Saturday, 23 March 2019

Scrapbook Pages 13-15 - Summer Challenge 2018

Hello Everyone

Here's the last of the layouts made for the MTS Summer Challenge. Phew! It's been a bit of a marathon but it's good to have them all posted for the record.

Once again, all the layouts have the letter 'Q' somewhere in the title.

Down by the Quayside
The photo on this layout is of the EM enjoying a wee moment to himself on a trip to a fishing village in Fife, Scotland. The coast of Fife makes a lovely holiday destination with plenty of picturesque villages to explore. I was beginning to run out of supplies by the time I got to this layout so it's very simple indeed.

Little Quackers
Ducklings! Who doesn't love them? This little brood was spotted on the edge of Lake Bala in Wales.  Again, I've used the minimum of supplies - a few scraps of patterned paper and some embellishments.

Quote of the Day
Finally, a photo taken in Sanquhar, Dumfries & Galloway, of a quote engraved into the back of a bench which reads, 'Never Injure A Friend'. One to live by. The background is smooth white card spattered with ink to create a bit of interest because, by this layout, I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for supplies.

I'd like to say that I'd found my way back into my room and am crafting up a storm but that wouldn't be true. Although the EM is recovering nicely from his operation, he still needs to be held in check ... he's too impatient and wants to run before he can walk again. He has an OP appointment for a check-up at the end of April. And, as for me, my jaw is healing well but I'm still restricted in what I can do. For example, I'm still not allowed to blow my nose and have to be careful when sneezing - and I sneeze a lot!! I have a check up appointment with the Maxillofacial surgeon soon - hopefully he will give me a clean bill of health. All perfectly timed for Spring!

Hope you are well and enjoying the weekend.



dutchess said...

Great layout Elizabeth...and I hope you are both recovering slowly but

Carole Pollard said...

Beautiful layouts an d some lovely memories love and hugs Caorle x

Sandra H said...

Love your pages Elizabeth x

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi Elizabeth wonderful that hubby is going well, I’d been praying since you mentioned upcoming op but didn’t recall your jaw issues it can be really nasty.
Sending prayer hugs your way hope Spring arrives soon.
Shaz in Oz.x

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