Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday - Week 268

Afternoon Fellow WOYWWers, Followers and Friends,

Yes, it's afternoon and this is me just getting to the computer now! No good/sinister reason, it's just been an exceptionally busy morning full of necessary distractions ... I find that some days are just like that, and then with others my plans work like a dream. Anyway, I'm here to share my desk with all you WOYWWing Deskers, courtesy of our Head Desker, Julia, over at The Stamping Ground, and here it is.
Organised chaos! Well, maybe not so much organised as definitely chaos :) As you can see I'm in the middle of putting together a scrap layout for the lovely photo of my beautiful great-grandchildren. Much of what you see lying around the page are materials that may, or may not, be used in the making. The open jar contains wood veneer pieces - I've been looking through them thinking a few would be nice embellishments for the layout. The pile right back is my collection of 12x12 cardstock ... I've been sorting through papers and cardstock - as you do when you are searching for the elusive 'just the right sheet' - and ended up pulling it all out and totally re-organising it - again, as you do, or at least as I do!!! I was shocked to find out just how much there was of the 12x12 card too - expect to see quite a few 6x6 cards emerging from this pile in the next few weeks :)

That's it this week - not much really ... it's too hot and it's also hotting up for the Commonwealth Games up here in Glasgow. I can't wait to see the opening ceremony tonight. In the meantime, I'm off over to Julia's to find out what she and the other Deskers have on their desks this week. Do join in if you don't already - I'm sure you will be made most welcome.

Happy WOYWW to you all,


  1. Your desk isn't too bad and I agree with you about re-organizing your 12 by 12 sheets I enjoy it plus it makes it so much easier when I have just viewed them all to create hugs Nikki 2

  2. That looks like a very pretty work in progress. We like the pink alphas to the right too.

    Horace at no.56

  3. this desk look s like a fun place to create. Have I been here before? must go snoop around.
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Robyn 4

  4. I envy you that you can do scrapbooking like that. The layout is lovely but just the thought makes me shiver. Digital scrapping I can do, but put a piece of 12x12 paper in front of me and I freeze like an rain drop on a winters day! Thanks for the visit!
    Angie #70

  5. Hi Elizabeth. I don't know how I missed your blog earlier...I think blogger is playing games with me cos leaving comments has been a nightmare today. Love the look of your LO and hope we get a show and tell when it's finished.
    Hope you enjoy the opening's just starting as I'm typing this :-)
    Annie x # 32

  6. I often scare myself by seeing just how much stuff I have. Then Wednesday comes around and I see that .... actually I don't have that much compared to some and I feel so much better LOL
    janet #13

  7. I'm watching the opening ceremony right now, & my boss is in the stadium somewhere... love the layout on your desk; have a great week. Helen 6

  8. Looks full of lovely projects x

  9. This all looks so interesting especially your scrap book page will look forward to seeing the finished page Love and happy Crafting hugs Carole x

  10. I'm going through my blogs whilst the countries are entering the Stadium in the Commonwealth Games! I loved the eccentric opening bit, especially the Tunnocks Teacakes :-)
    Lovely LO, soft pastelly colours are so pretty!
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xx

  11. Hi Elizabeth - yep, I like a good tidy up, makes me feel more in control of this room of stash! (and you never know what you might find). The littlies look gorgeous - hope you enjoy the Games! Cindy x

  12. Your desk is so tidy compared to mine at the moment Elizabeth I've just watched the opening ceremony it was really good! huggles Sue xx

  13. I definitely need a tidy desk before I move on to the next project. Lovely LO of the children. Hope you enjoyed the CG and all the shinanigans sports people get up to.
    Sandra de @1

  14. Hmm, lovely paper and I adore the lettering you have on that LO you started. I think you look well organised Elizabeth, you seem to have everything you need close to hand. Bet it will only take two shakes of a lamb's tail to get it pristine again.
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  15. Loved the opening ceremony! Your great granchildren look lovely - I am still waiting for my first grandchild - not long to go now! x Jo

  16. Your desk is looking pretty and productive to me! Thanks for sharing. Take care Zo xx 55

  17. The layout and the children look lovely. Happy crafting, Angela x #44

  18. ah Elizabeth do you ever look around in making a card or LO and wonder how one item can create such a mess.. did that very thing yesterday.. totally blows me away it does!!
    Thanks for lovely comments on roses and know you appreciate them too they are so wonderful, love to see yours ... my sister and I say only VERY fragrant qualifies as we have some purportedly fragrant roses have practically none so now must the descriptor must have the "VERY" in front of it!
    Shaz in Oz.x #8


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