Friday, 7 July 2017

Friday Smiles

Hello Everyone ....

... and I hope you've had a very happy Friday wherever you are and whatever the weather. We've had rain but as long as it isn't raining at Wimbledon I'm happy.

I'm still sorting through the photos I took on holiday so no shortage of smiles here. I'll share a few, just a few, of the many photos taken on our visit to Dundee but first I just have to show you this lovely photo of my youngest great-grandchild, Lacie.
She has a wee squint in one of her eyes so needs to wear glasses for a while. Doesn't she look cute?

Now on to our visit to Dundee. There's so much to see I'm having difficulty deciding what to leave out.
Tay Road Bridge
Tay Rail Bridge
Our first stop was down by the waterfront to see the two bridges, one road, one rail, that cross the River Tay. Both are pretty impressive. The road bridge is, at 1.4 miles (2,250 metres) long, is one of the longest in Europe. The rail bridge replaced the ill-fated original which collapsed during a violent storm on 28 December 1879, sending a passenger train into the water below with the loss of 59 lives. 
RRS Discovery
RRS Discovery
Next we visited Discovery Point where RRS Discovery, the last traditional wooden three-masted ship to be built in Britain, is moored.
It was designed for Antartic research and was the ship that took Scott and Shackleton on their first expedition. Unfortunately for us, the ship was closed due to essential conservation work but the exhibition was open and we found that very informative and interesting. 
We also discovered this little fellow at the entrance to the exhibition.

V&A Museum - side view

V&A Museum - front view
A new Victoria & Albert Museum Of Design is being built down at the waterfront too. It is the first ever design museum to be built in the UK outside London and it is enormous. I'm looking forward to visiting it when it opens next year.

There's so much more I could show you but I'm sure there are better things you would rather be doing. However, I'll leave you with these photos of my DH and I enjoying a refreshing coffee break outside in the wonderful sunshine that blessed our week away.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. 


Annie said...

I love little Lacie in her glasses....what a cutie. You look to have had a lovely holiday. It's a good fault when there's so many photos to choose from. The last two pics made me look like book ends 😂😂😂
Annie x

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

Lovely photographs Elizabeth and little Lacie looks so sweet. My Granddaughter will be three later this month and they just bring you so much joy don't they. Enjoy your weekend. Crafty hugs, Sandra x

cuilliesocks said...

Oh she's just a wee gorgeous cutie Elizabeth, a lovely age.
Great photos of Dundee, we've not been there in a while, but enjoyed the Discovery when we were, have a lovely weekend, Kate x

Liz said...

Lacie looks so cute - what an adorable great granddaughter you have, Elizabeth! TFS the photos of Dundee. It brought back lots of memories of when my daughter was there, studying at Dundee University for five years. It's over 15 years since she left and we've not been back since. I'm sure a lot has changed over the years, but hopefully we'll go back there some day. xx

mamapez5 said...

I am so glad you had nice weather to give your holiday that extra lift. It all looks very interesting. I enjoy seeing everyone else's photos.
The little one in her glasses looks very cute, and I am sure they will soon cure her squint.
I have never been to Dundee so thanks for showing me a little of it. Kate x

Valerija said...

Lacie looks so cute and I love the others photos too.
Have a great weekend!
Valerija xx

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Yes Elizabeth Lacie is very cute. I can't imagine though that you are old enough to have a great grandchild Lol! Anew Museum! now that really is something! Thanks you so much for sharing all these gorgeous photographs with us, Angela xXx P.S. You were right it wasn't Kaffe Fasset or Patrick Grant! Hee Hee!xXx

Sandra H said...

l love the photo's Elizabeth and thank you for sharing them x