enhance the pleasure they get from their gardens. Even better, you have based it round your damaged rose stem - and so lovely to see such perfect roses still as most of mine have had their main flush and will only be sporadic now. The rose petals are a nice touch too. Do you find things are that much later up in Ayrshire or do you have the benefit of the Gulf Stream? Look forward to seeing another vase soon - and more 'finds' from your garden :)

  2. Elizabeth, your vase is beautiful. The combination of colours is perfect!

  3. Hello Elizabeth - I have just popped over from Rambling In The Garden where I regularly join in with Cathy's weekly meme. Well done for adding a contribution - your flowers are lovely and I love the little bowl of rose petals.

  4. Your arrangement worked out well. The roses are beautiful and I like the beautiful container as well. Susie

  5. Elizabeth, I LOVE your arrangement. Gorgeous colors and such a beautiful vase!

  6. That's a very pretty combination! I love the buttercream roses. I recently planted my 1st Buddleia (a dwarf) and I'm looking forward to the day when it produces flowers like yours.

  7. Beautiful flowers, love the gorgeous
    The Journey is the Start

  8. Those cream roses are beauties. I will take your word on the fragrance!
    Your arrangement look s good to me. I have that Escallonia too...must remember to add it to arrangements.

  9. A lovely vase Elizabeth, it is always a good feeling to use a stem that would otherwise be consigned to the compost, your roses are perfect, they obviously appreciate your cooler temperatures but long hours of daylight.

  10. A lovely vase Elizabeth, it is always a good feeling to use a stem that would otherwise be consigned to the compost, your roses are perfect, they obviously appreciate your cooler temperatures but long hours of daylight.

  11. Beautiful rose bouquet Elizabeth. Your hard work paid off. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Happy Gardening to you too.
    Bobbie Lynn

  12. So beautiful they are Elizabeth x

  13. Such a beautiful arrangement Elizabeth. x


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