Friday, 25 July 2014

Friday's Smile - Week 79

Afternoon Everyone

I have had lots to smile about this week. Too much to share everything with you and Annie at A Stitch In Time, but here's what made me happiest.

First, and of course there's no way I couldn't have mentioned it, the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. My sister, Jacqui - 57 today, happy birthday Sis - phoned me from London and we watched it together because it made her so homesick. Here are a few of what I consider the highlights;
Lovely to see all the young folk dressing up as Tunnock's Tea Cakes - that's Scottish humour for you :)
Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster - made from Dunlop Tyres - just brilliant! :)
And the Scottie dogs - without a doubt they stole the show :)

And the last one from the ceremony:

I make no secret of my admiration for the Red Arrows! But what really made my day was that after performing their fabulous aerobatic display (photo shows them as they flew over Glasgow) to welcome the Queen to the games, I enjoyed a personal fly past as they swooped over, still in formation, our house on the way back to their base - how special and absolutely marvellous!

It's been a time of amazing sites. Thursday last week, to celebrate our anniversary, our friends took us a wee road trip around part of the Solway Coast - a beautiful coastline - passing Dundrennan, near Kirkcudbright, we spotted this gigantic structure:
The Wickerman! You can see from the photo that he is huge - 30 foot tall - built by local craftsmen.  The Wickerman Festival starts today - Scotland's mini Glastonbury, the climax of which is the burning of the Wickerman at midnight Saturday.

As I said, just a little of what made me happy this week. Hope you've had as much to smile about too - if so, please share your smiles with us by linking them over at Annie's so we can smile with you.


  1. lovely photos Lis have a great weekend :)

    Vic x

  2. Fab photo's Elizabeth and I love watching the red arrows perform we have been lucky and seen them quite a few times..have a nice weekend huggles Sue xx

  3. Fab photos full of smiles. Thanks for sharing them and for your kind comments.
    Annie x

  4. Just wonderful my sweet friend - thank you for sharing :) I've never met a Tunnock Tea Cake cake per se - I need to get out more!


    Di xx

  5. a great start to the games, a lot going on in your area lol....

  6. Wow, Elizabeth, this was all so new and interesting to me. I really enjoyed seeing both the parade and the Wickerman. And of course, your very OWN (Wicker)man. Lovely photos, and lots to appreciate. so good to see how the other side of the world lives.

  7. I loved those tunnock tea cakes, but I wonder what the rest of the world thought it was about.
    And that sunset with the red arrows that is magnificent photography, thanks doe sharing.
    Chris #7

  8. How lucky to see the the Red Arrows fly over your house like that...and to have it happen against such a fabulous sky...extra bonus points!

    Great photos today! Loved them all but especially the Wickerman.

  9. Stunning photo's Elizabeth looks like a fab time x

  10. Just love those ancient ceremonies like Wicker Man. Those Scotty Dogs..sooo cute!

  11. I am so green with envy right now. I LOVE the Red Arrows and would dearly love to see them live. You lucky girl!
    I had a friend over so missed the beginning of the opening ceremony but I did see the Scottie dogs!

  12. Such a lovely post to share with those of us who may never visit these wonderful places. I absolutely loved the sunset photo with the flypast, and lucky you to have a ringside seat (just like HM). Enjoyed seeing the countryside of your places visited and that's awesome craftsmanship of the Wicker Man. TFS - great photos. Glad you had a smiling week.

  13. ahhhh wunnerful Elizabeth!.. thanks so very much for sharing it must admit I did love Glasgow when visited better than Edinburgh, friendly folk were what made it and such neat tidy city, re-using what it had to best advantage. Love the Scottie dog too... but sad to say did not watch it, waa-ay too late at nigh or really morning here .. am watching enough tv with Le tour .. have watched some and will watch much more when le tour is over this weekend.
    Happy Smiles day, Shaz in Oz.x

  14. Great post I watched the ceremony what a brilliant night I really enjoyed it. I used to go to Glasgow with my work before I retired to Atlantic quays so enjoyed seeing the sights again. Looks like a fab day out and a great area Love and Happy Crafting Hugs Carole x

  15. Hi Elizabeth happy smiles...I watched to games ceremony too here in Australia got up at 5:30 and really enjoyed it...especially the dogs..oh but I love the music - it's in my blood and gives me shivers every time, my nan's from Cluny and gramp's Blairgowrie. Cheers and have a lovely week Robyn

  16. Television is a bit 'hit and miss' in Spain right now; Something to do with changing the satellite so we can't receive it, so I missed the opening ceremony but it looks like lots of fun. The wickerman is a great piece of work. What a shame he is going to be burned! Kate x


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