Monday, 10 June 2019

In A Vase On Monday - Think Pink!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Monday to you all. My two sisters, one in Aberdeen and the other in London tell me it is raining where they are, yet here on the south west coast of Scotland the sunny is shining and it's a glorious June day. The garden is looking glorious too. We were away for a few days recently and when we returned I couldn't wait to take a turn round the garden. And it was all change - the dominant colours had changed from the cool yellows and blues of Spring to the warm summery pinks.
Lots of pinks too. So many pink roses, the names of which are sadly long forgotten. I'm sure I've mentioned before that my husband used to throw labels away! He's much better at keeping them now.
 I do know that there is R. 'Happy Retirement' (light pink) and R. 'Carefree Days' (mid pink) - both shrub roses.
There's also hubby's favourite climber - no name tag of course but it's a beautiful deep, almost lilac, pink with the most delicious scent.
There's more pink on the black elder, Sambucus 'Black Beauty' - roses nestle perfectly in the frothy flower heads.
Also gladiolus bysantinus. Newly planted this year, I'm delighted at how well they are doing.
There's also a burgundy coloured Astrantia 'Hadspen Blood’ and a few sprigs of 'London Pride', saxifraga x urbium tucked in here and there.

 All these pinks reminded me of 'Think Pink' a song from a very old film, 'Funny Face, hence the title of this post. It starred Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire. Lovely film and great song.

Linking this post to Cathy's meme In A Vase On Monday on Rambling in the Garden and joining with many others who share whatever they have found to put in a vase this week. If you have filled a vase today I'm sure you would be very welcome to join in too.


Kris Peterson said...

Beautiful. The Sambucus is an especially nice complement for the rose.

Eliza Waters said...

I agree with Kris, the Sambucus is perfect with the roses. It's a lovely bouquet!

Cathy said...

Oh my, Elizabeth, that is is indeed a glorious pink vase, and I am sure I would have used that title first if I had seen or even heard of that film!! (I had to look up a suitable quotation for mine). The different roses make a wonderful combination and the sambucus is perfect with them - I saw a small tree/bush of this in full flower in a garden recently and it looked fantastic. I meant to include London Pride in mine too, but forgot! Thanks for sharing your vase today, and I am pleased to read that your husband is beginning to save labels now!

Carol L said...

Oh what gorgeous pink roses and flowers! It's a beautiful bouquet and so perfectly arranged in the vase! I can almost smell them :)

Craftychris said...

Beautiful! xxx said...

Ooh, how lovely! All those shades of pink make a wonderful display! :)

cuilliesocks said...

What a glorious display of blooms Elizabeth, I love all those pink shades together and such a lovely vase too. The scent must be wonderful, Kate x

AlisonC said...

How beautiful and perfect with the Sambucus. I have one but it's not really large enough to cut.

Sandra H said...

Flower Elizabeth are simply gorgeous lovely in my neck of the woods yesterday until early evening x