Monday, 18 October 2010

Saturday at Ayr Beach

Today started of well enough when dh and I trotted down to the community centre to attend Brenda's Weekly Torture Session, aka Brenda's Mature Movers, but since then it has deteriorated to dreich (Scots for dreary), damp and dismal! Such a change from the weekend - Saturday, particularly, was gorgeous. So here to cheer me up are a few reminders of a perfectly lovely day:

I tried to get a good shot of the swans - they were swimming in single file on their way up to the river estuary where they normally live - but they were just too far out. In the background is the Isle of Arran.

This shot is towards the Heads of Ayr and was taken some time after the first because, as we were so near the town we had to pop into the craft shop, as you do! Once I had done my usual browse and purchase, some sticky tape and two stamp pads that I really, really needed, I just had to reward my dh for his patience:

Latte at the Savoy - in Ayr that is :)

Still working on a couple of projects which I may reveal later.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of the beach :-) and the coffee looks lovely too, only wished I liked coffee! love the smell but not the taste

Elizabeth said...

Me again, Sarah - I'm not fond of strong coffee which is why I drink lattes - so only ever have one on special occasions, like when I'm treating my husband for being so patient as to hang around the craft shop waiting for me to have my crafty fix! Are you going to the SECC next week by any chance? Elizabeth