Wednesday, 19 July 2017

WOYWW 424 - and winner of book giveaway

Morning Deskers and All,

Wednesday again! What black hole swallowed up the last seven days ... my life is flying by in a series of Wednesdays at the moment. It's going to be a very quick post today because, as you will see, there's nothing much going on at my desk.
Here it is in all it's messy glory. There's been no progress on the planned layout - the supplies are still there but that's about it. I have been experimenting with alcohol inks so there's a pile of bits on the left and a card on the right resulting from that - see the previous post for more on the card. The plant label is for Snow-in-Summer - the plant went in the garden on Monday so, of course, the label was tossed on my desk and forgotten. The rest is the usual pots and dishes I keep around me. The little rose printed dish is to put wet wipes in - they can make such a mess if not kept out of the way ... ask me how I know!
This is a close up of one of my most recent acquisitions found in a charity shop. It's perfect for keeping embellishments in while making a layout - that will be the layout I'm not making at the moment.

The book giveaway

Four people expressed an interest in reading the book so we made the draw in this time honoured tradition:

DH did the deed and drew Helen.

Please email me Helen, on, giving me your snail mail details and I will get the book off to you as soon as possible.

That's me done today. I'm off to visit my sister now so I won't be able to leave comments until later when I get back.

Have a happy WOYWW.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Butterfly Birthday Card - Experimenting with alcohol markers

Good Morning ...

... and a very happy Tuesday to you all too.

I have a very quick share today.
Prompted by this month's swap challenge for UKPC I've been experimenting with all sorts of alcohol inks, including Promarkers. This card is intended for my younger sister's birthday later this month. She doesn't read my blog so it's okay to share it here.

Here's how I made it:

- first I selected a bunch of colours that I thought would look good together. I chose a rainbow of colours. From left to right - Indigo Blue, Cobalt Blue, Duck Egg, Ruby, Cardinal Red, Poppy, Dusky rose, Ginger, Soft Peach, Buttercup, Pear Green, Olive green, Leaf Green, Lime Zest, Baby Pink, Lilac, Bluebell, Plum.
- I then took a Ranger Gloss Paper 7 x 10 card base - I'd forgotten I had these tucked away in my stash until the recent big sort out.
- with the top and bottom masked off I simply drew lines of colour, using the stubby end of the pens and working from each edge into the centre. The next step was to add some Adirondack Alcohol Blending Solution which had the effect of smudging the hard lines between each colour. This would work better with Adirondack alcohol inks but it didn't do too badly with the Promarkers. I also dabbed on some Gold Adirondack Mixatives which is not showing up too well on the photo but looks lovely in real life.

- to tidy up the edges of the panel I drew a line top and bottom with a Krylon 18kt gold leafing pen and then outlined that with a black Pigma Micron 08 pen.

- to decorate the card I cut out a decorated circle from a snippet of gold card using an inexpensive die from The Works and it cut perfectly.
- I then used the butterfly die and cut it out of this piece of card that was another alcohol ink experiment.
It was made on a scrap of smooth white card using Adirondack Alcohol inks in Sail Boat Blue, Red Pepper, Currant, Sunshine Yellow and Juniper with splats and dabs of the gold mixative. It looks very bright and messy here but once it was cut the butterfly looked a lot more toned down.

- almost finally, the greeting from Stampin' Up's So Happy For You set was stamped in Stazon Jet Black and then I added three tiny hearts - saved from the butterfly waste - just because they were too pretty to toss.

- to finish the inside, and because there was a little bit of bleed through from the markers, I added a plain white insert.
I did trim the bottom edge it with a sliver cut from the paper used to mask the card when colouring - it mirrored the front of the card perfectly.

Well, that doesn't look such a quick share but it's mostly photos and it really didn't take too long to make either.

Because I've used a couple of, admittedly tiny, snippets I'm submitting this to Pixie's Snippets Playground. 

The reason for speed today is that as it is such a glorious day we are off out to Culzean Country Park. We're taking a picnic and  we intend finding a lovely spot to just sit and enjoy.

I wish you all a very lovely day.

Monday, 17 July 2017

In A Vase On Monday - A Lovely Bunch of Roses

Afternoon Everyone,

I'd have been here earlier but the sun is shining and the garden was just too tempting. I've been weeding, cutting back some overgrown shrubs, and planting out a pot of snow-in-summer, Cerastium tomentosum in a sunny spot where I'm hoping it will thrive and spread. However, the heat has finally driven me indoors to participate in Cathy's In A Vase On Monday with this gorgeous bunch of roses.
The recent wet weather hasn't been at all kind to the roses lately. Much too much rain. After a lot of deadheading and a couple of dry days they seem to be perking up again. This bowl is jam packed full with roses in ice cream colours. There's Elina, Patricia Kent, Happy Retirement and Burgundy Ice but there's also a couple of unnamed roses tucked in there too.

Patricia Kent

Happy Retirement

Burgundy Ice

These are the two unnamed roses.

The first one of these two has the strongest perfume of them all.

They look perfect in this cut glass bowl. I've put them on the coffee table so the perfume can fill the sitting room.

That's my vase today. I'm just hoping that this wonderful weather keeps up so I can catch up on all the overdue chores in the garden.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Smiles

Morning Smilers,

I have everything to smile about here today - the sun is shining and that always makes us feel a lot happier. Joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles, over at A Stitch In Time, I have a few photos to share; although you'll be pleased, perhaps, that this post isn't as photo heavy as last week's.
This photo of Arihanna, our great-niece, was taken on a trip to Edinburgh on Monday. Actually, we were on the way back and she's eating a chocolate muffin. The way she got it all over her face just made me laugh.
This is the latest addition to my daughter Juli's family and he's adorable. He's just a few weeks old in this photo - he's a Jack Russell cross. Now named Pepsi (after Juli's favourite cold drink) the breeder called him Mr Red to distinguish him from the rest of the litter, hence the red collar.
Almost done but here's another shot taken in Dundee. Desperate Dan, a very popular character from the 'Beano' comic. He's 'the world's strongest man' but my DH couldn't resist trying to prove otherwise. No contest!
Finally, my favourite rose is in bloom again. Unfortunately, I've forgotten it's name but it always reminds me of the Robert Burns song, 'My Love Is Like A Red, Red Rose'. Just perfect!

I could go on but I think that's enough for one day. I hope you've all had a week full of things that made you smile and I wish you a wonderful week to come too.

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

WOYWW 423 - and book giveaway

Afternoon Everyone,

It's another wonderful day here. Casa Worthington is basking in sunshine and the roses are recovering after the many, too many, days of persistent precipitation we've endured recently. Just the kind of weather you'd think to potter around the garden. However, the sun has brought out what I think are a swarm of flying ants and I've taken refuge in my craft room to share what's on my desk with Julia and all over at the Stamping Ground.
There's not been a lot of activity over the week. I did finish the layout that was on last's Wednesday's desk but the leftovers are still lying there waiting for me to do something with them. I do want to use them up rather than put them away in the scraps drawer so I've pulled out a page of sketches (saved from a 2013 issue of Scrap 365 magazine). It's a plan.
That's a new stamp set from Shimelle Laine. I thought the words and phrases were quirky and different enough to merit a place in my collection.
Also on my desk is this book from Carole Matthews - my holiday reading. The story is based on the life of cardmaker Christine Emberson. You may know of her from her association with Spellbinders and her appearances on craft shows on TV. It's a light but fun read, not least because of the many references to cardmaking. Now that I've read it I've decided to make it a giveaway. Just let me know in a comment if you are interested. If there are many of you, I will do a draw and I'll let you know the result next Wednesday.
Not exactly a desk but it is what I am working on in the garden this week. This is my mini nursery by the kitchen door and those plants are waiting for me to find time to plant them out.
And finally. The herb patch is doing so well that I have a bit of a glut so when I spotted the instructions on how to make flavoured oils in a garden centre recently I thought I'd give it a try. The tall one (an empty Worcestershire Sauce bottle) has rosemary in it and the jam jar has a mix of thyme, marjoram and rosemary. Haven't tasted them yet but looking forward to some on salads later.

That's my various 'desks' for this week. I'm looking forward to seeing what is on your desk and I will comment on as many as time allows. I did look at everyone's desks over the last week on my husband's tablet but I found it takes forever to type up a comment on it, unlike bashing away on the keyboard I'm using now, so I gave up. Sorry about that. Knuckles duly rapped.

Take care and have a great week.

Monday, 10 July 2017

In A Vase On Monday

Hello Everyone,

I haven't posted a vase on Monday for some time but here's a quick, very quick, share of today's one.
I admit this is  one I prepared earlier. The rainy weather hasn't been kind to my roses. It's so sad. Buds have been balling or the petals have just been reduced to sad brown wilted unloveliness. However, a bit of judicious deadheading and a day of sunshine here and there has helped revive a few including this Amber Queen.
I've teamed her up with Lady's Mantle, alchemilla mollis, and lysmachia 'Firecracker'.
The foliage of Firecracker - the leaves are a great colour and it has pretty little yellow flowers. It's an invasive plant that pops up everywhere, often where it's not wanted. 

I won't be around to comment for much of the day. We're off to Edinburgh - taking our niece for a check-up at the Royal Infirmary there so no chance of doing any nostalgic sightseeing. I hope to catch up with Cathy's meme, In A Vase On Monday, later, or even it might be tomorrow depending on how late it is by the time we get home.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone ....

... and I hope you've had a very happy Friday wherever you are and whatever the weather. We've had rain but as long as it isn't raining at Wimbledon I'm happy.

I'm still sorting through the photos I took on holiday so no shortage of smiles here. I'll share a few, just a few, of the many photos taken on our visit to Dundee but first I just have to show you this lovely photo of my youngest great-grandchild, Lacie.
She has a wee squint in one of her eyes so needs to wear glasses for a while. Doesn't she look cute?

Now on to our visit to Dundee. There's so much to see I'm having difficulty deciding what to leave out.
Tay Road Bridge
Tay Rail Bridge
Our first stop was down by the waterfront to see the two bridges, one road, one rail, that cross the River Tay. Both are pretty impressive. The road bridge is, at 1.4 miles (2,250 metres) long, is one of the longest in Europe. The rail bridge replaced the ill-fated original which collapsed during a violent storm on 28 December 1879, sending a passenger train into the water below with the loss of 59 lives. 
RRS Discovery
RRS Discovery
Next we visited Discovery Point where RRS Discovery, the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain, is moored.
It was designed for Antartic research and was the ship that took Scott and Shackleton on their first expedition. Unfortunately for us, the ship was closed due to essential conservation work but the exhibition was open and we found that very informative and interesting. 
We also discovered this little fellow at the entrance to the exhibition.

V&A Museum - side view

V&A Museum - front view
A new Victoria & Albert Museum Of Design is being built down at the waterfront too. It is the first ever design museum to be built in the UK outside London and it is enormous. I'm looking forward to visiting it when it opens next year.

There's so much more I could show you but I'm sure there are better things you would rather be doing. However, I'll leave you with these photos of my DH and I enjoying a refreshing coffee break outside in the wonderful sunshine that blessed our week away.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. 

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Hello Fellow Deskers, Followers and All,

Here we are on the first week in July, at the start of Wimbledon fortnight, and it's Wednesday. That's the day we join our Head Desker Julia for the weekly reveal on What's On Your Desk - here's what mine looks like this morning.
Plenty on it - the usual stuff plus a layout in progress - but really not a lot going on. I'm finding it hard to settle back in the old routine since returning from our holiday. It was only a week but it sure has thrown my 'biorhythms' out of kilter. Anyway, as you can see, there's a pile of papers, a box of scalpels, another pile of washi tape - one of which I've used on the layout, and the usual stash of pens, pencils, inks, etc., etc. Oh, and the computer screen which is, as always now, pushed to the back of the desk.

It's a dull, dreich, day here so no going out to play in the garden which means no distractions, apart from the aforementioned Wimbledon, so I plan to visit more desks and leave more comments than is my usual - well, that's the plan. (If there is an award for the worst WOYWWer, I must be the top candidate!)

That's it for me this week. Brief, just as Julia likes it. Take care everyone and ...

Happy Crafting!